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Tomb q Inscription
Capt. Timothy Corey's
Family Tomb

Tomb q, Timothy Corey

Soldier of the RevolutionTimothy Corey (Captain), Son of Isaac and Abigail Priest Corey, b. at Weston, Oct. 27, 1741. d. at Brookline, Sept. 19, 1811. His wife:
Elizabeth Griggs Corey, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Williams) Griggs, b. at Roxbury, Oct 12, 1745. d. at Brookline, Nov. 18, 1837, aged 92 yrs. Their chn:
Aaron Corey, b. Jan. 12,1772. d. Dec. 10, 1772.
Elijah Corey (Deacon Corey), b. at Brookline, Nov. 7, 1773. d. May 13,1859.
John Corey, bapt. at Brookline, Mar. 26, 1780. d. at Brookline, July 22, 1830.
Timothy Corey (Deacon Corey), b. at Brookline, April 2, 1782. d. at Brookline, Aug. 10, 1844.
Polly, wife of Dea. Elijah Corey, dau. of Jonathan and Patience (Glover) Leeds, b. at Dorchester, Nov. 12, 1779. d. at Brookline, Oct. 21, 1827. Their chn:
Elijah, b. - b. Aug. 14, 1800. d. June 28, 1843. mar. May 5, 1822, Polly Richards of Roxbury, who is (prob.) buried in lot 80.
Timothy, b. at Brookline, June 21, 1803. d. at Brookline, Dec. 2, 1807.
Timothy, b. at Brookline, April, 1911. d. at Brookline, Oct. 22, 1816.

Deacon Elijah Corey's 2d wife, Lucy (Stearns) Davis Corey, was buried at Forest Hills.

Mary, wife of Deacon Timothy Corey, dau. of Caleb and Mary (Jackson) Gardner, b. at Brookline, Sept. 2, 1782. mar. Nov. 16,1806. d. at Brookline Mar. 3, 1862. Their chn:
Caleb Gardner, b. at Brookline, Feb. 10, 1809. d. at Brookline, Mar. 3, 1837. (unmar.)
Mary Ann, b. at Brookline, Nov. 30, 1810. d. at Brookline, Nov. 12, 1891. (unmar.)
Sarah, b. at Brookline, July 29, 1812. d. at Brookline, May 4, 1881. (unmar.)
Timothy, b. at Brookline, June 11, 1814. d. at Brookline, Sept. 18, 1814.
Lucy, b. at Brookline, April 16, 1818. d. at Brookline, Aug. 30, 1818.
Elizabeth Griggs, dau. of Deacon Elijah and Polly Corey, b. at Brookline, Nov. 21, 1809. d. Mar. 23, 1883, at Staunton, Va. Widow of Rev. Barnas Sears. J. D. G.
Dr. Barnas Sears, b. at Sandisfield, Nov. 19, 1802. d. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. July 6, 1880. Their chn:
Elizabeth Corey Sears, b. at Newton Centre, Oct. 14, 1838. d. at Chicago, Jan. 25,1900. Wife of Dr. J. H. Fultz.
Robert Davis Sears, b. at Newton Centre, June 28,1842. d. at Brookline, April 30, 1904.
Elizabeth Hunt Sears, b. March 5, 1884. d. May 11, 1884.
Frederick Adolphus Corey, b. d. His widow:
Anna M. (English) Corey, b. April, 1829. d. Jan. 22, 1915. Their son:
Frederick English Corey, b. at Brookline, June 4, 1861. d. at Allston, Dec. 13, 1909.
Sarah Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Chelsea, May 21, 1819, aged 16 yrs.
Susan Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Brookline, July 25, 1835, aged 22 yrs.
Abby Eustace Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Winthrop, Maine, Feb. 3, 1905, aged 97 yrs. 17 dys.
Susan C. Deane, d. 1872, aged 84 yrs. Grandchn. of Capt. T. Corey.

Mrs. Susan C. Deane and her children were removed from this tomb to Walnut Hills Cemetery, June 4, 1892. No record of Deane children. Miss Abbie J. Corey, Brookline.

"Captain Timothy Corey was in active service in the Revolutionary war, and was one of three who were all that were left of an entire company who died of wounds, sickness, and imprisonment. He and his comrades returned footsore, ragged, and forlorn, from their terrible exposure and hardships. At the time of the battle of Lexington, his young wife with her two little children left the house, as -did many other women of Brookline, and carrying some blankets and provisions with them, sought shelter in the woods, till the fright and danger from the enemy passing through the town were over.

"Captain Corey is remembered as an old gentleman who dressed in the costume of the last century, as long as he lived, wearing a 'three-cornered cocked hat.' An anecdote is told of his wife, which indicates her opinion of her husband's appearance. Some one, a stranger, called at his house one day when he was away from home, desiring to see him. Mrs. Corey told him to go down the road and if he met 'a fine-looking, portly man on horse. back, he might know it was her husband.'

"Captain Corey died in 1811, aged 69 years. He was buried from the First Church, with Masonic honors.

"The two sons of Capt. Corey, afterwards known as 'Deacon Elijah' and 'Deacon Timothy,' joined the Baptists." H. F. W., p. 181 and 182.

All the Coreys of three generations have been farmers and have been considered shrewd, practical men. The two brothers, Elijah and Timothy,, were among the first projectors of the Baptist Church enterprise in this town, and to that purpose devoted time, labor, and money. H. F. W., p. 184.

Text from Harriet Alma Cummings. Burials and Inscriptions in the Walnut Street Cemetery. Brookline: The Riverdale Press, 1920.

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