Burials and Inscriptions

in the Walnut Street Cemetery of Brookline, Massachusetts
with Historical Sketches of Some of the Persons Buried There

Compiled by
Harriet Alma Cummings

The Riverdale Press, Printers

Note: Text has not been extensively proof-read after scanning.

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Soldier of the Revolution In Memy of Mr. Robert Abell of Rehoboth who died Jan. ye 5th 1776 in ye 24th Year of his Age

S. A. R. 1775.

"More than one Revolutionary hero who died in Brookline barracks found his last resting-place in Brookline Cemetery. Lieutenant Robert Abell was one; and he and two soldiers of a Connecticut company were probably the men who assisted in the siege of Boston and were quartered in the Benjamin Davis house, much to the discomfort of the excellent housekeeper, who used to tell in after years of their cutting up their rations of pork on her front stairs. The soldiers were subsequently removed to the barracks on Parker's Hill." H. F. W., pp. 49 and 221.

Tomb e (1817). Proprietor: William Ackers and H. K. Hancock.

William Ackers, bapt. Oct. 18, 1719. d. Oct. 9, 1794, aged 76 yrs. His wife:
Hannah (White) Ackers, dau. of Edward White, bapt. Feb. 12, 1727, d. Nov. 30, 1800, aged 74 yrs. Their chn:
Sarah Ackers Sharp, wid. Of Robert Sharp bapt. April 24, 1757, d. Sept. 2, 1843, aged 87 yrs.
Susanna Ackers, bapt. Feb. 26, 1749. d. -
Hannah Ackers Allen, bapt. Feb. 26, 1749. mar. 1st Henry Kelham. mar. 2nd Joseph Allen of Worcester. d. Feb. 24, 1832, aged 82 yrs.
Ann Ackers Hancock. See Belcher Hancock.
William Ackers, b. at Brookline Aug. 21, 1765. R. C. C. d. at Brookline, July 14, 1841, aged 76 yrs. His wife:
Mehitable Hyslop, dau. of Rev. Robert Abercrombie, b. at Pelham, Mass. 1768. d. at Brookline, Dec. 23, 1843, aged 75 yrs. Their chn:
David Hyslop Ackers, b. - d. Jan. 25, 1833, aged 34 yrs.
Hannah Ackers, b. at Brookline, Feb. 5, 1800, d. at Cambridge, Oct. 26, 1882. (unmar.) J. D. G.
Mehitable Ackers, b. at Brookline, March 6, 1804. d. at Cambridge, March 11, 1886, aged 82 yrs. J. D. G.
John Ackers, bapt. Feb. 1, 1807. d. -
F. P. C. R. and Mr. S. S. Crosby, 21 Sacramento St., Cambridge.

"The names of John and William Ackers, and that of their father, appeared on the petition for the separation of Muddy River from Boston in 1704. In 1744 the Ackers built a fine large house on the corner of Brighton and Boylston Streets, which was quite imposing for a farm-house in those days. In the Revolutionary times it was occupied as barracks for the colonial troops, but the family did not leave it, as many families left their houses but divided with the soldiers and bore the inconvenience. "Mr. William Ackers died in 1794, at a good old age. His son William, the third of the name, married the adopted daughter of Mr William Hyslop. "Mr. Hyslop gave her a great wedding, which was a grand event in the town for those times, and was not only a theme for tea-table chat, but was remembered, talked of, and written about, long after. The sons of this marriage were outlived by their father, who died in 1841, the last male member of this ancient family." H. F. W., p. 311.

Soldier of the Revolution "Esq. Gardner's Adam," a slave.

Soldier of the Revolution Abel Adams d. in Brookline of consumption, Jan. 16, 1782, aged 22 yrs.

"Mrs. Dr. Faulkner was the donor of the hospital that bears the name of her husband and adored step-daughter in Jamaica Plain. She then lived with her mother Mrs. Abel Adams, just over the town border." H. N. B., p. 22.

Effie daughter of Mathew and Mary A. Adams Died Apr. 19, 1876 Aged 2 yrs. 4 mos. 20 dys. Gone to Jesus

Lot west of 77, or between 77 and lot 1. Proprietor: Adams.

In memory of Martha W. Hill wife of Isaac M. W. Adams who died June 3, 1830 aged 28 y'rs. We part to meet again

Footstone M. W. H. A.

In memory of Isaac M. W. Adams who died Oct. 26, 1855 aged 62 y'rs. This life is a dream

Footstone I. M. W. A.

"Isaac Adams came to Brookline about the year 1815-16. The history of Master Adams and his methods is a chapter which will shed much light on the progress of Brookline during the last forty years. "He married Miss Martha Washington Hill of Portsmouth and after her death he had her name incorporated into his own by act of legislature, on this wise: 'Isaac Mahtra Wanshongtri Adams.' "He was one of the first schoolmasters in the old brick school house on Walnut Street. William Hyslop gave to the town the triangular piece of ground in the fork of the roads, west of the church, for a site for the old brick school house in 1793. "Requiescat in pace, Master Adams! We trust thou hast found the Great Master more lenient with thee, than thou wert to his little ones." H. F. W., Chap. XII. Pub. 1871.

Lot 64. Proprietor: Henry A. Alger (Town of Brookline).

Bought by Henry A. Alger. His infant son was buried in the lot, afterwards the body was removed and the lot sold in 1864, when the family moved from Brookline. "Probably sold for single burials."

Lot 67. Proprietor: James M. Alger (Town of Brookline).

Deed of sale made to James M. Alger, July 1, 1857. Names affixed: James Bartlett, Marshall Stearns, Howard Williams, William Dearborn, Thomas S. Pettengill, signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of B. F. Baker, and legally acknowledged before William Aspinwall, justice of the Peace. On the outside of the Deed, in the handwriting of James M. Alger is written: "Sold to the Town of Brookline, Lot 67 - 1864." From James, E. Alger, son of James M. and neph. of Henry A. Alger, 3 Mt. Vernon St., Reading, Mass., Sept. 12, 1911.

Baby Allen son of F. P. Allen Dec. 27, 1888.

Hannah Ackers Allen. See tomb e.

Rev. James Allen, First minister of the First Parish. See tomb u.

James Allen, son of James, pastor, b. Sept. 15, 1721. d. Oct. 6, 1721.

James Allen, son of the 1st minister, b. Sept. 20, 1723. d. Dec. 1749, aged 26 yrs.

H. U., 1741. Dr. Pierce.

Mary Allen, dau. of James, pastor. (My daughter.) b. Oct. 25, 1725. d. Feb. 1750.

"Mary Allen, dau. of the First Minister, presented a silver tankard to the First Church in 1750." H. F. W., p. 260.See tomb u.

Shepard Allen, son of James, pastor, b. Sept. 15, 1721. d. Oct. 6, 1721.

Sybil Allen, wife of Elisha Penniman. See tomb l.

In Memory of Mrs. MARY ALLFORD who died Octr. 12, 1815. t 67

Footstone M. A. 1815.


Footstone Mrs. Mary Allin.


Footstone S A


Rev. James Allen, in his printed discourses, spelt his own name in two different ways: Allin, Allen. Dr. Pierce.

Tomb o (1836). Proprietor: Moses Andem, Hezikah S. Kendall.

James Andem, son of Moses, ordained minister of Dighton, Nov. 13, 1845. Dr. Pierce.
James Aspinwall Andem, son of James, d. July 1, 1839. "Boston Curier," July 1, 1839.
Catherine B. Andem, wife of James, dau. of David R. Griggs, d. Sept. 16, 1839, aged 24 yrs. "Boston Curier," Sept. 17, 1839.
Mrs. Andem d. in Brooklyn, N. Y. Buried in Tomb o. Jan. 19, 1884. J. D. G.

"Andem Place was not opened until about 1850 and was named for Moses Andem, who lived for many years in the old Davis house." H.F.W., p. 61.

Harry William Anderson died July 13, 1889 Aged 10 months 1 day

Son of William and Sarah C. Anderson. J. D. G.

Mary S. Edgerly Andrews. See lot 62.

Thomazine Phillips Andrews Wife of Joseph Andrews Died Jan. 8, 1834 Aged 23 years

Footstone T. P. A. 1834

Martha A. S. Ashmore. See lot 11.

Anna G. Aspinwall, wife of J. R. Fairbanks. See lot 86.

Mary Aspinwall, wife of Joseph Goddard. See tomb p.

Lucy Aspinwall, wife of Ebenezer Davis. See tomb z.

Susanna Aspinwall, wife of Lewis Tappan. See tomb g.


Footstone Capt. Samuel Aspinwall

In 1727, at the age of sixty-five, the Captain was drowned in Charles River, not far from his farm. One can imagine something of the sensation this event must have produced in this thinly settled town; the loss of so prominent a citizen, the search for the body, - the military procession, for he was buried under arms, - the long funeral sermon, probably in the little church then only ten years built, - the vacant seat in the square pew, "in the northwest corner," - the muffled drums, and the volley fired over the grave. And how it was doubtless the topic of conversation among neighbors when they met for weeks after, and with what superstitious awe they looked upon the fore-runner or "warning" as they probably considered it, that he. should have selected for his morning reading at family devotions the 27th chapter of the Proverbs, beginning, "Boast not thyself of to-morrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. H. F. W., p. 67.

Lot 83. Proprietor: Catherine Aspinwall.

James Edmond bought in 1862, south side, Lots It to 19 inclusive, in 1865 he sold Lot 11 to George Brooks, Lot 14 to F. Henry Corey, Lot 15 to D. H. Rogers, Lot 16 to Peter W. Pierce, Lot 17 to Mrs. Abbie Barnet. In 1879 D. H. Rogers sold to Catherine J. Aspinwall, Lot 15, south side (new number 83). Marker only in this lot.

Catherine Jane Aspinwall, dau. of George and Martha (Goode) Aspinwall, b. 1840 at West Point, Orange County, New York. mar. Jan. 15, 1880 Charles F. Hunting of Brighton. d. July 24, 1887, aged 46 yrs. 6 mos.

Charles F. Hunting was a grocer in Brookline, he is now living with his cousin Horace E. Hunting in Stoughton. (Horace E. Hunting) Mar. 19, 1916.

John Smith Goode Aspinwall (unmar. bro. of Catherine), b. at West Point, New York, June 26, 1833. d. at Brookline April 16, 1879.

Brother. Post 143, G. A. R.

John S. G. Aspinwall (a descendant of Peter Aspinwall) served during the civil war in the United States Navy, enlisted March 8, 1861. Discharged Nov. 27, 1865, as Asst. Eng. on S. S. Minnesota. Thomas Aspinwall, Brookline.

A great-grandson of the Colonel, and grandson of John, bearing his name, has kept up the military character of the family by good service in the War of the Rebellion, and daily walks our streets bearing trace of rebel shot or shell received in the fight at Hatteras Inlet where he served as engineer of the Minnesota. H. F. W. p. 69. (dated 1871)

Tomb g (1819). Proprietor: Aspinwall and Tappan.

Soldier of the Revolution William Aspinwall, b. May 23, 1743. d. April 16, 1823.

S. A. R.

Susannah Gardner, wife of Dr. Willarm Aspinwall, b. Feb. 28, 1754. d. June 2, 1814. Their chn:
Juliana Aspinwall, b. Dec. 25, 1779. d. Aug. 20, 1852.
William Aspinwall, b. Aug. 6, 1784. d. April 7, 1818.
Augustus Aspinwall, b. Dec. 14,1787. d. July 27, 1865.
Martha Babcock Higginson, wife of Augustus Aspinwall, b. Oct. 15, 1801. d. March 4, 1833. Their son,
Augustus Aspinwall, b. Jan. 15, 1859. d. Sept. 4, 1860.
Soldier of the Revolution Thomas Aspinwall.

Son of Thomas and Johanna (Gardner) Aspinwall, for whom the Johanna Aspinwall Chapter, D.A.R., was named, was born in Brookline Jan. 15, 1734, died in Brookline Aug. 1, 1799. He served in the Revolutionary War, and held a Lieutenant-Colonel's commission, and at one time was in command of the fort at Sewall's Point. He married Oct. 4, 1762, Lucy Sparhawk, sister of the wife of his brother Samuel. She was born August 14, 1738, died June 15, 1815.

William Aspinwall. Soldier of the Revolution. Son of Thomas (Capt. Samuel, Peter), and Johanna (Gardner) Aspinwall, youngest brother of the Revolutionary colonel. Born at Brookline, May 23, 1743; died April 16, 1823. He mar. Susannah, dau. of Capt. Isaac Gardner. He served throughout the Revolution. "In 1775, Dr. Aspinwall was surgeon at St. Thomas' Hospital in Roxbury. In 1778 we find by his letters to his wife, that he was with the army under General Sullivan in Rhode Island." H. F. W. p. 72.

"Among the past inhabitants of this town who should be mentioned with distinction and respect, is the late Dr. William Aspinwall, M.D. of H. U. 1764, who spent a long life, as a distinguished physician of this town and vicinity, who was successively Representative, Senator, and Coun. sellor, under the Government of this Commonwealth; who watched over the interests of his native village with vigilance and fidelity; and, who in the times that tried men's souls, amid the political contests, which raged in our land, was greatly instrumental in preserving this people from those disgraceful abuses which prevailed in too many other places. In treating the smallpox, that dangerous and destructive malady, few, if any cotemporaries had more extensive practice, or were more successful." Dr. Pierce.

"William Aspinwall, M.D., son of Dr. William Aspinwall, H.U. 1804, died a practitioner of medicine, in his native town, aged 34 yrs." Dr. Pierce.

Col. Thomas Aspinwall, A.M., son of Dr. William, lawyer in Boston, colonel in the army in the last war with England, consul at London, was buried in this tomb and latter removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery.

- Bruce, son of Benjamin Bruce, also buried in tomb g.

Lot 53 and 54. Proprietor: Amos Atkinson.

Caroline H. born July 6, 1856 died May 12,1857 Lincoln born Apr. 19, 1865 died Aug. 12, 1865 Children of Edward and Mary C. Atkinson
Edward Atkinson born in Brookline February 10, 1827 died in Boston December 11th, 1905 "Who in Life's battle firm doth stand, Shall bear Hope's tender blossoms Into the Silent land!" "And now abideth Faith, Hope, Love."

"Edward Atkinson was one of the most useful and one of the best-known men of his generation." H. N. B., p. 19.

Mary Caroline Atkinson Born in Boston June 1st, 1830 Died in Brookline December 12th, 1907 "Blessed a" the pure in heart for they shall see God."
Marian Atkinson born 10 Sept. 1858 died 11 Aug. 1874 "Her life had many a hope and aim Duties enough and little cares, And now was quiet, now astir Till God's hand beckoned unawares And the sweet while brow was all of her." "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
Amos Atkinson Born 11 May, 1792 Died 26 June, 1864 Anna Greenleaf Sawyer Born 27 Oct. 1795 Died 29 Sept. 1871
Elizabeth Parsons Atkinson Apr. 21, 1824 Mar. 1, 1903
Elizabeth Staigg Atkinson wife of George Atkinson Born in Leeds, England December, 1823 Died in Cambridge May 30, 1904
George Atkinson Jr., Died in Florida, Jan. 19, 1913 Aged 46 yrs. 8 mos. 10 dys.
James Sawyer Atkinson Born in Brookline 1860 Died in Colorado Springs 1883
Chas. H. Atkinson died July 19, 1915 aged 55 yrs.
George Atkinson died June 5, 1915 aged 74 yrs.

Mary F. Babb. See lot 10.

Susanna Backus. See tomb v.

Abigail Baker, wife of Joshua Boylston. See tomb y.

Lot 78. Proprietor: Benjamin F. Baker.


Benjamin F. Baker Wallace died Nov. 18, 1856 AE. 3 days John Herbert died Sept. 28, 1861 AE. 7 y. 3 m. 10 d. Lovinia Francis Wife of Freeland R. Dunn. died Sept. 30, 1868 AE. 22 y. 2 d.

In memory of Mr. ELEAZER BAKER. who departed this life Decr. 21st 1810. t 74. "An honest man's the noblest work of God."

Footstone E. B. 1810.

"Proprietor of the Punch-Bowl Tavern." H. F. W.

Elizabeth Baker, wife of Benjamin Davis. See tomb z.

Lot 26. Proprietor: Baptist Society.

