John Pierce (Lot 50A)

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Lot 50A "Christ is my hope" JOHN PIECE, D.D. Born in Dorchester, Mass. July 14, 1773. Graduated at Harv. College, 1793. Ordained Pastor of the First Church, in this town, March 15, 1797. Died Aug 24, 1849. Æt. 76 years, 1 month, 10 days. This monument erected by his friends of the Parish.
Lot 50A "Rest in Heaven" LUCY TAPPAN wife of Rev. JOHN PIERCE, D.D. born July 14, 1777. died February 12, 1858. Æt. 80 yrs. & 7 mos.

Note. Dr. Pierce and widow Lucy were buried in Lot 50A, the only interments. Miss A. B. Poor.

Dr. Pierce was graduated, holding high rank in his class, at Harvard College in 1793. He was for the two succeeding years assistant Preceptor at Leicester Academy. In 1795, he commenced the study of theology with Rev. Thaddeus Harris, of Dorchester. In 1797 he was invited to fill the vacancy in the Brookline Church caused by the death of Mr. Jackson. He held at that time a tutorship at Harvard College. He was ordained pastor of the Brookline Church, March 15, 1797. In October of the following year he was married to Abigail Lovell, of Medway, who had been one of his pupils at the Academy. She died in July 1800, leaving an infant son, who lived but three years. In 1802 Dr. Pierce was married to Lucy Tappan of Northampton, a lady beloved for her quiet virtues, and who lived to a venerated old age. H. F. W., p. 251.

Text from Harriet Alma Cummings. Burials and Inscriptions in the Walnut Street Cemetery. Brookline: The Riverdale Press, 1920.

Hall (Lot 48) Left Pointing Hand Right Pointing Hand Hardy (Rear of Lot 50)