Stone carver attributions have been found in the following sources:

Farber Gravestone Collection:
Boylston, Dudley1748 Foster, James II or Hopestill
Boylston, Mary1722 Perhaps Nathaniel Emmes, but possibly James Gilchrist and/or John Gaud.
Boylston, Mary (footstone)1722 Perhaps Emmes, Nathaniel and/or Gaud, John. James Gilchrist also possible.
Clark, Samuel1727/8 Foster, James I, James II or Hopestill
Davis, Mary1786 Hastings, Daniel
Goddard, Hannah1786 Dwight, John
Goddard, Jonathan1768 Dwight, John
Goddard, Lucy1777 Dwight, John
Goddard, Samuel1786 Dwight, JohnProbate Payment
Goddard, Sarah1780 Dwight, John
Torey, Elisha1744 Nathaniel and/or Henry Emmes or William Codner.
White, Hannah1720/1 Foster, James I, James II, Hopestill
White, Joseph1725 Foster, James I, James II, Hopestill
White, Moses1780 Hastings, Daniel
White, Rachel1781 Hastings, Daniel

Chase and Gabel, "The Emmes Family of Boston", Gravestone Chronicles:
Gleason, William1741 Emmes, HenryProbate Payment

Fannin/Lehner Preservation Consultants, Gravestone/Monument Conservation Reports:
Goddard, Joseph1728 Foster, James I or James II
Seaver, Hannah1741/2 Nathaniel and/or Henry Emmes or William Codner.
Seaver, John1756 Foster, James II, James III or Hopestill
Seaver, Nathaniel1768 Foster, James III or Hopestill
Sharp, Elizabeth1722 Foster, James

Blachowicz, James, From Slate to Marble:
Baker, Eleazer1810 Alpheus Cary Jr.
Faxon, Nathaniel1813 Eliphalet Dame
Laughton, William1821 Alpheus Cary Jr.Probate Payment
Pierce, Lydia1812 Geyer Workshop
Pierce, Lydia1814 Eliphalet Dame

Quarry mark on stone:
Willcox, Daniel1776 Hastings, Daniel"dh" on back of stone