Hulder C. (Getchell) Clark, b. at Wakefield, Maine, May 8, 1828. d. at Brookline, Mass., Jan. 13, 1897. Dau. of Isaiah and Dorothy (Trafton) Getchell, of Alfred, Maine, and widow of Edwin Clark. From her dau. Mrs. Effie L. Smith, 20 Searle Avenue, Brookline.

"Mr. W. Y. Gross remembers the widow of Edwin Clark, carpenter, was buried in this lot."

Mary A. Jewett Died June 30, 1885 Aged 77 yrs.

B. R.

Almira Cornelia Barlow Edward Barlow Francis Channing Barlow Richard Barlow Sophia Allen Barlow See tomb l.

Caroline M. Barlow Herbert Smythe Barlow See lot 76

Lot 55. Proprietor: William Barnard.

Father Mother William Barnard born Aug. 20, 1800 died July 23, 1869 Hester Hyde wife of William Barnard born June 11, 1803 died Oct. 17, 1865 Clara "Not dead but gone before"
Brother William Henry son of William and Hester Barnard died June 17, 1878. Isaac Frederick son of William and Hester Barnard died January 20, 1914 aged 71 yrs.
Sister Almira (Barnard) wife of Osavius Verney died Feb. 7, 1885 aged 55 yrs. 4 mos.

J. D. G.

Harriet Maria Barnard, wife of Charles Chase. See lot 44.

George F. Barnard, died August 22, 1841, aged 10 months. In the grove. R. C. C.

Lot 85. Proprietor: Mrs. Abbie Barnett.

Robert Barnett Born Sept. 9, 1804 Died Jan. 13, 1865 His wife Abby L. Heath Born Aug. 2, 1814 Died Apr. 17, 1894

Mary Bartlett, wife of Joshua C. Clark. See tomb y.

Ann Maria Bass. Benjamin Bass. Benjamin W. Bass. Abigail White, wife of Benjamin Bass. See lot 49A.

Frederick G. Batty Died March 26, 1884 Aged 8 yrs. 3 mos. 12 dys.

Grave J. D. G.

Elizabeth Baxter, wife of Horace James. See lot 73.

Myra Lathrop Beal. Royal Albert Beal. Samuel Beal. See lot 75.

Lot at the top of the hill. Proprietor: James Beatty, James Bigham.

James Beatty, son of James & Jane (Keown) Beatty, b. in Ireland. d. at Brookline, Sept. 7, 1882.
Margaret, his wife, d. at Brookline, Oct. 27, 1901.
John Beatty, d. abt. 1850.
James Bigham, d. abt. 1876.
Joseph S. Bigham, b. -, d. Oct. 20,1874, aged 1 yr. 5 mos. 17 days. Sons of John & Ann E. (Beatty) Bigham.
John H. Bigham, b, 1872, d. July 25, 1876.
Charles T. Bigham, b. d. June 22, 1896, aged 1 yr. 4 mos.
Martha Bigham, b. -, d. abt. 1890
John Bigham, b. d. Jan. 23, 1913, aged 70 yrs. 19 days.

Lot 8. Proprietor: Harrison Bird.

Cornelius Bird, d. Sept. 28, 1865, aged 68 yrs. 9 mos. 19 days.
Hannah Bird, d. July 13, 1867, aged 73 yrs. 9 mos. 22 days.
Mary Bird, d. Sept. 15, 1858, aged I yr. 4 mos. 7 days.
Z. S. Sampson, d. March 7,1870 aged 49 yrs. 10 mos.
Adelaide T. Bird, d. Feb. 12, 1849, aged 1 yr. 9 mos.
Elizabeth S. Bird, d. Jan. 20, 1849, aged 6 yrs. 13 days.
Cordelia A. Cutter, d. Dec. 11, 1855, aged 24 yrs. 11 mos.
Harrison Bird, d. May 23, 1880, aged 2 hours.

Removed to Walnut Hills October 8, 1880.

The parents of Cornelius Bird were removed at the same time but parents' names were not given. Harrison Bird d. in Brookline, June 14, 1888, aged 85 yrs. 5 mos. 9 days, and was buried at Walnut Hills. B. R.

Martha Bird, wife of John Howe. See lot 21.

Betsey Blodgett. See lot 16.

Susanna, widow of Charles Bond formerly of Watertown died June 17, 1831, aged 62 yrs. Their children: Hannah died Jan. 21, 1812 Aged 12 years George died Feb. 3, 1817 Aged 14 years

Boston, a negro. See tomb y.

Anna Bowman Died March 6, 1882 Aged 1 1/2 hours dau. of Walter and Martha A. (Trimble) Bowman

J. D. G.

Lot north of tomb m. Proprietor: Boyd.

A wooden cross, dates erased in 1911, at present nothing on the cross.

Leslie Boyd, b. Nov. 12, 1828, d. Jan. 1, 1894.
Margaret Boyd, b. Jan. 5, 1857, d. Dec. 28, 1868.
Eliza Boyd, b. April 17, 1860, d. Feb. 13, 1863.
James W. Boyd, b. April 28, 1862. d. Feb. 20, 1863.
Eliza J. Boyd, b. July 19, 1866, d. Jan. 19, 1869.
Data from Mr. Leslie J. Boyd, Jamaica Plain, May 30, 1913.

Here lies the Body of Mr. DUDLEY BOYLSTON Who Died April ye 18th. 1748: In the 60th. Year of his Age.

Dudley Boylston was a son of Thomas Boylston, and a brother of Zabdiel Boylston. He was born about 1688, and married Elizabeth Gardner of this town. He was the town constable for some time, and an old military commission issued in the time of Francis Bernard, Captain-general and Governor-in-chief, indicates his rank as "first adjutant of the first regiment, whereof Jeremy Gridley is 'Colonel." H. F. W., p. 346.

Soldier of the Revolution Joshua Boylston Son of Dudley and Elizabeth G. Boylston, b. Jan. 16, 1726, d. Nov. 1, 1804. Aged 79 yrs. His wife,
Abigail Baker Boylston, "sister of Eleazer Baker," d. Oct. 30, 1814. Aged 70 yrs.
H. F. W., p. 30.

Joshua Boylston's mother, Elizabeth, died August 19, 1776. Burial probably in tomb y.




Thomas Boylston, Town Clerk, signed the first entry in the town clerk's records of this town. He was a physician, and father of the celebrated Dr. Zabdiel Boylston. Dr. Pierce, p. 12.

Thomas Boylston came to this country from England and settled in Watertown in 1635. His son Thomas, born in that town in 1644, became a surgeon. He took an active part in the Narragansett war. He married Mary Gardner of Muddy River in 1665, and settled there. From that time forward the Boylstons were identified with Brookline. There were twelve children of this marriage. His son Peter inherited the homestead. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston was the second child, b. in 1680. The daughter of Peter, Susanna, married John Adams, and was the mother of the second President of the United States. H. F. W., p. 297.


Tomb y. Proprietor: Boylston, Zabdiel, Esq..

Sacred to the memory of Zabdiel Boylston Esqr. Physician and F. R. S. who first introduced the practice of Innoculation into America Thro' a life of extensive Beneficence, He was always faithful to his word, just in his Dealings affable in his manners, and after a long Sickness in which he was exemplary for his Patience & Resignation to his maker he quitted this mortal Life, in a just Expectation of a happy Immortality on the First day of March A.D. 1766, AEtat. 87. with him lies buried Jerusha, his wife, who died the Fifteenth day of April A.D. 1764. AEtat. 85.
Other burials in Tomb y. From Miss Annie R. Clark, Brookline.
Joshua Child Clark, bapt. Sept. 24, 1780. d. July 4, 1861, aged 80 yrs. 9 mos. 24 days. His wife:
Rebecca Boylston Clark, dau. of Joshua and Abigail (Baker) Boylston, bapt. Feb. 1, 1784. d. Jan. 14, 1825. Their chn:
Sarah Davis Clark, b. - d. Sept. 16, 1812, aged 1 yr. 6 mos.
Mary Sharp Clark, bapt. Dec. 15, 1816. d. Nov. 7, 1819.
Rebecca Boylston Clark, bapt. Oct. 22, 1815. d. Oct. 3, 1817. Aged 2 yrs. 1 mo.
Mary Sharp Clark, b. Feb. 26, 1820. d. Feb. 2, 1870. Aged 49 yrs. 11 mos. 7 days.
Mary Bartlett Clark, 2d wife of Deacon Joshua Child Clark, mar. Jan. 1, 1828. d. -
Sarah Davis Clark, d. Jan. 28, 1902. Aged 88 yrs. 5 mos.
Susanna B. R. Clark, d. April 23, 1900. Aged 77 yrs. 5 mos. 23 days.

Two daughters of Deacon Joshua C. and Rebecca B. Clark. From coffin plates found in the Zabdiel Boylston tomb, June 20, 1911. The last burials in the Boylston tomb.

Boston, a negro man of Dr. Boylston's, d. July 13, 1762, aged 50 yrs.
Mary Boylston.

Town Meeting July 14, 1780 Voted, that the Thanks of the Town be given to Miss Mary Boylston for three Silver Dollars given by her for the Incouragement of Such Men as Shall Ingage to serve as Soldiers for the Town. M. R. R.

Dr. Zabdiel Boylston, F. R. S., son of Dr. Thomas Boylston, first physician of this town. Brother of Peter and Dudley. He was, famous in his day, not only for eminence in his profession in general, but especially for the practice of inoculation for the smallpox, which, though so strenuously resisted by many of his cotemporaries, proved of such essential benefit to society. A memoir of this distinguished man, (who was born in this town, in 1679, bapt. in the First Church, Roxbury, March 1, 1679, under the ministry of the so-called Apostle Eliot) was written by Dr. Peter Thacher, minister of the Brattle Street Church, Boston, and published in the Massachusetts Magazine for December, 1789. In consequence of high attain. ments in his profession, Dr. Boylston was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in London, a distinction very rarely conferred on natives of this country. A plain monument to his memory may still be seen in our Cemetery. Dr. Pierce, p. 21.

Clara A. Bradbury. See lot 75.

Rebecca Brewer, wife of Samuel Craft. See lot 59.

Lot 79. Proprietor: George Brooks.


George Brooks Nov. 28, 1819 Oct. 22, 1907


Eliza Corey Brooks July 26, 1824 Mar. 10, 1899


May, daughter of George and Eliza C. Brooks 1860-1861


Barbara, dau. of George Kendall and Elizabeth Clark Brooks, b. August 6, 1888. d. February 24, 1889.


A. J. Corey.

Rev. Cotton Brown. See tomb u.

Nathan Roy Brown Died July 24, 1883 Aged I yr. 7 mos. Born in Dakota, son of Nathan & Annie F. Brown

J. D. G.

Lot 36. Proprietor: William H. Brown.

William Laughton died Sept. 19, 1821 aged 54 Tabitha wife of William Laughton died April 23, 1829 aged 86 Ebenezer Wales their son died Jan. 16, 1822 aged 24
William H. Brown died March 10, 1853 aged 62 yrs.
Jane Brown died Oct. 31, 1890 aged 93 yrs. 9 mos.
Mary Laughton died Oct. 25, 1884 aged 89 yrs. Frances E. D. Laughton died Feb. 17, 1888 aged 78 yrs.
Grace Alice Robertson Died Feb. 13, 1887 aged 6 yrs. 10 mos. 25 dys. No stone. B. R.

William H. Brown played the bassoon at the First Parish Church for many years. H. F. W., p. 2.

About the year 1819, two young men, Mr. J. Lyon and Mr. W. H. Brown, commenced business in the village -- Mr. Lyon being a wheelwright and Mr. Brown a harness-maker -- in a shop which was built for them at the westerly end of the old "Punch Bowl" out-buildings, by Mr. Laughton, for many years the proprietor of this famous old tavern. When the time came for the destruction of these buildings, these young men removed their business -- Mr. Brown to a new shop next to Baker's present paint-shop. H. F. W., p. 27.

Benjamin Bruce. See tomb g.

Lot 7 (1846). Proprietor: Bryant, David.

Our Children Caroline A. Bryant died Aug. 13th, 1845 Aged 2 yrs. and 22 dys. Edward P. Bryant Died March 10th, 1849 Aged 22 months. They Sleep to Awake

Gertie. Robbie.

Mother. Father.

Frederick S. Bryant, d. Aug. 18, 1845.
Edward Payson Bryant, Chn. of David and Abba (Young) Bryant.
B. R.

Olivia Buckminster, wife of George B. Emerson. See lot rear of lot 77.

Charlotte Shepard Buckley, wife of Benjamin Buckley. See lot 58.

Asa Bugbee. John Robinson Bugbee. John Robinson Bugbee. Martha Louise Bugbee. See tomb t. and lot 71.

Elizabeth H. Bullard, wife of Oliver Whyte, Jr. See lot 9.

Clara Burrell, wife of Ansel H. Waterman. See lot 39.

William H. H. Calef Died Nov. 5,1883 Aged 43 yrs. 1 mo. son of Joseph and Clarissa Calef

Buried in grave. J. D. G.

Adam Campbell Born Jan. 1, 1866 Died Sept. 26, 1879 Jane N. Campbell and Mary Campbell Susan Campbell d. Jan. 3, 1904 aged 65 yrs.

H. S. Hatch.

John Capen. See lot 37.

Mary Carr, wife of Charles Warren Tolman. See tomb a.

Almira Louise Celfe, wife of John W. Warren. See tomb n.

Lot 15. Proprietor: Thomas Celfe.


Thomas Celfe died Apr. 28, 1863, AE. 78 yrs.


Sarah S. Celfe wife of Thomas Celfe died Jan. 21, 1885 aged 92 y'rs.


Peter B. Celfe d. May 9, 1834 aged 2 yrs. 6 mos.


Peter B. Celfe d. Jan. 12, 1839 aged 3 yrs. 9 mos.


William H. Celfe d. Oct. 1, 1847 aged 18 yrs.


Thomas Celfe died Sept. 21, 1851, aged 37 years


Mary A. Hodgdon died Dec. 6, 1862, aged 44 yrs.


Fanny G. Celfe born July 8, 1913, d. Dec. 12, 1899


"Two daughters of Mr. Celfe sang in the choir at the First Parish Church." H. F. W., p. 256.

Abigail Center, d. Nov. 10, 1841, aged 75 yrs. (by accident). Buried in the Grove. R. C. C.

Child of Alfred D. Chandler. See lot 18.

Lot 76. Proprietor: Reuben A. Chace.


Reuben A. Chace March 8, 1823 March 12, 1904 Abigail C. Vose His wife Jan. 8, 1819 Sept. 30, 1879 Warren their son Aug. 10, 1848 Aug. 1, 1850 Our baby Aug. 6, 1853, Aug. 12, 1853
Our Baby Little Warren son of R. A. & A. C. Chace Born Aug. 10, 1848 Died Aug. 31, 1850
Mother Caroline M. Barlow 1814-1891
Herbert Died Jan. 31, 1862 AEt. 20 ys. 5 ms.

G. A. R. Post 143, Co. F.

From Anna B. Barlow, Brookline.

In February, 1862, our first dead soldier was brought home for burial, not fallen in battle, but accidentially shot by a comrade. This was Herbert Smythe Barlow. "He was the only son of his mother, and she a widow." H. F. W., p. 411.

Frederick Irving Chase. See lot west of lot 35.

Lot 44. Proprietor: Charles Chase.

Lot 44 was brought by William Pope in 1852, after his death; it was sold by his twin brother in 1885 to Mr. Charles Chase.

Charles Chase Feb. 14, 1831 Jan. 4, 1909 Harriet Barnard widow of Charles Chase died at Brookline June 7, 1911 aged 71 yrs. 9 mos. 25 dys. Annie Cheney Chase d. July 15, 1860 aged 4 mos. Moses Chester Chase d. Dec. 3, 1865 aged 1 yr. 2 mos. 27 dys.
Charles Harold Chase d. Aug. 18, 1866 aged 2 mos. 2 dys. Chn. of Charles and Harriet M. (Barnard) Chase. Nell Howard Chase daughter of Charles and Harriet B. Chase April 29, 1872, June 28, 1910 Florence A. Rowell wife of Harry E. Chase 1876-1917

Abby E. Cheever. Sarah Cheever. Susan Cheever. See tomb q.

Soldier of the Revolution Timothy Child. mar. Elizabeth Fairbanks of Brookline, April ye 8, 1773, by Isaac Gardner, justice of the Peace. d. Jan. 1799. F. P. C. R.

A stone to his memory was seen by Mr. W. Y. Gross and Miss Cummings in the Spring of 1909, but has since disappeared.

