Cemetery Committee Report 1843
to Town Meeting

Brookline Town Records 1838-1857, pp 75-77, 83. (Brookline Public Library: [Brookline Room] 974.45 B81)

Meeting, March 6, 1843.

The report of the Cemetery Committee was read and accepted by vote as follows:--


The cemetery committee for the town of Brookline, since presenting the last annual Report, have effected the further sales of five lots for family interments in the new burial ground, and two small lots in old gound, where interments had been previously made; The proceeds of which have furnished the means for completing the broad avenue through the gravel ridge, and preparing for sale twelve new lots bordering on the broad avenue on the easterly side of the grounds; Also for turfing the bank on the east and south sides of the high ridge, for procuring and planting an additional number of 160 ornamental trees and making many other improvements.

The centre ridge has been dug over, covered with loom and sowed with grass seed; a new survey & plan of the grounds have been made by E. F. Woodward, embracing all the improvements and delineating all the lots and avenues which have been laid out.

The whole number of lots laid out, delineated and numbered on the plan is 49. Thirteen of which have been sold, besides the two small lots in the old ground before named.

Applications having occasionally been made for the interment of nonresidents, your committee have judged it expedient to institute an order requiring the payment of five dollars each, for all such interments, where no special claim of previlege existed. In consequence of offensive exhalations which are occasionally emitted from Tombs built in Banks with the front wall open to the atmosphere, your committee have found it necessary to establish an order, requiring all Tombs hereafter built, to be sunk below the surface level of the ground.

Your committee have also found it necessary to restrict the erection of all grave-stones and monuments on the public grounds to their own supervision and direction.

The Rev'd Dr. Pierce having applied for a gratuitious deed of a small lot of ground adjoining his Tomb on the eastern side, your committee considering themselves unauthorised to make such grant, would respectfully recommend the passing of a vote by the Town authorising such grant to be made.

The receipts of money since our last report have been as follows:
From sales of 5 lots the past year and one lot the preceeding year, @ $25 each$150
From sales of two small lots in old ground17 50
Balance in treasury as per last report37 95
Making a total of$205 45
The disbursements have been as follows:
Paid for ornamental trees$53 50
Paid sundry bills of Labour78 38
" for cedar posts, grass seed, blank deeds and book for records8 50
" for 1 1/2 cords of Loom6 00
" for turfing bank, including turf35 00
" for Woodward's bill for survey & plan3 00
" for frame & glass to enclose the plan2 50  $186 88
Leaving a balance unexpended of$18 57

From the returns made by the Sexton it appears there have been Ten deaths In the Town & nine interments in our burial grounds the past year, of the following descriptions:

Names.Age.Time of Death. 1842.Time of Burial.Disease.Where Intered.
Caroline Dolbein1 year.March 22.March 23.Scofula.Brookline.
Maria A. Williams27 years.March 28." 30.Dropsy.do.
Lydia Griggs65 years.April 21. at Cambridge.April 23.Eysipelasdo.
Nathan P. Hooper10 weeks.June 24.June 26.Dropsy.do.
Wm. H. Woodward15 months.July 14.July 16.Scofula.do.
Lucy Ann Withington11 months.July 22." 23.Consumption.do.
Elisabeth Aspinwall64 years.Augt. 11.Augt. 12.Consumption.do.
Susan J. Wellington5 years.Oct. 31.Burn.do.
Lucy Newhall28 years.Nov. 1.Nov. 4.Consumption.Lynn.
Epriam Whiting of New Boston N.H37 yearsNov.Nov. 7.Drowned.Lexington.
Caroline F. Robinson7 years.Dec. 31.Jan. 3.Dropsy.Brookline.

All which is submitted.
BROOKLINE, Feb. 7, 1843.
By order of the committee, S. PHILBRICK, Chairman.

Voted, That the Selectmen be authorized to furnish the Rev'd Dr. Pierce with a gratuitous deed of such a lot of land adjoining his Tomb in the public burial ground as shall be mutually agreed upon by him and the Cemetery Committee, agreeably to a recommendation in the Report of said committee.

Voted, That the Selectmen be authorised to furnish the Congregational and Baptist Societies in the Town each, with a gratuitous deed of a burial Lot among those lots now laid out in the public burial ground; for the use of the families of the present Pastors of said Societies, and their successors, or their friends, provided the said Societies will enclose said lots and ornament them with trees, turf, or shrubbery in a manner satisfactory to the Cemetery Committee.