Aspinwall and Tappan (Tomb g)

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Tomb g Inscription
Aspinwall & Tappan. 1819.

Tomb g, Aspinwall and Tappan

Soldier of the RevolutionWilliam Aspinwall, b. May 23, 1743. d. April 16, 1823.

Marker: Soldier of the Revolution Hannah Goddard Chapter D.A.R.

Susannah Gardner, wife of Dr. Willarm Aspinwall, b. Feb. 28, 1754. d. June 2, 1814. Their chn:
Juliana Aspinwall, b. Dec. 25, 1779. d. Aug. 20, 1852.
William Aspinwall, b. Aug. 6, 1784. d. April 7, 1818.
Augustus Aspinwall, b. Dec. 14,1787. d. July 27, 1865.
Martha Babcock Higginson, wife of Augustus Aspinwall, b. Oct. 15, 1801. d. March 4, 1833. Their son,
Augustus Aspinwall, b. Jan. 15, 1859. d. Sept. 4, 1860.
Soldier of the RevolutionThomas Aspinwall.

Son of Thomas and Johanna (Gardner) Aspinwall, for whom the Johanna Aspinwall Chapter, D.A.R., was named, was born in Brookline Jan. 15, 1734, died in Brookline Aug. 1, 1799.

He served in the Revolutionary War, and held a Lieutenant-Colonel's commission, and at one time was in command of the fort at Sewall's Point. He married Oct. 4, 1762, Lucy Sparhawk, sister of the wife of his brother Samuel. She was born August 14, 1738, died June 15, 1815.

William Aspinwall. Soldier of the Revolution. Son of Thomas (Capt. Samuel, Peter), and Johanna (Gardner) Aspinwall, youngest brother of the Revolutionary colonel. Born at Brookline, May 23, 1743; died April 16, 1823. He mar. Susannah, dau. of Capt. Isaac Gardner. He served throughout the Revolution.

"In 1775, Dr. Aspinwall was surgeon at St. Thomas' Hospital in Roxbury. In 1778 we find by his letters to his wife, that he was with the army under General Sullivan in Rhode Island." H. F. W. p. 72.

"Among the past inhabitants of this town who should be mentioned with distinction and respect, is the late Dr. William Aspinwall, M.D. of H. U. 1764, who spent a long life, as a distinguished physician of this town and vicinity, who was successively Representative, Senator, and Coun. sellor, under the Government of this Commonwealth; who watched over the interests of his native village with vigilance and fidelity; and, who in the times that tried men's souls, amid the political contests, which raged in our land, was greatly instrumental in preserving this people from those disgraceful abuses which prevailed in too many other places. In treating the smallpox, that dangerous and destructive malady, few, if any cotemporaries had more extensive practice, or were more successful." Dr. Pierce.

"William Aspinwall, M.D., son of Dr. William Aspinwall, H.U. 1804, died a practitioner of medicine, in his native town, aged 34 yrs." Dr. Pierce.

Col. Thomas Aspinwall, A.M., son of Dr. William, lawyer in Boston, colonel in the army in the last war with England, consul at London, was buried in this tomb and latter removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery.

- Bruce, son of Benjamin Bruce, also buried in tomb g.
Lewis Tappan, b. at Northampton. Lived in Brookline 1816-30. d. June 21, 1873. Is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. His 1st wife:
Susannah (Aspinwall) Tappan, b. at Brookline, July 17, 1790. d. March 24, 1853. Their chn.:
Susanna Aspinwall Tappan, b. May 28, 1815. d. Dec. 31, 1817.
William Aspinwall Tappan, b. Sept. 17, 1819. d. May 25, 1905.
Elizabeth Tappan, b. March 4, 1823. d. May 8,1841.
Lewis Henry Tappan, b. April 18, 1824. d. Aug. 10, 1838
George Tappan, b. Jan. 29, 1829. d. Jan, 29, 1829.

An urn containing the ashes of W. A. Tappan was the last interment in this tomb. Data from Thomas Aspinwall.

The hill comprising the Blake estate was purchased off the Croft Farm about fifty years ago, by Mr. Lewis Tappan, who built the stone house which is still standing, and occupied it a few years before his removal to New York. H. F. W., p. 172. April, 1871.

Text from Harriet Alma Cummings. Burials and Inscriptions in the Walnut Street Cemetery. Brookline: The Riverdale Press, 1920.

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