TIMOTHY H. CHILDS died July 29, 1856. aged 72 y'rs.

Footstone T. H. C.

"Timothy Harris Child, an eccentric old man, known as 'Daddy Child,' though he was never married. Various anecdotes are related respecting his oddities, as leaving off his farmer's frock on a certain day in the spring, by the calendar, without regard to the weather, and putting it on in the autumn, equally regardless of the season. Between these dates he was never known to wear it." H. F. W., p. 376.

Lot 63. Proprietor: Catherine A. Church (widow).

Mrs. Church bought part of lot 63 after her husband's death In 1858. In 1890 she sold her share to Mrs. Mary H. Long. B. R.

Ephraim Church d. 1858, aged 53 yrs. 7 mos. 7 days.

His body was removed to Walnut Hils Cemetery, November 7, 1890. Mr. Bond married Lizzie, dau. of Ephraim and Catherine A. Church. From Frederic M. Bond, New York City.

Susanna Clapp, wife of Benjamin Baker Davis. See tomb z.


Footstone Mrs. ELIZA. CLARK


Footstone Mr. SAMUEL CLARK

Samuel Clark, son of James and Elinor or Elizabeth (Wright) Clark, b. April 9, 1654. Mar. May 5, 1696, at Roxbury, Elizabeth Crafts, dau. of Lieut. Samuel and Elizabeth Seaver Crafts. They had three chn., Samuel, John and Mary. The first Samuel Clark was a wheelwright. He was one of the Muddy River Company in the Canada Expedition in 1696. This is probably the person of whom judge Sewall speaks in his diary under date of March 12,1684. "Watched, with Isaac Goose and Samuel Clark. Pleasant night." This was a time when the Indians were particularly troublesome, and probably the watching referred to was on their account. H. F. W., p. 216.

Samuel Clark, son of John and Lydia Buckminster Clark, d. 1766, aged 81 yrs.

This Samuel Clark was a carpenter and built the old Clark house, corner of Walnut and Chestnut Streets, taken down in 1900. He also built the first meeting-house. His banns were the first published in the new church, He was a deacon of the church and was very highly respected, He married Elizabeth Clark, his cousin, dau. of Samuel 1st and Elizabeth Crafts Clark, both grand-chn. of James and Elinor.


Here lies Buried the Body of Mr Samuel Clark, Junr Who died July 18th 1760 In the 39th Year of His Age.

Samuel Clark, Jr., son of Samuel and Lydia B. Clark, was b. Sept. 25, 1721. Mar. March 31, 1752, Deborah Childs.

Soldier of the Revolution Samuel Clark Son of Samuel Jr., and Deborah (Childs) Clark. b. Jan. 6, 1753. d. Mar. 29, 1814. mar. April 3, 1777, Mary, dau. of Robert, Jr., and Sarah (Payson) Sharp. They had eight chn.: 3 of whom are buried here.

Joshua C. Clark. See tomb y.

Caleb Clark. See tomb d.

Hulder C. (Getchell) Clark. See lot 26.

Joshua Child Clark. Mary Bartlett Clark. Mary Sharp Clark. Mary Sharp Clark. Rebecca Boylston Clark. Rebecca Boylston Clark. Sarah Davis Clark. Sarah Davis Clark. Susanna B. R. Clark. See tomb y.

Lot 77. Proprietor: Eunice B. Clarke.

In memory of Clinton Clarke who died Mar. 29, 1861 aged 60 yrs. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Clinton Clarke was a son of David and Mehitable Clarke of Haverhill. B. R.

Lydia Clarke, wife of Thomas Tyler. See lot 6.

Roscoe Clough, d. Feb. 10, 1890, aged 84 yrs. J. D. G.

Lot 10. Proprietor: William W. Clement, George S. Cushing.


Susan H., wife of George S. Cushing died Sept. 9, 1840 aged 31 yrs. Sarah Abby, died Sept. 4, 1846, aged 14 m's. 15 d's. Susan H., died Sept. 18,1850 aged 8 y's. 3 m's. and I day. Children of G. S. and A. S. Cushing Sarah Abby Adopted Dau. of G. S. and A. S. Cushing died Sept. 5, 1854 Mrs. Eunice Cushing died Mar. 1, 1859, aged 81 yrs. 8 mos. James Cushing died Dec. 11, 1869, aged 69 yrs. 10 mos. George S. Cushing Born Feb. 15, 1815 Died Dec. 30,1901. Abigail S. Cushing Born June 16, 1811 Died Nov. 29, 1884 Mary F. Babb died Nov. 8, 1880 aged 74 yrs. Catherine P., wife of Wm. W. Clement died Apr. 27, 1846. Aged 25 y'rs. William E. Clement died Aug. 31, 1850. Aged 1 yr. and 10 mos. Mary G., wife of Wm. W. Clement died May 5, 1853. Aged 27 y'rs. George H. Clement died Sept. 3, 1858. Aged 8 yrs. 1 mo. and 19 days. Wm. W. Clement died Oct. 11, 1876. Aged 57 yrs. 5 m's. Faustina, wife of Wm. W. Clements died at Lexington Feb. 24, 1911 aged 93 y'rs. 10 m's. 7 days.

Lot 61. Proprietor: Coeffard.

Mme. Coeffard bought of Thomas C. Quimby

Madame Jeanne Coeffard born in Nantes died in Brookline Dec. 23, 1858 Aged 74 yrs.

Madame Coeffard's husband was lost at sea. Mrs. H. V. Poor.

The Hammond House on Heath Street was for several years occupied by Madame Jane Coaifford, a French lady. She died in this house and was buried in Brookline Cemetery." H. F. W., p. 343.

Alonzo C. Jackson born at Keene, N. H. Oct. 31, 1809 died at Boston, Jan. 6, 1868 aged 56 yrs.

"Mme. Coeffard left all of her property to Alonzo C. Jackson, who died at the Mass. General Hospital, Boston, Jan. 6, 1868." Boston Post, Jan. 6, 1868.

"Alonzo C. Jackson left his property to his brother Charles Fox Jackson, who died in Iowa, and was buried there." Calvin W. Lewis, Brookline.

Hannah Maria Coburn. See lot 31.

Caroline Conway. Cora J. Conway. Leon G. Conway. Mary J. Conway. W. H. Conway. See Lot 32.

Lot 1. Proprietor: Isaac Cook.


Capt. Isaac Cook died Mar. 20, 1865, aged 85 yrs. Jane Cook d. Dec. 24, 1873, aged 89 yrs. 10 m's. Thomas Drew Cook d. Dec. 13, 1827, aged 20 yrs. Howard Walter Cook d. Jan. 5, 1890, aged 24 yrs. Mary Drew d. May 29, 1833, aged 57 yrs. Frances A. Cook d. Oct. 9, 1870, aged 41 yrs. 11 mos. William Webster Cook Jr. d. Sept. 15, 1899, aged 46 yrs. Isaac Cook Junr. d. May 26, 1831, aged 27 yrs. Harriet W. Cook d. Aug. 13, 1877, aged 69 years 7 ms. 13 dys. William Webster Cook d. at Plymouth, Dec. 12, 1907, aged 79 yrs. 9 mos. George Frederick Cook Nov. 3, 1865 - June 14, 1905

Tomb w (1782). Proprietor: Griggs-Coolidge.

David Coolidge, b. March 23, 1789. d. Nov. 30, 1876. His wife:
Susanna Griggs Coolidge, dau. of Joshua and Martha Wilson Griggs. b. Sept. 2, 1793. d. May 29, 1886.
Mrs. Sarah Coolidge, d. Feb. 21, 1884, aged 45 yrs. 11 mos. 27 dys. J. D. G.
James Winchel Coolidge, b. July 23, 1826, d. Dec. 30, 1901. (unmar.)

By oversight these names are not on the stone. This tomb will probably never be opened again. Ellen G. Coolidge, Brookline.

Eliza Corey, wife of George Brooks. See lot 79.

Lot 82. Proprietor: F. Henry Corey.


F. Henry Corey 1827-1892


His wife Lucy E. Corey (Lucy E. Stearns) 1825-1870


Willie R. C. son of F. H. and L. E. Corey 1860-1876


Abbie J. Corey d. April 13, 1919, aged 92 yrs. 4 mos. 2 dys.

Tomb q (1808). Proprietor: Capt. Timothy Corey.

Soldier of the Revolution Timothy Corey (Captain), Son of Isaac and Abigail Priest Corey, b. at Weston, Oct. 27, 1741. d. at Brookline, Sept. 19, 1811. His wife:
Elizabeth Griggs Corey, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Williams) Griggs, b. at Roxbury, Oct 12, 1745. d. at Brookline, Nov. 18, 1837, aged 92 yrs. Their chn:
Aaron Corey, b. Jan. 12,1772. d. Dec. 10, 1772.
Elijah Corey (Deacon Corey), b. at Brookline, Nov. 7, 1773. d. May 13,1859.
John Corey, bapt. at Brookline, Mar. 26, 1780. d. at Brookline, July 22, 1830.
Timothy Corey (Deacon Corey), b. at Brookline, April 2, 1782. d. at Brookline, Aug. 10, 1844.
Polly, wife of Dea. Elijah Corey, dau. of Jonathan and Patience (Glover) Leeds, b. at Dorchester, Nov. 12, 1779. d. at Brookline, Oct. 21, 1827. Their chn:
Elijah, b. - b. Aug. 14, 1800. d. June 28, 1843. mar. May 5, 1822, Polly Richards of Roxbury, who is (prob.) buried in lot 80.
Timothy, b. at Brookline, June 21, 1803. d. at Brookline, Dec. 2, 1807.
Timothy, b. at Brookline, April, 1911. d. at Brookline, Oct. 22, 1816.

Deacon Elijah Corey's 2d wife, Lucy (Stearns) Davis Corey, was buried at Forest Hills.

Mary, wife of Deacon Timothy Corey, dau. of Caleb and Mary (Jackson) Gardner, b. at Brookline, Sept. 2, 1782. mar. Nov. 16,1806. d. at Brookline Mar. 3, 1862. Their chn:
Caleb Gardner, b. at Brookline, Feb. 10, 1809. d. at Brookline, Mar. 3, 1837. (unmar.)
Mary Ann, b. at Brookline, Nov. 30, 1810. d. at Brookline, Nov. 12, 1891. (unmar.)
Sarah, b. at Brookline, July 29, 1812. d. at Brookline, May 4, 1881. (unmar.)
Timothy, b. at Brookline, June 11, 1814. d. at Brookline, Sept. 18, 1814.
Lucy, b. at Brookline, April 16, 1818. d. at Brookline, Aug. 30, 1818.
Elizabeth Griggs, dau. of Deacon Elijah and Polly Corey, b. at Brookline, Nov. 21, 1809. d. Mar. 23, 1883, at Staunton, Va. Widow of Rev. Barnas Sears. J. D. G.
Dr. Barnas Sears, b. at Sandisfield, Nov. 19, 1802. d. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. July 6, 1880. Their chn:
Elizabeth Corey Sears, b. at Newton Centre, Oct. 14, 1838. d. at Chicago, Jan. 25,1900. Wife of Dr. J. H. Fultz.
Robert Davis Sears, b. at Newton Centre, June 28,1842. d. at Brookline, April 30, 1904.
Elizabeth Hunt Sears, b. March 5, 1884. d. May 11, 1884.
Frederick Adolphus Corey, b. d. His widow:
Anna M. (English) Corey, b. April, 1829. d. Jan. 22, 1915. Their son:
Frederick English Corey, b. at Brookline, June 4, 1861. d. at Allston, Dec. 13, 1909.
Sarah Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Chelsea, May 21, 1819, aged 16 yrs.
Susan Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Brookline, July 25, 1835, aged 22 yrs.
Abby Eustace Cheever, b. at Chelsea. d. at Winthrop, Maine, Feb. 3, 1905, aged 97 yrs. 17 dys.
Susan C. Deane, d. 1872, aged 84 yrs. Grandchn. of Capt. T. Corey.

Mrs. Susan C. Deane and her children were removed from this tomb to Walnut Hills Cemetery, June 4, 1892. No record of Deane children. Miss Abbie J. Corey, Brookline.

"Captain Timothy Corey was in active service in the Revolutionary war, and was one of three who were all that were left of an entire company who died of wounds, sickness, and imprisonment. He and his comrades returned footsore, ragged, and forlorn, from their terrible exposure and hardships. At the time of the battle of Lexington, his young wife with her two little children left the house, as -did many other women of Brookline, and carrying some blankets and provisions with them, sought shelter in the woods, till the fright and danger from the enemy passing through the town were over. "Captain Corey is remembered as an old gentleman who dressed in the costume of the last century, as long as he lived, wearing a 'three-cornered cocked hat.' An anecdote is told of his wife, which indicates her opinion of her husband's appearance. Some one, a stranger, called at his house one day when he was away from home, desiring to see him. Mrs. Corey told him to go down the road and if he met 'a fine-looking, portly man on horse. back, he might know it was her husband.' "Captain Corey died in 1811, aged 69 years. He was buried from the First Church, with Masonic honors. "The two sons of Capt. Corey, afterwards known as 'Deacon Elijah' and 'Deacon Timothy,' joined the Baptists." H. F. W., p. 181 and 182.

All the Coreys of three generations have been farmers and have been considered shrewd, practical men. The two brothers, Elijah and Timothy,, were among the first projectors of the Baptist Church enterprise in this town, and to that purpose devoted time, labor, and money. H. F. W., p. 184.

Anna Cotton, wife of Rev. John Cotton. See old stone Rev. Increase Mather.


Lot 12. Proprietor: Oliver Cousens, George E. Sickles.

Mrs. Oliver Cousens and two children were buried in lot 12. Later Mr. Cousens moved to Arlington, Mass., and the bodies were removed there. Miss Anna Cushing Cousens, Center Lebanon, Maine.

Neither Miss Cousens nor Mr. John A. Cousens of Brookline, a nephew of Oliver Cousens, know anything of George E. Sickles.

Susan R. Cowley. See lot 21.

Samuel Cox of Plymouth, N. H. See tomb a.

Tomb i (1824). Proprietor: Caleb Craft.

Closed 1892

Soldier of the Revolution Lieut. Caleb Craft, Son of Deacon Ebenezer and Susannah (White) Craft, b. at Brookline, Aug. 21, 1741. d. at Brookline, Jan. 8, 1826. His first wife:
Eleanor Craft, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Aspinwall) White, b. Oct. 26, 1745. d. April 23, 1785, aged 39 yrs. His second wife:
Sarah Craft, dau. of Robert and Sarah (Payson) Sharp, b. Nov. 26, 1744. d. Dec. 14, 1810, aged 66 yrs. His third wife:
Jerusha (White) Craft, sister of his first wife. b. Aug. 1, 1749. d. Aug. 2, 1838, aged 89 yrs.
Ann Craft, dau. of Caleb and Eleanor Craft. bapt. May 24, 1767. d. Aug. 9, 1775, aged 8 yrs.
Ebenezer, son of Caleb and Eleanor Craft. bapt. April 30, 1769. d. Feb. 27, 1772, aged 2 yrs.
Ebenezer, b. Jan. 6, 1773. d. July 26, 1775, aged 2 yrs.
Caleb Craft, Jr. b. Dec. 10, 1783. d. July 11, 1860, aged 76 yrs. His wife:
Sarah (Richardson) Craft, d. Nov. 22, 1861, aged 78 yrs., 6 mos.Their chn:
Charles Craft, d. March 5, 1864, aged 47 yrs.
Elizabeth Craft, d. Sept. 21, 1856, aged 20 yrs.
John Newton Craft, d. Oct. 13, 1855, aged 17 yrs.
Caleb Francis Craft, d. Jan. 1845, aged 2 yrs.
Caleb Craft, 3d, d. at Needham, July 30,1875, aged 70 yrs. His wife:
Mary Ann (Richardson) Craft, d. at Boston, May 2, 1890, aged 86 yrs.
William F. Crafts.

