North Tomb Row Restoration

The north row of tombs was restored in 2014. The work was funded by the Town of Brookline FY2013 Capital Improvement Program. Much of the damage was caused by roots of a large tree growing on the knoll behind the tombs. Structures North produced an engineering plan in the spring of 2013 and the work was done by CD Masonry Restoration in the later part of 2014.

Before restoration (2006/2007)After restoration (July 2015)
tombs (2007) Zoom In tombs (2015) Zoom In
perry-warren tomb (2007) perry-warren tomb (2015)
Daniel Perry and John Warren Tomb (1838)
andem-kendall tomb (2007) andem-kendall tomb (2015)
Moses Andem and Hezekiah S. Kendall Tomb (1836)
goddard tomb (2007) goddard tomb (2015)
Joseph and Benjamin Goddard Tomb (1808)
corey tomb (2007) corey tomb (2015)
Timothy Corey Tomb (1808)
sewall-walcott tomb (2007) sewall-walcott tomb (2015)
Henry Sewall and Edward Kitchen Wolcott Tomb (1770)
pierce-robinson tomb (2006) pierce-robinson tomb (2015)
John Pierce and John Robinson Tomb