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Tomb u, Thomas Gardner Zoom In In this tomb Are deposited the remains of Dea. Thomas Gardner of Mary Gardner, wife of Ben. Gardner who died June 30, 1762, Aged 62 ys; of the sd. Ben, son of the sd. Thos. who died Sept. 13, 1762, Aged 64 ys; of Samuel Gardner son of the sd. Bena who died Nov. 22, 1771 Aged 43 ys. Samuel Downer of Samuel Downer who died 1772, Aged 1 yr. of Eliot. Downer Jr. who died 1778, aged 1 yr.; of Mary Downer who died 1785, Aged 17 ys; of Mrs. Mary Downer who died 1788; of Nathl. Gardner, son of the sd. Saml. G. who died Apr. 26, 1800, aged 10 yrs. of Sarah Gardner, widow of the sd. Saml. G. who died Jany. 10, 1801, aged 68 yrs. Surgeon of the Revolution of Dr. Elipt Downer. who died April 1, 1806, aged 63 yrs. Soldier of the Revolution of Caleb Gardner, eldest son of the sd. Saml. who died Nov. 17, 1807, aged 52 yrs. Henry Jackson, son of Samuel J. Gardner Died July 2, 1831, aged 2 yrs. Sarah G., daughter of The same Died May 15, 1832, aged 1 yr. Hon. Martin Kinsley Died June 20, 1835, aged 81 yrs. Mary Gardner, relict of Caleb G. Died Oct. 10, 1851, aged 92 yrs. Mary Bellows Kingsley, Wife of S. J. Gardner Died Feb. 1839, aged 37. Samuel Jackson Gardner Died July 1864, Æt. 76. Mary Bellows Gardner Dec. 7, 1823 - Feb. 15, 1911. Susanna Gardner Died Nov. 23,1877. Sarah Smith Gardner Died Apr. 20, 1879. Charlotte Gardner. Born May 27, 1826. Died April 12, 1887. Rev. James Allen died 18 February, 1747, aged 56. Rev. Cotton Brown died 13 April, 1751, aged 25. See H. F. W., p. 239. Isaac Gardner died 11 March, 1767, aged 83. Susanna Gardner died 18 August 1768 aged 76. Soldier of the Revolution Isaac Gardner, Esqr. slain in Lexington battle, 19 April 1775. Æt. 49. Mary Gardner died 26 December, 1778, aged 48. Mary, wife of Isaac S. Gardner, Esqr. died 17 June 1799. Æt. 41. Mary, daughter of I. S. Gardner Esqr. died 25 Dec. 1807. Æt. 20. Soldier of the Revolution Gen. Isaac S. Gardner. died 6 Dec. 1818. Æt. 60.
Soldier of the RevolutionElisha Gardner, son of Benjamin, grandson of Deacon Thomas, b. Sept. 9, 1726. d. Jan. 29, 1797, aged 70 yrs.
Soldier of the RevolutionBenjamin Gardner, son of Elisha, great grandson of Deacon Thomas, b. March 9,1758. d. Oct. 7, 1785, aged 28 yrs.

"The third Thomas Gardner in the regular line of succession bore a prominent part in the affairs of the town, and was chosen first deacon of the First Church. He was also called Lieutenant (probably in the Indian wars). His name is one of the first on the petition for a separation of this town from Boston. He married Mary Bowles, daughter of Elder John Bowles, and had seven children." H. F. W., p. 287.

"Caleb Gardner, son of Samuel and Mary (Seaver) Gardner, grandson of Deacon Samuel, died 1807, aged 52 yrs. He married Mary Jackson of Newton. She lived to be ninety-two. One of their daughters was the wife of Deacon Timothy Corey." H. F. W., p. 289.

Dr. Eliphalet Downer had a hand-to-hand struggle with a redcoat during the British retreat from Lexington. "Landmarks of Middlesex." Drake.

Dr. Downer married Mary Gardner, native of Brookline, and they had five children. F. P. C. R.

His son was one of the Founders of the Horticultural Society. H. F. W.

One of his daughters married Mr. Hancock, and survived her husband many years. She owned and lived in the cottage which was recently taken down, just west of the house of the Good Shepherd. Mrs. Hancock was the mother of Mrs. Kilby Page. Mrs. Kilby Page.

Rev. James Allen, the first minister of this town, though distinguished in his day, has spelt the name of the town three different ways, in his seven printed discourses extant, namely, Brooklin, Brooklyn, Brookline, and a fourth way in the church records, Brooklynn. Dr. Pierce.

On the 5th of November, 1718, the Rev. James Allen of Roxbury was ordained minister of the church. He preached here more than twenty, eight years. During his ministry one hundred and fifteen were added to the church, "besides forty-four who owned the Covenant without coming to the Lord's table." The baptisms were two hundred and sixty-one. Mr. Allen was called "a pious and judicious divine." There are seven sermons of his now extant which were published during his lifetime, which have been said to "do honor to his head and heart." H. F. W., p. 242.

Rev. Cotton Brown (son of a minister of Haverhill), was the second minister of the Brookline First Parish. He was ordained October 26, 1748. He was engaged to Rev. Mr. Allen's daughter and the "Walley House" (so-called) was built for him to live in. The young lady, however, died in 1750, and Mr. Brown died in 1751, aged twenty-five years, having been pastor of the church not quite two years and a half. H. F. W., p. 244.

Isaac Gardner, Jr., A.M., grandson of Deacon Thomas, born May 9, 1726; H. U. 1747. Farmer in Brookline, justice of the Peace. On the memorable 19 of April, 1775, he went as a volunteer to Lexington battle, and was slain at Cambridge, about a mile above the colleges, by the British troops on their return to Boston. Dr. Pierce.

The Isaac Gardner Chapter, Daughters of the Revolution, Brookline, was named in his honor.

General Isaac S. Gardner, son of Isaac, Jr., and Mary Sparhawk Gardner, was baptized at Watertown, November 26, 1758. He married, first, Mary Sparhawk, 2nd, Mrs. Mary Spooner.

Text from Harriet Alma Cummings. Burials and Inscriptions in the Walnut Street Cemetery. Brookline: The Riverdale Press, 1920.

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