Caleb Craft resided in Brookline and was one of the most prominent and influential men of his town. He held many public offices. (His name is on the Honor Roll on the tablet in the Public Library, also that of his third wife, Jerusha White.) At the first outbreak of the Revolution, Caleb Craft entered into the service of his country, and remained in the service until 1779. At the time of the Lexington Alarm he marched as first lieutenant of Capt. Thos. White's Company. On the 10th of April, 1776, he was commissioned as first lieutenant of the third company, whereof Thomas White is Captain and William McIntosh, Esq., is Colonel. This commission was signed by the "Major part of the Council of the Mass. Bay in New England." It is now in the possession of William F. Crafts to whom it was bequeathed by Mr. George Craft of Brookline, a grandson of Lieut. Caleb Craft. Among the family papers are a great many military orders and receipts relating to the period of his service in the Continental Army. The earlier ones relate to the service in northern department of Canada; those in 1778 to the transports for Burgoyne's Army, and to service on Dorchester Heights, where he was in command of his company for a long time. Later ones relate to procuring men for service in 1781, 1782 and 1783. Copies of some of these papers are given in "The Crafts Family," page 163. Lieut. Craft lived in the upper part of Brookline near Newton. In 1791 he bought his father's estate on Newton Street, Brookline, and lived there until 1812, when he left it to his son Samuel and removed to the South Street farm. This farm he also purchased of his father, it being the farm given to his brother Samuel by their grandfather, Samuel White, about 1775. He built on this farm in 1805. He resided there the remainder of his life, and afterwards it passed by inheritance to his son Caleb. Lieut. Craft also owned portions of the old Griggs and Chamberlin farms located in that section of the town. He attended church in Brookline, and among the family papers is a receipt for 6 lbs. 13s. 4d. for a pew in "Brooklyn Meeting House" July 80, 1772. In 1824, when he was eighty-two years of age, he had a family tomb built in the Brookline Cemetery, which contains the remains of three generations of the family. The Craft Family.

Caleb Craft, Jr., and his wife Sarah (Richardson) Craft were removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery, Dec. 6, 1881. Charles Craft, who d. March 5,1864, and Caleb Craft, 3d, d. July 30,1875, were also removed Dec. 9, 1881, to Walnut Hills Cemetery.

Lot 59. Proprietor: Mrs. Lucy R. Craft.

Samuel Craft, son of Lieut. Caleb, and bro. of Caleb, Jr., b. at Brookline, July 30, 1787. d. at Brookline, April 3, 1856. His first wife:
Rebecca (Brewer) Craft, dau. of William and Rebecca (Brewer) Brewer, b. Jan. 9, 1787. d. Oct. 6, 1824. Their son:
Albert Craft, b. Mar. 22,1822. d. Feb. 13, 1847.
Infant son of Samuel and Lucy R. Craft, d. Oct. 14, 1827.

Samuel Craft married second Lucy Richards Griggs, dau. of Moses and Melatiah Farrington (Richards) Griggs of Roxbury. She was b. Jan. 7, 1787. She died July 24,1875, aged 87 years, at the residence of her daughter Mrs. Henry Loomis, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Samuel Craft took a prominent part in town affairs, and was active in establishing the Orthodox Congregational Society in Brookline, their church being built upon his land on the corner of Washington and School Streets, in 1844. He had six children. His photograph and autograph and also those of his wife are given in the "Craft Gen." The Craft Family.

"In the late sixties, my grandmother, Lucy R. Craft, finding the Craft tomb sadly out of repair, bought a lot in which she might eventually be buried herself, in the Walnut Street Cemetery. She was not buried there but with the Loomis family in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. "William and Rebecca, children of the first wife, were buried in Mt. Auburn, and their brother Samuel in New Hampshire. "Finally about 1880 the Craft tomb became so dilapidated that my Aunt Rebecca commissioned a distant relative to have the bodies taken from the tomb and buried in the Lucy R. Craft lot. This was done, positive proof of identification being made by coffin plates. No stones were erected and this is the reason you find the record only and no stones. My grandfather was one of the original members of the Brookline Harvard Church. He and all his descendants spell the name without the s (Craft not Crafts.)" Helen Loomis, New York City.

Lot 50 was sold in 1860 to widow, Betsey C. Warren, for $25. She sold It in 1869 to Mrs. Lucy R. Croft for $65. B. R.

Susannah Crafts, wife of Ebenezer Heath. See tomb j.

Sarah Crafts, wife of Deacon Joseph White. See tomb z.

Tomb v (1814). Proprietor: Samuel Croft.

Soldier of the Revolution

S. A. R.

The Tomb of Samuel Croft who died April 9th, 1814, AEt. 63.
Susanna, widow of Captain Samuel Croft, Jr., d. in Brookline, Feb. 9, 1821, aged 70 yrs.
Captain Samuel Croft, Sr. d. Nov. 14, 1771, aged 71 yrs.
Mary, widow of Captain Samuel Croft, Sr. d. Oct. 31, 1772, aged 47 yrs. Their chn.:
Mehetable Croft, dau. of Samuel, Sr. bapt. Sept. 16, 1733. d. - wife of Capt. Jos. Fuller of Newton
Hannah Croft, dau. of Samuel, bapt. July 13, 1735.
Robert Croft, son of Samuel, by Mr. Cotton, bapt. Sept. 26, 1756. d. April 25, 1768.
Moses Croft, son of Samuel, bapt. Mar. 15, 1761. d. Apr. 2, 1761.
Lucy Croft, dau. of Samuel, bapt. April 4, 1762. d. Sept. 21, 1764. F. P. C. R.
Susanna Backus, a faithful servant.

"The elder Capt. Samuel Croft built in 1765 a large house on the north side of Washington Street, in what is now the garden of T. P. Chandler, Esq., a rod or two west of the house. "At the time of his death in 1771 it was owned by his son Capt. Samuel Croft, Jr., who married into the Sharp family. "Capt. Croft's house was a large, square, two-story house with a spacious front yard, well filled with trees and shrubbery. Behind the house was a deep ravine, and here was a spring of cold and excellent water, overshadowed by two very large buttonwood trees." H. F. W., p. 152.

Samuel Croft took a prominent position in the affairs of the town, being honored with many offices of trust and responsibility, and was widely known as Capt. Samuel Croft, Jr., although his father died before he had Attained his majority. Like his father he adopted the "0" in spelling his same. By his will, April 6, 1814, he left all his estate, which was very extensive, to his wife Susanna. He died in Brookline, 1814, aged 63. His widow died in Brookline, February 9, 1821, aged 70. They were without children, and as he was the only son who lived to marry, this branch of the family is extinct in the male line. By the terms of Mrs. Croft's will, made Nov. 3, 1820, she left part of the large estate to her nephew Samuel Craft to his heirs and assigns forever. The Crafts Family, p. 140.

"Perhaps the most distinctly remembered personage of this household, inasmuch as she lived the longest, and was a marked character, was an old colored women named Susy Backus. We say OLD because she called herself fifty, for about forty years, and neither she nor any one else knew her age: but she was a young girl when taken into the Croft house as servant, and here she rendered such service as money cannot buy, during the life-time of her master and mistress. "It has often been said by Brookline people that Susie was a slave, but this was not the case. Her father was a kidnapped African who served a blacksmith in Dorchester, and was called Backus. After the death of the blacksmith, the negro kept on with the business in the same shop, but assumed the more aristocratic and imposing title of 'Mr. Cleveland.' "There was a poor Indian woman living in Brookline by the name of Molly Hill, and 'Mr. Cleveland' relieved his solitude and perhaps added to his importance by marrying her. "Susy was the child of this marriage, but somehow the name 'Cleveland' would not stick to her, and she was always known as Susy Backus. "After a four weeks' illness Susy died in 1863, probably eighty-four years of age, if not older, judging from her recollection of ancient events. The old Croft Tomb in Brookline Cemetery, which had not been unclosed for nearly forty years, was opened to receive the body worn out with a long life of toil for others, - and then closed up forever." H. F. W., p. 155 and 156.

"After the death of Mrs. Croft, Susanna Backus went to live with my grandmother, Mrs. Hancock and lived in her family for nearly fifty years, she was buried in the Croft Tomb, after which by Mrs. Croft's will the tomb was never to be opened again for burial." Mrs. Kilby Page.

Katherine Cuff Daugr of Tobiah & Phillis Cuff; She died July 12th, 1767 Aged 11 mos. and 1 day.

Martha Currier, wife of J. H. Ward. See tomb b.

George S. Cushing family. See lot 10.

Cordelia A. Cutter. See lot 8.

In memory of Mrs. Hannah Dana, Wife of Mr. Jonathan Dana, and Daughter of Mr. Moses & Mrs. Rachael White: who died Septr. 25 1794: ts. 51.

Footstone H. D.

In memory of Master Isaac Dana Son of Mr Jonathan & Mrs Hannah Dana; who died Febry. 25 - 1794. Aged 4 years.

Footstone Master Isaac Dana

In memory of MRS. FANNY DANA, who died May 11, 1809. t. 43. Wife of Mr. Jonathan Dana Here lies her urn, she'll not return; She's gone to Worlds unknown Her body's dead, her spirit's fled The Sheperd knows his own."

Footstone F. D.

In memory of MR. JONATHAN DANA, who died Dec. 21, AD. 1812; t. 76. "Behold and see as you pass by, as you are now, So once was I. As I am now, so you must be, prepare for death And follow me."

Footstone J. D.

"There was an ancient house in the village which stood upon the site of a part of Panter's building, Hunting's grocery store, and Mrs. West's house. It was known as 'Dana's Tavern,' and was kept for many years by Mr. Jonathan Dana. It was a large gambrel-roofed house, with a row of sheds and out-buildings behind it reaching nearly across from Washington Street to Harvard Street. "This tavern was a great resort for country produce dealers, but never had as large a local patronage or entertained as much fashionable company as the Punch Bowl, - as the latter had a large dancing-hall, which the Dana Tavern had not." H. F. W., p. 49.

Henry Fuller Dana. Mary Heath Dana Florence Dana. See lot 21.

Elizabeth Darrel, wife of Ebenezer Richards. See tomb f.

Anne R. Dascomb. See lot 31.

Lot 4. Proprietor: M. G. Payne, Jerathmeel Davenport.


RENASCENTUR Jerusha, AE 81 Obt. 7th Aug. 1846 Elmira, AE 53 Obt. 24th May, 1852 Susanna, AE 60 Obt. 12th Sept. 1862 Jerathmeel, E 70 Obt. 23d. Apr., 1863 Benjamin, AE. 78 Obt. 24th Dec. 1881 Figure of a dog with the word "Prince" under it.
Benjamin Davenport, d. at Cambridge, Dec. 24, 1881, aged 78 yrs. 10 mos. 10 dys.
Susan Davenport, d. May 27, 1841, aged 78 yrs. Tomb R. C. C.

Jerathmeel Davenport married Susanna Haynes, Nov. 18, 1848. B. R.

"Jerry Davenport, as he was familiarly called, was as much one of the village institutions as the old 'Punch Bowl.' His ruddy face, erect steps, and ready jokes are well remembered, and also his twenty-seven years' courtship, his slyly-planned marriage so quickly detected, and the Calithumpian serenade which followed, making night hideous, from Heath Street to Corey's Hill. Neither will his sudden death be soon forgotten, nor the singular circumstance of his body being taken from the tomb a day or two after burial and set upright in the coffin to be photographed. 'Alas! poor Yorick.'" H. F. W. p. 26.

Baby Davis Nov. 4, 1886 child of Amos & Mary J. (Nutting) Davis

J. D. G.

Tomb z. Proprietor: Benjamin B. Davis.


Benjamin B. Davis died Aug. 22, 1877 aged 83 yrs. 6 mos. Susannah R. wife of Benjamin B. Davis died Oct. 10, 1837 aged 41 yrs. Elizabeth Susannah R. daughter of Benjamin B. & Susannah R. Davis died Feb. 17, 1839 aged 16 yrs. Lizzie A. daughter of Benjamin B. & Susannah R. Davis died Dec. 1, 1855 Aged 28 yrs. Benjamin Davis died Jan. 5, 1807 aged 42 yrs. Elizabeth Thayer died Jan. 16, 1853 aged 83 yrs. Widow of Benjamin Davis and of Luther Thayer.

Benjamin B. Davis, b. Feb. 4, 1794, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth B. Davis. His 1st wife was Susannah, dau. of John and Susannah (Robinson) Clapp, b. at Roxbury Aug. 11, 1796. Elizabeth Seaver, his 2d wife, was buried at Forest Hills. B. R.

"Benjamin B. Davis was chorister for the First Parish in 1818. Of the faithful devotion with which for thirty-eight years he led the choir, any attendant upon Dr. Pierce's ministry for that length of time will bear witness. Two daughters of Mr. Davis were members of the choir, they both died young, leaving a childless father to sing sorrowfully without them." H. F. W., p. 256. "Mr. Davis will ever be identified in the annals of the Handel and Haydn Society as one of its most enthusiastic members during the greater part of his long and useful life." H. F. W., p. 49. See also H. N. B., p. 10.

Tomb z. Proprietor: Ebenezer Davis.

This stone belongeth to Dean. Joseph White & Dean. Ebenezer Davis.
Ebenezer Davis, Deacon of the First Church, b. at Roxbury, Aug. 17, 1703. d. at Brookline, Sept. 30, 1775. His wife:
Sarah, dau. of Benjamin and Margaret White, b. at Brookline, Aug. 5, 1704. d. at Brookline, Feb. 10, 1774.
Soldier of the Revolution Ebenezer Davis, Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Davis b. Oct. 10, 1731. d. Dec. 7, 1776.
Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Sumner) Davis, bapt. at Roxbury, May 20, 1759. d. at Brookline July 8, 1806. His first wife:
Lucy, dau. of Robert and Sarah (Payson) Sharp, b. June 10, 1757. d. at Brookline, Jan. 7, 1788.
Sarah, dau. of Ebenezer and Lucy (Sharp) Davis, bapt. at Brookline, Nov. 17, 1782. d. at Brookline, Mar. 18, 1808.
Robert Sharp, son of Ebenezer and Lucy (Sharp) Davis, bapt. May 15,1785. d. Aug. 27, 1821. His widow:
Lucy Stearns Davis, mar. 2d Deacon Elijah Corey, d. May 4, 1874, aged 89 yrs. and was buried in her son Samuel Croft Davis' lot at Forest Hills.
Elizabeth Aspinwall, dau. of Ebenezer and Lucy (Aspinwall) Davis, his 2d wife, bapt. Dec. 22, 1793. d. at Brookline June 11, 1798.
Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer and Lucy (Aspinwall) Davis. bapt. at Brookline, July 22, 1795. d. at Brookline, April 11, 1802.
Elizabeth Aspinwall, dau. of Ebenezer and Lucy (Aspinwall) Davis, bapt. at Brookline, May 3, 1801. d. at Brookline, Nov. 22, 1816.
Benjamin, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (White) Davis, b. at Brookline, Aug. 17, 1737. d. at Brookline, June 24, 1774. His wife:
Sarah, dau. of Isaac and Mary (Shedd) Winchester, b. at Brookline, Sept. 25, 1739. d. at Brookline, Oct. 18, 1822.
Negro Sambo d. -

"Sambo lived in celibacy, and died when more than ninety years of age. It was winter when he died, and the ground was covered with deep snow. His body was carried to the Brookline Cemetery upon a pung, and laid near his old master." H. F. W., p. 45.

"Deacon Ebenezer was, according to all accounts, an excellent farmer, and his estate was adorned with splendid peach and cherry orchards, to may nothing of apple trees in great variety. He also ventured upon an experiment in horticulture, for those times and raised the first muskmelons that were ever offered for sale in Boston market. It was a success and gave him such a notoriety that his portrait was painted with a muskmelon under his arm. The picture was subsequently carried to England, where it is still preserved in a collection. Under it is written, 'An American Farmer.'" H. F. W., p. 42.

Hannah Davis, wife of Ebenezer White. See tomb z.

Lucy Davis, wife of James Holden. See tomb a.


Footstone Mrs MARY DAVIS

In memory of Mrs. Mary Davis Wife of Mr. Nehemiah Davis. who died June the 19th 1786. Aged 79 years.

Footstone Mrs. Mary Davis

In memory of Mr. Nehemiah Davis who died January the 5th 1785. Aged 78 years.

Footstone Mr. Nehemiah Davis

Dinah. A slave in the Heath family. H. F. W., p. 221.

Lot 52. Proprietor: William Dearborn.


William Dearborn died Mar. 21, 1890 aged 87 yrs. Elizabeth Griggs wife of William Dearborn died April 30, 1893 aged 97 yrs. 5 mos. William Griggs Dearborn 1839-1917 George William, son of William and Elizabeth G. Dearborn born November 6, 1831 died Sept. 26, 1833

Lot 65. Proprietor: Oliver B. Delano.


Oliver B. Delano Charles E. Delano Born Jan. 31, 1818 Born Apr. 21, 1848 Died June 5, 1893 Died Dec. 18,1903 His wife William H. Delano Hannah R. Delano Born Jan. 8, 1858 Born Nov. 8, 1825 Died May 17,1907 Died May 24, 1908 George H. Delano Freddy H. Born April 3, 1856 Born April 3, 1856 Died Oct. 21, 1907 Died May 14,1856 Stella A. Delano Walter R. wife of Born Jan. 9, 1861 George H. Delano Died, Jan. 8, 1863 Born May 20, 1856 Died Jan. 3, 1905 Frank O. Born Feb. 2, 1854 Cross marked Died Aug. 6,1864 Mother Children of Oliver and Hannah R. Delano
Freddie Agnes Charles Fred Agnes Holt died Jan. 29, 1893 died Jan. 23, 1893 aged 2 yrs. 19 dys. aged 4 yrs. 11 mos. 26 dys.

Children of Geo. H. & Stella Delano

Father. Mother. Frankie. Wallie. Freddie. Charley. Mother. Father. Willie.

Mary Delano died May 24, 1911 age 1 day.
Mabel Holt Delano Died August 8, 1887 Aged 1 yr. I mo. 15 dys.
B. R.


Footstone Mr. Edward Devotion.

"Edward Devotion, son of Edward, was a public spirited citizen, and reference to the old town records show that he held various offices of trust for many years. In the church he was for a long period the tithingman. "The principal duty of this officer was to keep good order during divine service, among the children, who sat in rows by themselves instead of with their parents. A long rod was usually carried by the tithingman, with which to touch any delinquent who might become drowsy or mischievous. "The old house in the village (now on Washington Street), was probably built for Edward Devotion, as he died in that house November 7, 1744. "To the Brookline church he left a silver tankard. He also left to the town a sum of money, which at the time of its being received in 1762, amounted to '739 4s. lawful money,' for the use of schools." H. F. W., p. 113 and 114.

Lot 19. Proprietor: Patrick Dillon.

Lot 19 was Transferred to Mrs. Lydia Sprague in 1852.

Harris H. Dimock died March 7, 1903 aged 83 yrs. 6 mos. 26 dys. J. D. G.

Dr. Eliphalet Downer. Eliphalet Downer, Jr. Mrs. Mary Downer. Mary Downer. Samuel Downer. See tomb u.

Lot 49. Proprietor: .

May Evelin Downer Died Sept. 9th, 1881 Aged 2 mos. 9 days

Dau. of Fred. W. & Susie C. Funk DownerJ. D. G.

Mary Drew. See lot 1.


Footstone Mr. ERASMAN DRUE

Erosamon Drew, whose name is spelled in six different ways in old documents, came from Ireland in his youth. He married Bethiah, daughter of Vincent Druce. The elder Druce, who seems to have been a wealthy man for those times, left his son-in-law considerable property. A most curious and elaborate deed dated in 1683 conveys a tract of sixty-four acres of woodland for fifty-five pounds to Erosamon Drew from "Vincent Drusse and Elizabeth, his wife," in which an imperfectly scrawled V for his name and E for hers, are their only attempts at penmanship. H. F. W., p. 387.

Lovinia Francis Baker, wife of Freeland R. Dunn. See lot 78.

Lot 74. Proprietor: John Dustin.


John Dustin Mar. 28, 1814 June 1, 1880 Esther his wife Dec. 25, 1812 Mrs. Esther Dustin Dec. 9, 1890 Ellen Jan. 25, 1839 Mar. 5, 1840 George W. Jan. 17, 1841 Oct. 19, 1841 Charles Mar, 29, 1848 Aug. 26, 1848 Children of John and Esther Dustin

Mr. John Dustin and his family occupied one of the houses built on the site of the Punch Bowl Tavern. H. F. W., p. 20.

Lot 64. Proprietor: Eaton.

Single stone

Robert Eaton Died Jan. 10, 1876 AEt. 28 yrs.

John T. Edgar Infant d. Jan. 6, 1883

Buried in tomb.J. D. G.

Lot 62. Proprietor: James W. Edgerly.


(no names)
Mary S. Andrews 1859-1900 wife of Walter E. Andrews
In memory of Lulu Edgerly Jan. 1, 1853 Nov. 11, 1885
In memory of James W. Edgerly Boston Jan. 6, 1826 Brookline May 18, 1893
J. B. E. Oct. 19,1851 Aug. 9, 1873
Joseph Edgerly d. Dec. 17, 1856 aged 1 yr. 10 mos. 20 days.
Frederick L. Edgerly d. April 22, 1860 aged 5 yrs. 1 mo. 10 days.
Isabel Edgerly d. Oct. 5, 1863 aged I mo. 20 days.
Lucinda Edgerly d. Nov. 10, 1882 aged 33 yrs. 10 mos. 11 dys.

children of James W. and Sophronia EdgerlyB. R.

Sophronia widow of James W. Edgerly d. at Brookline, Dec. 23, 1915 aged 92 yrs. 2 mos.

Youngest dau. of Hon. David Wilder of Leominster, Mass.

Lot 80,81. Proprietor: James M. Edmond.


Amanda M. beloved wife of James Edmond 1824-1862


James Edmond* 1821-1881 Amy Richards 1855-1858


J. Walter 1850--1876. Jenny Wishard 1856--1858


George Messenger 1848-1875

* d. Nov. 15,1881, aged 60 yrs. 2 mos. 14 dys.J. D. G.

Mary Richards, wife of Elijah Corey. Mother of Mrs. Edmond. b. in Roxbury. mar. May 5, 1822. d. in Brookline. B. R.
Florence Amanda, dau. of James M. and Amanda Corey Edmond. d. at West Newton, July 8, 1911, aged 66 yrs. 4 mos. 12 dys. Transcript, July 11, 1911.

BABY ELIOT Oct. 14, 1886

Infant of Amory & Mary Clarke Eliot J. D. G.

Bertie W. Ellis. See west of lot 35.

Lot 77 rear. Proprietor: Emerson.


Placuit Omnibus cui satis uni placuisse William M. Rotch son of George Barrell and Mary Rotch Emerson born and died 1836 "She is not dead but sleepeth." "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Dates on the left of monument 1797-1881 1799-1832 1825-1848 1829-1867 1832-1832 George Barrell Emerson His wife Olivia Buckminster Emerson Their children George Samuel Francis Buckminster Joseph Buckminster
George Barrell Emerson b. in Kennebunk, Maine, Sept. 12,1797 He graduated from Harvard College in the Class of 1817 And spent his life in Boston, Mass. Dying at Chestnut Hill Mar. 4, 1881 "A wise and loving teacher, A firm and reverent believer in Jesus Christ, He bare many sorrows without murmuring, and saw in all the works of Nature which he loved to study, the hand of an all merciful Father in whom he trusted and to whose service he consecrated his life."

Author of "Trees and Shrubs of Massachusetts."

ERECTED In Memory of Mr. SAMUEL ESTABROOK Who died July 20, 1814: t. 50. Come You Prepare And receive

Footstone Mr. S. Estabrook.

In Memory of Warren Estabrook Son of Mr Saml. Estabrook; who died Sept. 25, 1814: t. 3 years Youth is like a morning flower Cut down and wither'd in an hour."

Footstone W. E.

ERECTED In Memory of Mr. NATHAN ESTABROOK, Son of Mr. Saml. Estabrook; who died Sept. 30, 1814: t. 18 years. "Death is a debt to Nature due Which I have paid and so must you."

Erected to the memory of MR. JOHN C. ESTERBROOK, son of Mr. Saml. Esterbrook, who died Decr. 4, 1830. aged 37.

Footstone J. C. E. 1830

Aaron D. Fairbanks died June 18, 1848 Aged 26 yrs. 5 mos. This happy youth resigned his breath Though fit to live, yet ripe for death.

Footstone A. D. F.

Aaron Dean Fairbanks, b. Jan. 23, 1822, at Springfield, Vermont,. mar. May 1, 1848, Janet Monroe of Brookline, d. June 18, 1848. Fairbanks Gen., p. 256.

Lot 86. Proprietor: J. R. Fairbanks.


Drury Fairbanks Died June 29, 1858 AEt. 62 yrs.


Lucy Robinson. His wife Feb. 18, 1858. AEt. 58 yrs.


Martha Louisa Died Sept. 13,18,34 AEt. 1 yr. and 2 mos. John Drury son of J. R. & C. W. Fairbanks Died Feb. 21, 1876 AEt. 1 yr. 4 mos. 18 dys.


Anna G. Aspinwall* wife of J. R. Fairbanks Died July 20, 1870 AEt. 34 yrs.


"My faith looks up to Thee Thou Lamb of Calvary Saviour divine."

* Anna G. Aspinwall, dau. of George and Martha (Goode) Aspinwall.

Sacred To the Memory of Mrs. MARY FAXON, Wife of Mr. Nathl. Faxon, died Decr. 11, 1818: aged 63 Years.

Footstone M. F. 1818.

In Memory of Mr. NATHANIEL FAXON, who died Oct. 23, 1813. Aged 64.

Footstone N. F. 1813.

See H. F. W., p. 22.

Lot 33. Proprietor: Harrison Fay.


Clement Kelsey Fay died March 15, 1898 aged 52 years Sarah P. Kelsey Wife of Harrison Fay died Dec. 17, 1895 aged 87 yrs. Harrison Fay died July 1, 1882 aged 76 yrs. 10 mos. 9 dys. Frances Fay daughter of Harrison Fay died August 8, 1909, aged 60 yrs. Sarah Jane R. Fay died April 19, 1839 aged 6 yrs. 8 mos. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" Arthur Kelsey Fay died at sea, January 19, 1869 aged 26 yrs. His body was buried in the Indian Ocean "Who best bear his mild yoke serve him best." Cornelia Wife of Rev. James Kent Stone D.D. died Feb. 16,1869 Aged 34 years He giveth his beloved sleep." Ethel MEMORARE Sarah Jane
James H. Fay d. Jan. 12, 1919 aged 80 yrs. 6 mos. 25 days.

Mary C. Fergerson. See lot 72.

Lot 25. Proprietor: First Parish.

There is no record of any burials in this lot.

Nancy Flagg. See tomb k.

Mary R. Perry Flag. See tomb n.

Walter W. Flood Died at Brookline January 22, 1882 aged 3 mos. 21 dys.
William H. Flood Died July 25, 1889 Aged 10 months, 15 days

Children of Kise & Ruby Richards FloodJ. D. G.

Arthur Forbes d. April 1, 1918, aged 45 yrs.

- Foster, widow of Hopkins Foster. See lot 12.

Lot 37. Proprietor: Lemuel Foster.


Lemuel Foster Obt. Sept. 10, 1855 in the 70 year of his age.

L. F.

Sarah Ford wife of Lemuel Foster Obt. Jan'y. 28, 1884 in the 95th year of her age b. in Bridgewater, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth H. Ford. "A I rest with her loved ones The day is past and gone The evening shades appear Oh, may we all remember well The night of death draws near."

S. F. F.

John Capen Obt. Oct. 1, 1821, aged 5 months.

J. C. F.

Mary Obt. May 26,1824 aged 6 weeks

M. F.

Mary Francis Obt. Aug. 22, 1826 aged 1 year

M. F. F.

Anne Maria Obt. Feb. 21, 1832 aged 2 years 9 months

A. M. F.

Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Obt. March 16, 1854 Aged 34 years Children of Lemuel and Sarah F. Foster Elizabeth Howard wife of Joseph Ford Obt. Nov. 8, 1824. Aged 75 years

E. H. F.

Susanna H. Guild died April 22, 1873 aged 50 years 6 mos. Daughter of Lemuel & Sarah F. Foster

S. H. G.

George Rogers May 29,1851 Aug. 13, 1908

Mr. Lemuel Foster, a blacksmith, lived for many years in the Edward Devotion House on Washington Street. H. F. W., p. 26.

Helen Shurtleff Francis. Nello Francis. Tappan Eustis Francis, M.D. See lot 34.

George H. French. See rear of lot 50.

Elizabeth Corey Sears Fultz. Tomb q.

Lot 49. Proprietor: George W. Funk, Fergus B. Turner.

George W. Funk Late a member of Co. A 1st Mass. Vols. Died Sept. 27, 1872 AEt. 40 y'rs. 2 mos. 12 dys. Son of Charles and Susan Funk "I know in whom I put my trust."

Post 143, G. A. R.

His wife Elizabeth R. (Turner) Funk died Jan. 23, 1900 aged 66 yrs. 2 mos. 4 dys. dau. of Joseph S. and Sarah Rose Turner Their son, Charles J. Funk 1853-1916

Corps 109, W. R. C.

Rosanna, dau. of G. W. and E. R. Funk, d. June 14,1861. B. R.

IN memory of Polly Furber, who died Octr. 8, 1793: t. 13. When blooming youth is snatched away By Death's resistless hand; Our hearts the mournful tribute pay Which pity must demand.

Footstone Polly Furber.



Joshua Gardner Son to Mr. Richard & Mrs. Elizah Gardner died March 14th 1735, aged 5 mos.


Tomb u. Proprietor: Deacon Thomas Gardner.

In this tomb Are deposited the remains of Dea. Thomas Gardner of Mary Gardner, wife of Ben. Gardner who died June 30, 1762, Aged 62 ys; of the sd. Ben, son of the sd. Thos. who died Sept. 13, 1762, Aged 64 ys; of Samuel Gardner son of the sd. Bena who died Nov. 22, 1771 Aged 43 ys. Samuel Downer of Samuel Downer who died 1772, Aged 1 yr. of Eliot. Downer Jr. who died 1778, aged 1 yr.; of Mary Downer who died 1785, Aged 17 ys; of Mrs. Mary Downer who died 1788; of Nathl. Gardner, son of the sd. Saml. G. who died Apr. 26, 1800, aged 10 yrs. of Sarah Gardner, widow of the sd. Saml. G. who died Jany. 10, 1801, aged 68 yrs. Surgeon of the Revolution of Dr. Elipt Downer. who died April 1, 1806, aged 63 yrs. Soldier of the Revolution of Caleb Gardner, eldest son of the sd. Saml. who died Nov. 17, 1807, aged 52 yrs. Henry Jackson, son of Samuel J. Gardner Died July 2, 1831, aged 2 yrs. Sarah G., daughter of The same Died May 15, 1832, aged 1 yr. Hon. Martin Kinsley Died June 20, 1835, aged 81 yrs. Mary Gardner, relict of Caleb G. Died Oct. 10, 1851, aged 92 yrs. Mary Bellows Kingsley, Wife of S. J. Gardner Died Feb. 1839, aged 37. Samuel Jackson Gardner Died July 1864, Æt. 76. Mary Bellows Gardner Dec. 7, 1823 - Feb. 15, 1911. Susanna Gardner Died Nov. 23,1877. Sarah Smith Gardner Died Apr. 20, 1879. Charlotte Gardner. Born May 27, 1826. Died April 12, 1887. Rev. James Allen died 18 February, 1747, aged 56. Rev. Cotton Brown died 13 April, 1751, aged 25. Isaac Gardner

See H. F. W., p. 239.

died 11 March, 1767, aged 83. Susanna Gardner died 18 August 1768 aged 76. Soldier of the Revolution Isaac Gardner, Esqr. slain in Lexington battle, 19 April 1775. Æt. 49. Mary Gardner died 26 December, 1778, aged 48. Mary, wife of Isaac S. Gardner, Esqr. died 17 June 1799. Æt. 41. Mary, daughter of I. S. Gardner Esqr. died 25 Dec. 1807. Æt. 20. Soldier of the Revolution Gen. Isaac S. Gardner. died 6 Dec. 1818. Æt. 60.
Soldier of the Revolution Elisha Gardner, son of Benjamin, grandson of Deacon Thomas, b. Sept. 9, 1726. d. Jan. 29, 1797, aged 70 yrs.
Soldier of the Revolution Benjamin Gardner, son of Elisha, great grandson of Deacon Thomas, b. March 9,1758. d. Oct. 7, 1785, aged 28 yrs.

"The third Thomas Gardner in the regular line of succession bore a prominent part in the affairs of the town, and was chosen first deacon of the First Church. He was also called Lieutenant (probably in the Indian wars). His name is one of the first on the petition for a separation of this town from Boston. He married Mary Bowles, daughter of Elder John Bowles, and had seven children." H. F. W., p. 287.

"Caleb Gardner, son of Samuel and Mary (Seaver) Gardner, grandson of Deacon Samuel, died 1807, aged 52 yrs. He married Mary Jackson of Newton. She lived to be ninety-two. One of their daughters was the wife of Deacon Timothy Corey." H. F. W., p. 289.

Dr. Eliphalet Downer had a hand-to-hand struggle with a redcoat during the British retreat from Lexington. "Landmarks of Middlesex." Drake.

Dr. Downer married Mary Gardner, native of Brookline, and they had five children. F. P. C. R.

His son was one of the Founders of the Horticultural Society. H. F. W.

One of his daughters married Mr. Hancock, and survived her husband many years. She owned and lived in the cottage which was recently taken down, just west of the house of the Good Shepherd. Mrs. Hancock was the mother of Mrs. Kilby Page. Mrs. Kilby Page.

Rev. James Allen, the first minister of this town, though distinguished in his day, has spelt the name of the town three different ways, in his seven printed discourses extant, namely, Brooklin, Brooklyn, Brookline, and a fourth way in the church records, Brooklynn. Dr. Pierce.

On the 5th of November, 1718, the Rev. James Allen of Roxbury was ordained minister of the church. He preached here more than twenty, eight years. During his ministry one hundred and fifteen were added to the church, "besides forty-four who owned the Covenant without coming to the Lord's table." The baptisms were two hundred and sixty-one. Mr. Allen was called "a pious and judicious divine." There are seven sermons of his now extant which were published during his lifetime, which have been said to "do honor to his head and heart." H. F. W., p. 242.

Rev. Cotton Brown (son of a minister of Haverhill), was the second minister of the Brookline First Parish. He was ordained October 26, 1748. He was engaged to Rev. Mr. Allen's daughter and the "Walley House" (so-called) was built for him to live in. The young lady, however, died in 1750, and Mr. Brown died in 1751, aged twenty-five years, having been pastor of the church not quite two years and a half. H. F. W., p. 244.

Isaac Gardner, Jr., A.M., grandson of Deacon Thomas, born May 9, 1726; H. U. 1747. Farmer in Brookline, justice of the Peace. On the memorable 19 of April, 1775, he went as a volunteer to Lexington battle, and was slain at Cambridge, about a mile above the colleges, by the British troops on their return to Boston. Dr. Pierce.

The Isaac Gardner Chapter, Daughters of the Revolution, Brookline, was named in his honor.

General Isaac S. Gardner, son of Isaac, Jr., and Mary Sparhawk Gardner, was baptized at Watertown, November 26, 1758. He married, first, Mary Sparhawk, 2nd, Mrs. Mary Spooner.

Mary Gardner, wife of Deacon Timothy Corey. Tomb q.

Susanna Gardner, wife of William Aspinwall, M.D. Tomb g.

Laura, Wife of James Geddes Died Apr. 18, 1866. AEt. 35 y's. 8 m's.

Footstone L. G.

Her infant is buried in the same grave.C. F. W.

Lot 17. Proprietor: Rebecca Gerry.

Franklin Gerry Aug. 20, 1785 - Aug. 4, 1851


Rebecca Gerry July 14, 1797 - Mch. 19, 1883


"Jesus can make a dying bed Feel soft as downy pillows are."
Children Eunice A. Gerry. Aug. 12, 1822 - Sept. 14, 1825 Sarah E. Gerry. June 27, 1824 - Oct. 2, 1825 George W. B. Gerry. Feb. 16, 1833 - Oct. 27, 1850
Benjamin F. Gerry d. July 24, 1906 aged 75 yrs. Location given B. R.
Hannah N. Gerry d. June 16, 1917, aged 77 yrs. 10 mos.

Hulder C. Getchell, wife of Edwin Clarke. Lot 26.

Sarah Gibbs, wife of Thomas Seaverns. Lot 13.

In memory of John Gifford Slater of Gallawayshire, Scotland who died Dec. 21, 1815 aged 47 yrs. While holy friendship drops the pious tears, And mournful garlands deck the hallowed bier Can bounteous Heaven greater solace give Than that which ... live.

Footstone Gifford

Sacred to the memory of a beloved Husband and Father Died Jan. 19, 1867. AEt. 39 yrs. "Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord."

Footstone E. J. G.

Edward John Gilbert born in Tasmania, son of Frederick and Caroline Gilbert, died on Washington Street, Brookline. The family returned to Tasmania. Mrs. H. V. Poor

Ann Sewall Ridgeway Gilbert. Dr. Daniel Gilbert. See tomb r.



Footstone Mrs. LUCEI GODDARD

Copied by Miss Ellen Chase in 1895. Is not now in the cemetery.




Footstone Mrs. Sarah Goddard

In Memory of Abijah Goddard Son of Mr. John & Mrs. Han- nah Goddard, who Died April 5th, 1772: Aged 7 Months and 11 Days.

In Memory of Benjamin God- dard, the Son of Mr. John and Mrs. Hannah God- dard, who Died June the 28th, 1764: Aged 17 Months and 8 Days.

In Memory of Jonathan God- dard, Son of Mr. John & Mrs. Hannah Goddard, who Died Novr. 13th, 1768: Aged 18 Days.

Footstone A. G. B. G. J. G.

In Memory of LUCY GODDARD, Daughter of Mr. JOHN & Mrs. HANNAH GOD- DARD who Died Feby. 11th, 1777: Aged 13 years.

Footstone Lucy Goddard

Here lies Buried The Body of Miss SARAH GODDARD, Daughter of Mr. JOHN & Mrs. SARAH GODDARD, who Died June 26th, 1780: Aged 26 Years.

Footstone Miss Sarah Goddard.

Here lies Buried the Body of Mr. SAMUEL GODDARD Son of Mr. JOHN & Mrs. HANNAH GODDARD who Died Augt. 25th, 1786; in the 29 Year of his age.

Here lies Buried The Body of Miss HANNAH GODDARD, Daughter of Mr. JOHN & Mrs. HANNAH GODDARD, who died Sept. 16th, 1786; in the 27 Year of her age.

Footstone Hannah Goddard

Here lies Buried the Body of Miss Lucy Goddard, Daughter of Mr. John & Hannah Goddard; who died Decer. 8th, 1792: in the 15th year of her age.

Footstone Miss Lucy Goddard

The date on this stone was 1794, and was changed to 1792.

Here lies Buried the Body of Mr Abijah Goddard, Son of Mr John & Hannah Goddard who died October 29 - 1794 in the 21 year of his age.

Footstone Mr. Abijah Goddard.

Soldier of the Revolution In memory of MR. JOHN GODDARD Obt. April 13th 1816: t. 86 years.

Footstone MR. JOHN GODDARD 1816


In memory of MRS. HANNAH GODDARD wife of Mr. John Goddard Obt. May 31st 1821: t. 86 years.

Footstone H. G. 1821


Tomb p (1808). Proprietor: Joseph Goddard, Benjamin Goddard.

Soldier of the Revolution Joseph Goddard, b. April 15, 1761. d. Dec. 10, 1846.
Mary Aspinwall Goddard, his wife, b. March 31, 1765. d. Feb. 5, 1828.
Susan Alley Snelling Goddard, wife of Joseph Goddard, d. May 19, 1843, aged Children of Joseph and Mary A. Goddard
Eliza Goddard, d. Jan. 25, 1841, aged 34 yrs. R. C. C.
Joseph, b. July 27, 1789. d. at New York, Aug. 13, 1870.
John, b. Feb. 17, 1791. d. Sept. 21, 1828.
Louisa May, b. Oct. 2, 1798. d. July 30, 1826.
Benjamin, b. June 11, 1805. d. November 1, 1807.

Benjamin Goddard and his two wives were buried at Mt. Auburn. F. P. C. R. and Mrs. Eliza Tilden (Goddard) Watson, Granddaughter of Joseph & Mary Goddard.

Lot 45. Proprietor: Samuel Goddard.

Samuel Goddard July 3, 1787 - Mch. 13, 1871

S. G.

William Dwight Goddard Mch. 15, 1834 - Sept. 2, 1866

W. D. G.

Post 143, G.A.R.

Mehitable May (Dawes) Goddard Sept. 1, 1793 - Sept. 27, 1882 Daughter of William and Ann Dawes.

M. M. G.

J. D. G.
To the Dear Memory of Maurice Goddard Mar. 26, 1840 - Jan. 20, 1884
Samuel Goddard Jr., Oct. 20, 1825 - Feb. 12, 1826

S. G. Jr.

Samuel Goddard 2d Aug. 3, 1832 - Aug. 19, 1833

S. G. 2d.

Lucretia Dana Goddard Oct. 20, 1823 - Dec. 10, 1833

L. D. G.

Ann Elizabeth Goddard July 27, 1821 -Aug. 18, 1846

A. E. G.

Harriet Barnes Goddard Jan. 29, 1827 - Jan. 16, 1856

H. B. G.

No stone

Julia Goddard b. Feb. 10, 1837 d. April, 9, I920

"John Goddard was born in Brookline 28 May, O. S. 1730, a man of uncommonly extensive observation and with a memory proverbially accurate. He had peculiar facilities for a knowledge of the facts relating to this little town. For he was not only a native, but spent a large portion of a long life in the place of his nativity. He was, moreover, for many years, Selectman, Assessor, and Representative of this town to the General Court. He was son of John Goddard, grandson of Joseph Goddard, one of the founders of the First Congregational Church of Brookline; also father of Joseph Goddard, born April 15, 1761, and grandfather of Abijah Warren Goddard. These five generations of men all cultivated the same farm, and have been members in full communion of the First Congregational Church." Dr. Pierce.

"During the Revolutionary War, Mr. Goddard was a commissary. general for the American Army in this vicinity. "During the siege of Boston, Mr. Goddard was intrusted with the command of three hundred teams, which worked in darkness and by stealth in constructing the fortifications on Dorchester Heights, now South Boston. The absolute silence of the men, the promptness and efficiency with which they labored, and the success which crowned their efforts, were no doubt largely owing to the firmness, courage, and tact of the sturdy patriot in charge. Captain Joseph Goddard, who at that time was a boy of fourteen, was a driver of one of the teams under his father's direction, and often described the event to his children. "When the American army removed from Boston to New York, General Washington was urgent that Mr. Goddard should accompany them, but his large family was a sufficiently strong reason why he should decline such service." H. F. W.

"Mr. Goddard was twice married; his first wife was Sarah Brewer, who lived but two years, then he married Hannah Seaver, the dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah (White) Seaver." Bond's Watertown, P. 369.

"She was a most excellent, energetic, and highly esteemed woman, who brought up a family of sixteen children."

One son, Mr. Joseph Goddard, who settled upon the farm of his father, was during his long and prosperous life a prominent citizen of Brookline. He was a justice of the peace for many years, and was captain of the militia of the town. He married Mary, a daughter of Samuel Aspinwall. Of the twelve children of Mr. Joseph Goddard, several are widely known. Another son, a prominent citizen, born in the old house, was Mr. Benjamin Goddard, who lived opposite the Reservoir. He was a man of much influence, though he never would accept or hold public office. He acquired much wealth and lived to a great age, being over ninety-five years of age at his death. H. F. W., chap. 16.

Hannah Goddard Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was named in honor of Hannah Goddard. See "John and Hannah Goddard," by Rev. William H. Lyon, D.D.

Abigail Gore, wife of Samuel. See lot 49A.

Elizabeth (Richardson) Grafton, widow of Joshua. Eliza Ann (Morgan) Grafton. Frank Craig Grafton. Joshua Grafton, Jr. See lot 9.

William Leverett Grames. See lot 31.

Elizabeth Griggs, wife of Capt. T. Corey. See tomb q.

Elizabeth Griggs, wife of Win. Dearborn. See lot 52.

Lucy Richard Griggs, wife of Samuel Craft. See lot 59.

Catherine B. Griggs, wife of James Andem. See tomb o.

Tomb w (1782). Proprietor: Griggs.

1716 Thomas 1782 His wife 1723 Margaret Williams 1800 1747 Moses 1818 Soldier of the Revolution 1753 Samuel 1814 1763 Joshua 1832 His wife 1763 Martha Wilson 1808 His wife 1777 Lydia Leverett 1842 1781 Joseph 1827 1813 George 1898

Moses, Samuel, and Joshua were sons of Thomas and Margaret W. Griggs. Joseph and George Griggs were sons of Joshua and Lydia Leverett Griggs. George Griggs was one of the most picturesque characters that Brookline ever produced. H. N. B. p. 24.

Lot 3. Proprietor: D. R. and Stephen Griggs, R. Seccomb.


DAVID R. GRIGGS died Mar. 5, 1870, Aged 84 yrs. Stephen R. his son died July 25, 1870, Aged 43 yrs. "Lovely and Pleasant in their lives and in death not long divided." Lucy wife of D. R. Griggs Died April 20, 1883 Aged 90 yrs. 8 mos. 10 dys. "Like as a shock of corn Cometh in, in his season." David Augustus Griggs son of D. R. Griggs died July 24, 1889 Aged 60 yrs. 4 mos. 20 dys. Stephen Griggs drowned Aug. 16, 1850, aged 53 yrs. Caroline, his wife died June 22, 1877, aged 80 yrs. Helen, their daughter died Feb. 14, 1860, aged 35 yrs. "Christ is risen And in his might We too shall rise." Meletiah Richards Mother of D. R. Griggs 1759-1832
Helen M. Griggs d. Nov. 6, 1913 aged 82 yrs. 11 mos. 25 dys.

In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Griggs, Wife of Mr. Moses Griggs. who died Augt. 9th, 1784 aged 33 years. In thy fair book of life divine, My God inscribe my name; There let it fill some humble place, Beneath the Slaughtered Lamb.

Footstone Mrs. Elizabeth Griggs

Soldier of the Revolution In Memory of Mr John Griggs, Son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Margaret Griggs. who died Sept. 14th, 1779: in the 24th year of his age. "That life we prize which doth excel Not in much time but acting well."

Footstone Mr. John Griggs

Soldier of the Revolution In Memory of Mr. Joseph Griggs, Son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Margaret Griggs. who died Sept. 3d, 1779; in the 20th year of his age. "Life is uncertain Death is sure Sin is the wound, Christ the cure."

Footstone Mr. Joseph Griggs

In Memory of Mr. Thomas Griggs. who died July the 7th, 1782 in the 67th Year of his age. "Naked as from the Earth we came And crept to life at first We to the Earth return again And mingle with our dust."

Footstone Mr. Thomas Griggs

Lot 27. Proprietor: Deacon Thomas Griggs.

Harriet Fuller, wife of Deacon Thomas Griggs, d. May 21, 1889, aged 62 yrs. She and two grandchildren were buried here. Later removed to Forest Hills. Miss Harriet T. Griggs, Brookline.

Susanna H. Guild. See lot 37.

Hagar, a slave. See tomb r.

George F. Hale. Lillie G. Hale. See lot 9.

Lot 48. Proprietor: Sarah Hall.


Edward Hall died Sept. 20, 1844 Aged 52 yrs.

E. H.

Sarah Hall died Sept. 23, 1847 Aged 50 yrs.

S. H.

Mindwell E. Hall died Sept. 19, 1845 Aged 19 yrs.

M. E. H.

Sarah Ann Hall died June 10, 1849 Aged 27 yrs.

S. A. H.

Mary C. Hall died Jan. 26, 1851 Aged 19 yrs.

M. C. H.

Edward Hall Jr. died Feb. 22, 1887 Aged 67 yrs.

E. H. Jr.

Baby Hamilton died Jan. 30, 1902 J. D. G.

Tomb c (1817). Proprietor: Jonathan Hammond.

Widow Mary Jackson, mother of Jonathan Hammond, d. Oct. 21, 1810, aged 80 yrs.
Maria, dau. of Jonathan, b. - 1799. d. March 2, 1817, aged 18 yrs. F. P. C. R.
Catherine Woodward, d. at Haverhill, Jan. 20, 1882, aged 89 yrs. 21 dys. Buried in Hammond tomb. J. D. G.

Tomb e (1817). Proprietor: William Ackers, Henry K. Hancock.

Belcher Hancock, b. -. d. May 14, 1813, aged 59 yrs. His wife:
Ann Ackers Hancock, dau. of Wm. and Hannah (White) Ackers, b. Nov. 10, 1760. d. Nov. 28, 1847, aged 87 yrs. Their son:
Henry Kelham Hancock, bapt. at Brookline, Jan. 4, 1789. d. at Boston, July 8, 1854.
Ann Hancock, dau. of Belcher, bapt. Aug. 29, 1790. d. -.
Ebenezer Hancock, son of Belcher, bapt. Mar. 25, 1792. d. -.
William Hancock, son of Belcher, bapt. Feb. 9, 1794. d. -.
Mary, dau. of Belcher, bapt. Nov. 20, 1796, by Mr. Kellogg. d. Sept. 26, 1797.
Mary, dau. of Belcher, bapt. Nov. 25, 1798. d. -.
Belcher, son of Belcher, bapt. July 27, 1800, by Mr. Gray.
Hannah, dau. of Belcher, bapt. Oct. 3, 1802. d. -.
John, son of Belcher, bapt. Oct. 30, 1803, by Mr. Bradford. d. at Phila, Pa., Nov. 14, 1835.
F. P. C. R. and Mrs. Kilby Page.

Francis H., son of Daniel and Lois Harden Died June 28, 1815, aged 5 yrs. So fades the lovely blooming flower Frail smiling solace of an hour So soon our transient comforts fly And pleasures only bloom to die.

Footstone F. H. H.

Lot Rear of Lot 50. Proprietor: Hardy.

Rachel, wife of William Hardy died in Dover, Mass. Nov, 3, 1852 aged 40 yrs. Beneath these clods in Peaceful sleep, Her mortal body lies, Surviving friends, forbare to weep, For virtue never dies.

Footstone R. H.

John G. Died Nov. 26, 1834, Aged 1 yr. Wm. Warren Died Dec. 12, 1835, Aged 6 mo. Mary Eliza Our first born and first loved Died Dec. 24, 1835, Aged 4 yrs. 5 mo. Children of William and Rachel Hardy
Emma Harriet died April 15, 1846, Aged 19 months

Footstone E. H. H.

Ann Maria Died Oct. 1, 1847. Aged 5 yrs. and 6 mo. Children of William and Rachel Hardy Five cherub babes in glory reign, All lovely pure and fair; A little while and we shall go, And meet our darlings there.

Footstone A. M. H.

W. H. Hardy Co. C. Mass. 43 Mil. Inf.

Post 143, G. A. R.

George H. French Son of Sarah R. Hardy died at Portsmouth, N. C. Jan. 12,1863

Post 143, G. A. R.

A member of the 24th Reg. Co. B. Mass. Vols.

Mary Clark Harris, dau. of John, b. July 3, 1784. d. Oct. 24, 1852.
Robert Harris, son of John, b. June 25, 1786. d. April 8, 1826.
Luther Metcalf Harris, son of John, b. May 7, 1789. d. -.
William Harris, son of John, b. Dec. 22, 1791. d. Feb. 29, 1792.
Widow of Robert Harris, and mother of John Harris, b. -. d. Sept. 10, 1774, aged 86 yrs.
Soldier of the Revolution. John Harris, Coroner. b. -. d. Feb. 3, 1796, aged 87 yrs.
Esther Harris, widow of John, b. -. d. Nov. 6, 1801, aged 84 yrs.
Mary Harris, wife of John, b. -. d. May 7, 1814, in 57th year.
F. P. C. R.

William Hartshorn Died July 13, 1881 Aged 26 yrs. 11 mos. 13 dys.

His death caused by accident. The body was put in the Receiving Tomb July 18, and was removed to Boston Oct. 24, 1881. J. D. G.

Lot 24. Proprietor: Harvard Congregational Society.

In 1843 the Selectmen were instructed to furnish the Congregational and Baptist societies in town each with a gratuitous deed of a lot for the families of the ten pastors, their successors, or their friends, provided the societies would inclose the lots and ornament them with trees, turf, or shrubbery, in a manner satisfactory to the committee; and by the report in 180 it appears the selection was made by the three different parishes in town, and deeds were prepared for delivery when the conditions as to ornamentation should be complied with. B. R.

Jacob Harvey, Soldier of the Revolution. b. -. d. at Brookline, June 22, 1812. Aged 63 yrs. His widow:
Mary (Griggs) Harvey, dau. of George, g. d. of James Griggs, b. -. d. 1826.

Thomas Kenrick built a house on South Street, which would now be considered a curiosity; it was one story high only, of but two rooms. It was lighted by little windows of diamond-shaped glass in leaden sash, which swung on hinges, like doors. There was no paint within or without and the best room was papered with old newspapers, riot being even plastered. The only ascent to "the loft" was through a trap door by a well-worn ladder, and in a similar way access was had to the cellar. Thomas Kenrick married a Griggs and after his death his widow married Jacob Harvey. An old document, dated 1781, is still preserved, in which eight of the old citizens of the town "promise to pay Jacob Harvey on conditions of his serving as a soldier in the Continental army for the term of three years unless regulerly discharged - the sum of fifty hard dollers and three thousand seven hundred and 50 of the oald Contenantal dollers and to deliver at his hous in said town Four Cords of good Fire wood." This was to be repeated each year or fraction of a year thereafter that he remained in the service. An old receipt for a part of this money signed by his wife "Marey Harvey X her mark" is also extant. The old house became so dilapidated that Mrs. Harvey for the last ten years of her life spent her winters with a married daughter in Boston, but she was always impatient for spring to come that she might return to her country residence, or "hut" as she called it. After the old lady died in 1826, the house was taken down. The land on which it stood is a part of the Weld place. It is a rocky and beautifully wild country place thereabouts, on one side of the street almost covered with forest trees. H. F. W., p. 393-4.

Josephine E. Hastings, wife of Joseph B. Hastings, d. at Danvers, July 1, 1882. Put in the Receiving Tomb. J. D. G.

Lot 66. Proprietor: Clark L. Haynes.


Clark L. Haynes October 28, 1807 June 2, 1891


His wife Ann Pierce April 18, 1810 September 13, 1898


Real Daughter, D. A. R.

Frederick Haynes August 18, 1843 December 25, 1843

Lot 47. Proprietor: Charles Heath.


Charles Heath born Sept. 17, 1801 died May 21, 1868 "He giveth his beloved sleep." "Pure religion and undefiled is this To visit the Fatherless and widows in their afflict", and to keep himself unspotted from the world." Caroline Heath born Sept. 2, 1806 died June 27, 1871 I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. Charles Henry Heath October 10, 1832 February 16, 1905 His wife Lucy Wilson Heath July 25, 1827 Jan. 21, 1899 Sidney Heath Born August 15, 1842 Died July 9, 1884, at Nantucket.
J. D. G.

Tomb j (1825). Proprietor: E. Heath.

Ebenezer Heath, son of John and Susanna (Crafts) Heath, b. at Brookline, Juue 21, 1765. d. at Brookline, Feb. 26, 1845. His wife:
Hannah, dau. of Joseph and Hannah Williams, bapt. at Roxbury, March 10, 1771. d. at Brookline, March 20, 1832. Their chn.:
John Heath, b. at Brookline, March 24, 1792. d. at Brookline, March 12, 1836.
Susanna, b. at Brookline, Sept. 11, 1795. d. at Brookline, March 24, 1878. Unm.
Ann Eliza, b. at Brookline, March 18, 1797. d. at Brookline, May 1, 1878. Unm.
Mary, b. at Brookline Aug. 5, 1804. d. at Brookline Dec. 8, 1824.
Henry, b. and d. July 22, 1806.
Elizabeth Williams, b. at Brookline, Sept. 7, 1807. d. at Brookline, April 12, 1838.
Major Frederick Augustus, b. at Brookline, Oct. 28, 1810. d. at Brookline, Sept. 14, 1880.

Post 143, G. A. R.

Harriet Newell, dau. of John and Harriett (Newell) Heath, b. Aug. 6, 1815. d. Nov. 14, 1837.
Francis Baker, son of John and Harriett Heath, b. July 31, 1819. d. Feb. 17, 1826.
Caroline Hayden, dau. of John and Harriett Heath, b. and d. July 1829.
Mary Ann (Symes), wife of Frederick A. Heath, b. -. d. at Brookline, Feb. 28, 1837. Their chn.:
Infant, b. and d. July 1, 1835.
Elliot Symes, b. Feb. 3, 1837. d. May 23, 1845.
Elizabeth (Tuckerman) Heath, 2d wife of F. A. Heath, b. -. d. at Brookline, Feb. 9, 1847. Their chn.:
Henry Tuckerman, b. at Brookline, April, 1839. d. at Brookline, Dec. 5, 1861.
Frederick Augustus, b. 1840. d. 1844.
Grace, b. 1842. d. Aug. 1, 1864.
Charles Smith, b. at Standish, Maine. d. at Brookline, Nov. 22, 1894, aged 76 yrs.His wife:
Eleanor (Shay) Smith, b. in Maine. d. at Brookline, Oct. 7, 1897, aged 75 yrs.

Family servants in the Heath family.

Lot 63.

In memory of Charles Alan Henderson 1823 1908 Helen Elizabeth Power His wife 1836 1892 Philip Their infant son 1876 1876 Agnes Mary Power Widow of Robert Power and Mother of Helen Elizabeth Power 1801 1872

Charles d. at Dover, Mass. March 10, 1908. Helen d. July 5, 1892. aged 56 yrs. B. R.

Lot 2. Proprietor: Elijah Hersey, Abraham H. Lambert.

Emily Frances Hersey.
Jacob Hersey, d. June 22, 1812, aged 63 yrs.
F. P. C. R.

Elizabeth Hobbs died Dec. 6, 1848 Aged 62 years She is not dead, but sleepeth.

Footstone E. H.

Elizabeth, wife of John Hobbs, b. in England, d. at Brookline. B. R.

Mary A. Hodgdon. See lot 15.

Jane Kelton Holbrook. See lot 71.

Tomb a. Proprietor: James Holden, James Tolman.

James Holden, b. at Dorchester, Sept. 1, 1768. d. at Brookline, Nov. 28, 1849. aged 81 yrs. His wife:
Abigail Holden, b. -. d. May 29, 1810, aged 42 yrs.
Abigail Holden, dau. of James, bapt. Aug. 12, 1792, by Mr. Holmes. mar. by Rev. John Pierce, Sept. 15, 1811. Samuel Cox of Plymouth, New York.
James Baker Holden, son of James, bapt. April 27, 1794, by Mr. Holmes.
Ebenezer Holden, son of James, bapt. Dec. 27, 1795.

May 19, 1811, James Holden of Brookline, Housewright, married Lucy Aspinwall, widow of Ebenezer Davis who died in 1807. The northerly third of the Homestead Farm, with its extensive cherry and apple orchards, was set off to Mr. Davis' widow for life, hence it was often called the "Holden Farm." About 1834 most of this tract passed to Thomas A. Davis, son of Ebenezer and Lucy A. Davis, who laid out Linden Place and sold the various house lots there. The highest price paid for any part of it was five and a half cents per foot. H. F. W., p. 63 (corrected by C. F. W.).

Lot 64.

Elizabeth Seek, and ye shall find: Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Elizabeth Holt Died May 17, 1874. aged 22 y'rs.

Lucy Ann Palmer Hooper. See lot 56.

Lot 72. Proprietor: Katherine M. Houlahan.


John Houlahan d. Jan. 15, 1855 aged 53 yrs. 6 mos.


His wife Katherine M. d. Oct. 6, 1883 aged 72 yrs. 2 mos.


Mary C. wife of Joseph Fergerson d. April 22, 1869 aged 34 yrs. 1 mo. 11 days


James Edwin, son of John & K. M. Houlahan d. Apr. 29, 1872, aged 29 yrs. 5 mos.


Abbie J. d. Sept. 9, 1861 aged 24 yrs.


John W. died July 14, 1862, aged 23 yrs.


Charles E. Houlahan d. Aug. 3, 1841 aged 2 mos.

Jefferson T. Howard died at Saxton's River, Vermont March 12, 1911 Aged 67 yrs. 5 mos. 26 dys. J. D. G.

Lot 21. Proprietor: John Howe.


John Howe, son of John and Martha (Bird) Howe, b. at Brookline, March 17, 1792. d. April 1, 1867. His wife:
Hannah Williams (Heath) Howe, b. at Brookline, April 20, 1799. d. April 3, 1883. J. D. G. Their chn.:
Hannah Williams Howe, b. at Brookline, March 2, 1821. d. at Brookline, Sept. 27, 1839.
Frederick Heath Howe, b. at Brookline, May 27, 1826. d. July 7, 1826.
Col. Francis Edward Howe, b. July 4, 1828. d. at Washington, D. C. May 23, 1883. aged 54 yrs. 10 mos.

Post 143, G. A. R.

Mary Heath Howe, b. at Brookline, April 28, 1830, wife of Henry F. Dana. d. Dec. 14,1902.
Henry Fuller Dana, son of Anderson Greene and Elizabeth Fuller Dana, b. at Pittsford, Vermont, May 3, 1820. d. at Brookline, Feb. 15, 1874.
Florence, dau. of Henry F. & Mary Howe Dana, b. at Brookline, Aug. 3, 1857. d. at Brookline, Jan. 10, 1870.
Susan Richards Cowley, d. at Brookline, Sept. 16, 1881, aged 71 yrs. a family servant.

Catherine Jane (Aspinwall) Hunting. See lot 83.

Jabez Hunting, died Jan. 29, 1841 aged 74 years

Buried in the grove.R. C. C.

Lot 43. Proprietor: Samuel Hutchins.

In memory of Mrs. Maria Hutchins (wife of) Samuel Hutchins who died Mar. 18, 1849. Aged 38 years. Why do we mourn departing friends Or shake at death's Alarms? Tis but the voice that Jesus sends To call us to his arms.

Footstone M. H.

Abraham Hyde Died Nov. 4, 1841 Aged 59 years.

Buried in the grove.R. C. C.

Lot 32. Proprietor: Miss Mary A. Irving.

W. H. Conway Dec. 4, 1880. 39 years, 3 months

Post 143, G. A. R.

Leon G. Sept. 17, 1863 3 months, 5 days Cora J. Sept. 26, 1867 2 months, 10 days Children of W. H. C. Caroline Conway Feb. 28, 1876 65 years, 5 months Mother died March 31, 1848 76 years, 20 days

Mary Irving, widow of John Irving.

Father died July 24, 1825 51 years, 3 months

John Irving.B. R.

J. G. S. Irving April 21, 1879 70 years, 9 months Nancy Irving Oct. 18, 1867 61 years, 11 months

Dau. of Aaron and Catherine Hills. d. at Hyde Park.B. R.

J. S. H. Irving Jan 22, 1856 17 years, 7 months Mary J. Conway May 27, 1861 17 years, 6 months Mary A. Irving June 25, 1805 Sept. 13,1896

Alonzo C. Jackson. See lot 61.

No stones

Soldier of the Revolution Abraham Jackson, b. at Newton, Dec. 4, 1721. d. Jan. 15, 1807, aged 85 yrs. He mar. 1st Nov. 1745:
Mary Hyde, b. at Newton, Aug. 11, 1728, dau. of Ens. Timothy and Rebecca (Davis) Hyde. d. 1768.

He mar. 2d at Brookline, Oct. 9, 1769 by Isaac Gardner, Justice of the Peace, wid. Margaret (Hammond) Marean. She d. June 16,1782. He mar. 3d at Brookline Nov. 27,1783. Hannah Woodward (wid. of Caleb W.). She d. Dec. 5,1799, aged 66 yrs. F. P. C. R.

This family moved to Brookline and were warned out. His son Thaddeus settled in Brookline and the other sons went into the army. Jackson's Newton, p. 321-341/2.

Soldier of the Revolution Thaddeus Jackson, b. at Newton, 1752. d. at Brookline, Oct. 12, 1832.

Son of Abraham and Mary (Hyde) Jackson. He mar. 1st Oct. 14, 1773 Lydia Woodward of Brookline, she d. May 7, 1801. He mar. 2d Abigail, wid. of John Hyde of Newton, and dau. of Capt. J. Wiswall. She d. 1852, aged 90 yrs. F. P. C. R.

Lot between 54 and 55. Proprietor: Thaddeus Jackson, Jr..

Sacred to the memory of Asa T. Jackson, who died in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 27, 1859 Aged 29 years 2 days

Footstone A. T. J.

In memory of Thaddeus Jackson, Jr. son of Thaddeus Jackson, who died July 12, 1824. Aged 42 yrs.

Footstone T. J. Jr., 1824.

In memory of Miss Hannah Jackson Dau. of Thaddeus Jackson who died Oct. 23, 1816. Aged 31 years

Footstone H. J. 1816

In memory of Mrs. Margaret Scott Relect of Mr. Ebenezer Scott who died Nov. 5, 1806. Aged 72 Stop, My dear children, as you pass by think on Me! My body is cold, my flesh consumed I trust I dwell with the redeemed. Then cease from weeping and remember Our dear Saviour Christ is coming.

Footstone Mrs. M. Scott

No stones

Charles Jackson d. Jan. 29, 1813, aged 3 yrs.
Thaddeus, d. Aug. 17, 1816, aged 3 yrs.
Thaddeus, d. Oct. 30, 1817, aged 15 mos.

Chn. of Thaddeus, Jr.F. P. C. R.

Tomb h (1823). Proprietor: Jonathan Jackson.

Jonathan Jackson, b. at Newton Sept. 27, 1749 d. at Brookline, Sept. 30, 1822, son of Michael and Phoebe (Patten) Jackson, mar. 1790, by Rev. Jona. Homer.
Mary Stone, d. Brookline, Jan. 2,1841, aged 78 yrs. Their chn.:
Mary Jackson, b. March 16,1791. d. March 13, 1829.
Jonathan Jackson, Jr., b. Dec. 9, 1792 d. Nov. 28, 1821
Phoebe Jackson, b. Jan. 4, 1795 d. -.
F. P. C. R.

Lot 73. Proprietor: Horace James.

Horace James 1827-1912
Elizabeth James 1832-1898

Horace, son of Harvey J. and Abigail Dana (Norcross) James, b. at Jamaica Plain, Feb. 10, 1827, d. at Brookline, April 26, 1912. His wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. and Mary (Ems) Baxter, d. Jan. 9, 1898, aged 65 yrs. 10 mos. 28 days. Their children, Ida F. d. June 20,1881, aged 22 yrs. 1 mo. and 16 days; Lillie, d. Sept. 4, 1861, aged 6 mos. I day. Data from F. A. James, dau. of Horace James.

Annie Stearns Jenney. See lot 50.

Mary A. Jewett. See lot 26.

Wm. Edward Jewett Born May 18, 1846 Died Aug. 20, 1848

Footstone W. E. J.

Francis Jewett Died May 25,1863 Aged 23 years Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure, Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot cure

Lot 70. Proprietor: Stephen Sharp Clark Jones.


Stephen S. C. Jones Died Jan. 5, 1861 Aged 49 years Rebecca Jones Died Sept. 4, 1900 Aged 89 years Joseph Jones son of S. S. C. & R. Jones 1835 1877 Theodore F. Jones 1842 1885 Rebecca Jones Died Jan. 31, 1841 Aged 4 years Susan S. Jones Died Sept. 21, 1841 Aged 1 yr. 6 mos. Rebecca Jones Died Aug. 16, 1846 Aged 2 yrs. 2 mos. Edith Jones Infant daughter Died Sept. 30, 1853

Stephen S. C. Jones was a son of Major Joseph Jones and for many years Postmaster of Brookline. H. F. W., p. 109.

Kate, a negro servant of Capt. Sewall. See tomb r.

Tomb o (1836). Proprietor: Moses Andem, Hezikiah S. Kendall.

Hezikiah Smith Kendall, son of Deacon Thomas, d. at Brookline, Sept. 28, 1836, aged 26 yrs. Independent Chronicle, Boston, Oct. 1, 1836.

Lot 28. Proprietor: Deacon Thomas Kendall.


No stones

Samuel Davies Kendall, son of Thomas, d. at Brookline, Sept. 23, 1835. Independent Chronicle, Sept. 26, 1885.
Thomas Kendall, d. at Brookline, Oct. 16, 1850, aged 81 yrs.
Susan D. Kendall, d. at Cambridge, March 2, 1904, aged 79 yrs. 2 mos. 16 days. From Burial Permits.

Deacon Thos. Kendall was Rep. of Brookline for several years.B. R.

Lot 41. Proprietor: David A. Kenrick.

Baby Walter Delano son of D. A. & H. E. Kenrick August 23, 1897 February 7, 1898

An Inf. of Alfred Jr. and Sarah B. Kenrick was removed to Walnut Hills, and his half of the lot sold by his heirs to Miss Lucy A. Potter, Oct. 16, 18K An Inf. of David T. and Amanda M. Kenrick was buried about 1857 in the half of lot 41 then belonging to David A. Kenrick, son of David T. Mrs. David A. Kenrick.

Thomas Kenrick, bapt. July 22, 1739, d. Feb. 8, 1774, aged 35 yrs. He was son of Nathaniel and Hannah Kenrick who moved from Newton to Brookline. Thomas Kenrick mar. Mary, dau. of George Griggs of Brookline. Jackson's Newton.

Thomas Kenrick, Jr., b. -, d. -. Son of Thomas and Mary. The Kenrick family will be remembered chiefly by an old lady who died about twenty years ago, after a long and helpless illness, during which she was supported by the town, yet during all this time had successfully concealed several hundred dollars, which of course reverted to the town by way of compensation, after her death. This person was the wife of Thomas Kenrick, Jr. Thomas Kenrick, Jr. distinctly remembered seeing men at the time of the Lexington and Concord battle running across lots in this neighborhood guided by the sound of the firing, and jumping fences in their eagerness to reach the scene of the fray, taking their course back of Walnut Hills and through Newton. H. F. W., p. 394.

Joseph A. Kenny aged 2 days J. D. G.

Hon. Martin Kingsley. See tomb u.

Mrs. Maria H. Laighton Died Jan. 16,1883 Aged 76 yrs. 3 mos. 24 days J. D. G.

Lot 2. Proprietor: Elijah Hersey, Abraham H. Lambert.


Elizabeth L., dau. of A. H. and Emily F. Lambert, d. Oct. 13,1849, aged 2 yrs. 1 mo. Abraham Howe Lambert mar. May 1, 1845, by Rev. William H. Shailer, Emily Frances Hersey. B. R.

Edwin J. Lane Died at Longwood Feb. 1, 1882 aged 56 yrs. 7 mos. B. R.

Ebenezer Wales Laughton. Frances E. D. Laughton. Mary Laughton. Tabitha Laughton. William Laughton. See lot 36.

Robert Wilson Lee son of Francis L. and Sarah M. Lee June 3, 1861 February 25, 1869

Polly Leeds. See tomb q.

Lot 42. Proprietor: William H. Leonard.

Mrs. Nancy E. Leonard wife of William H. Leonard born May 31, 1844 died July 15, 1865. Aged 21 yrs. 2 mos. 15 da's. Come ye Sinners Come to Jesus; Think upon your gracious Lord He has pitied your condition He has sent his gospel word; Mercy calls you Mercy flows in Jesus's blood.

No stone

William H. Leonard, d. at Chelsea, May 16, 1905, aged 78 yrs. 9 mos. 28 days. B. R.

Lot 31. Proprietor: Louisa Leverett.

Maria Draper Leverett, dau. of Thos. J. Leverett, d. Mar. 19, 1852, aged 19 yrs,
Thomas J. Leverett, b. 1802. d. Dec. 1836, aged 34 yrs. His wife:
Louisa, dau. of Anne R. and Daniel Dascomb, d. Aug. 17, 1876, aged 76 yrs.
William Leverett Grames, son of Louisa A. Grames, d. March 8, 1862, aged 8 yrs. 6 mos.
Daniel Dascomb, d. at Brookline, Dec. 25, 1805. Aged 42 yrs. His wife:
Anne Rainsford Dascomb, b. -. d. Oct. 1855, aged 87 yrs. Their chn.:
Daniel Dascomb, b. Nov. 7,1791. d. Jan. 1839.
Thomas Rainsford Dascomb, b. May 9, 1794. d. -.
Richard Dascomb, b. Dec. 19, 1796. d. -.
Louisa Dascomb, b. Sept. 21,1800. d. -.
F. P. C. R.
Hannah Maria Coburn, d. at Cambridge, Sept. 5, 1883, aged 60 yrs.

Lived in the family, not a relative.J. D. G.

Mrs. L. A. Grames of Cambridge, dau. of Thos. J. Leverett, is the present owner of the lot.

Lot 35. Proprietor: Mrs. Jane M. Libbey (Bought in 1867).

No stones

John Osborn Libbey, b. at Strafford, N. H. March 22, 1820. d. at Brookline, May 13, 1865.
Jane Gray Morton Libbey, b. at Buckfield, Maine, Oct. 18, 1822. d. at West Somerville, Feb. 5, 1895.
Franklin Libbey, b. at Brookline, Feb. 11, 1854. d. at Kingsbridge, N. Y. Jan. 24, 1893.
Data fr. Mr. Alexis H. French, bro. of Mrs. J. M. Libbey, May 8, 1912.

Lot 14. Proprietor: Bela Stoddard, Albert L. Lincoln.


Albert Lamb Lincoln January 16, 1811 February 23, 1903 Anne Eliza Stoddard wife of Albert L. Lincoln Feb. 21 1814 - Oct. 23, 1895 Ruth Anna Lincoln died Sept. 1, 1839 Aged 5 years Helen E. Lincoln died May 7, 1842 aged 4 yrs. and 5 mos. Walter Reed Lincoln died May 16, 1853 aged 5 yrs. 8 mos.

Lot 64.

Ann Linton died at Brookline July 1, 1902 aged 75 yrs. J. D. G.

A. S. Little. See lot 69.

Belle Logan Infant dau. of William Logan aged 3 days J. D. G.

Lot 63. Proprietor: Mrs. Mary H. Long (Bought of C. A. Church in 1890).

Jonathan D. Long June 30, 1819 Feb. 5, 1889 Mary H. Long His wife Sept. 1, 1826 Nov. 28, 1892 in Christ
Mother, Carrie A. Long May 8, 1858 Jan. 1, 1891 Eliza L. Long Jan. 5, 1866 Oct. 27, 1889 In Christ

No stone

Ivory Augustus Long d. Feb. 21, 1919, aged 65 yrs. 8 mos.

Lynn graves unmarked, top of hill next to John Bigham.

Joseph Lynn, d. April 29, 1884, aged 3 yrs. 4 mos.
James Lynn, b. Feb. 20, 1872, d. July 1, 1874, aged 2 yrs. 4 mos.
Alice Bramhall Lynn, b. April 20,1878, d. Oct. 26, 1879, aged I yr. 6 mos.

Chn. of Samuel and Jane Young Lynn.B. R.

In memory of SUSANNAH C. MAREAN, daughter of Saml. & Bathsheba Marean, who died Nov. 24, 1826, aged 17.

Footstone S. C. M.

William Heath Marean, b. March 15, 1802. d. -.
Mary Goddard Marean, b. June 8, 1804. d. -.
John Marean, b. May 2, 1807. d. April 20, 1836.
Susanna Croft Marean, b. March 12,1810. d. Nov. 24,1826.

Four chn. of Samuel and Tabitha (Bathsheba) Marean, bapt. April 8, 1814, by Rev. John Pierce. F. P. C. R.

Soldier of the Revolution Samuel Marean, d. Jan. 16, 1810, aged 57 yrs.

Susie Marshall died at Brookline March 11, 1906 aged 31 yrs. 6 mos. 18 days. B. R.

Here Lyes Buried the Body of Mrs. ANNA MATHER, Widow of the Revd. Doctor INCREASE MATHER of Boston: Note She was Formerly the Wife of the Revd. Mr. JOHN COTTON of Hampton: She Deceased March the 29th, 1737: In the 74th Year of Her Age.

Footstone Mrs. ANNA MATHER

It will be remembered by those familiar with the early history of Massachusetts that Rev. John Cotton, minister of the first church in Boston, was twice married before coming to New England and that his eldest son, Seaborn, born on the voyage, as the name implies, was son of the second wife Sarah Hawkridge, the widow of William Story and said to have been a dear friend of the first Mrs. Cotton (Elizabeth Horrocks). Four years atfer Mr. Cotton's death in 1652, his widow, Sarah, married Rev. Mr. Richard Mather of Dorchester. She was buried in King's Chapel Ground in Boston. Her son Rev. Seaborn Cotton became minister of Hampton, N. H., where he died. He was succeeded by his son Rev, John Cotton who died at Hampton, N. H. in 1710. His wife was Anna, dau. of Thomas Lake, a merchant of Boston, and a niece of Sir Edward Lake, LL.D., Chancellor of the Diocese of Lincolnshire, Eng. Thomas, only son of John and Anna Cotton, came into possession of the part of the Cotton Farm east of Cypress Street and in 1740, after removing to Pomfret, Conn., sold it to Ebenezer Davis. This Thomas Cotton was a farmer and lived in Brookline from abt. 1711 to abt. 1739. His mother had married for a second husband Rev. Increase Mather of Boston, son of the Rev. Richard Mather above named. She died in Brookline of small-pox in 1737, and was buried in the old Walnut Street Ground. Rev. John Cotton of Boston had a son, Rev. John Cotton of Plymouth. His son, Rev. Roland Cotton was minister of Sandwich. After him came Rev. John Cotton of Newton and from him the western half of the Cotton Farm passed to various owners. H. F. W., p. 221, corrected by C. F. W., 1917.

Soldier of the Revolution Barnabas Maynard, d. 1831. mar., Mar. 4, 1777, Mary White.
Mary (White) Maynard, bapt. Feb. 6, 1743, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Crafts) White d. Sept. 16, 1814.
F. P. C. R. Prob. tomb z.

Lot 64.

John W. son of Robert & Annie McIlroy Died July 18, 1885 Aged 5 yrs. 10 mos.
Mrs. David Linton 1827-1902

Here lies ye Body of Mrs. ANN McLAINE wife of Mr. JOHN McLAINE, she died July ye 11th 1752. Aged 26 Years.

Footstone ANN Mc.LAINE

Arthur O. McLellan, d. Oct. 19, 1841, aged 15 mos. Buried in the Grove R. C. C.

Lot 23. Proprietor: William K. Melcher.

Charlotte E. Melcher. d. August 20, 1855. Aged I yr. 4 mos. 20 days.

Removed to Walnut Hills October 3, 1908. The lot sold to Hugh W. Ogden in 1911.

Lot 46. Proprietor: Michael Mellen.


Michael Mellen Obt. Jan. 9, 1849 aged 60 years


His wife Sarah Holden Obt. Apr. 14,1899 aged 96 years


William Otis Mellen Obt. Sept. 22, 1844 aged 16 months

W. O. M.

Charles Edward Mellen Obt. May 25, 1864 aged 35 years

C. E. M.

Frederick H. Mellen Obt. Feb. 3, 1895 aged 70 years.

F. H. M.

Post 143, G. A. R.

Frederick Homer Mellen, b. Jan. 17,1825. He enlisted from Cincinnati, in the sixth Ohio Regiment. 'Served first in West Virginia - afterwards in Kentucky and Tennessee, was wounded in the battle of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, though not seriously. He served under Generals Thomas, Nelson, and Grant at Pittsburg Landing. He served in the Regular Army after the Rebellion - at Fort Snelling and other Posts in the West. Enlisted June 18,1861. Final discharge Jan. 6, 1866. A. W. Bright, Brookline.

Nathaniel Meriam,Soldier of the Revolution b. at Lexington. d. -. mar. April 29, 1767, by Rev. Joseph Jackson, Lucy, dau. of Nathaniel Seaver of Brookline.

George Messenger. See lot 80.

Lot 68.

In memory of John Molony died Feb. 3, 1864 Aged 52 yrs.

Lot 64.

Father - Geo. S. Morrison died Feb. 14th, 1875 Aged 53 y'rs. Margaret wife of George S. Morrison 1821-1916

No stones

Margaret M. Morrison d. at Brattleboro, Vt., June 27, 1916, Aged 94 yrs.
May Morrison dau. of Wm. B. and Clara Wood Morrison d. Oct. 14, 1881, aged 6 days
J. D. G.

William S. son of A. & M. J. Morrow died Sept. 17, 1875, aged 3 weeks, 3 ds. "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Footstone W. S. M.

A. M. Morse. George H. Morse. James Morse. Mary H. Morse. See lot 69.

Tomb d (1817). Proprietor: Nathaniel Murdock.

Nathaniel Murdock, b. -. d. May 1, 1837, aged 69 yrs. His wife:
Lydia (Marean) Murdock, b. -. d. Sept. 24, 1850, aged 81 yrs. Their chn.:
Nancy Murdock, b. Dec. 8, 1793. d. May 20,1871, wid. of Caleb Clark.
Eliza Murdock b. Dec. 1, 1795. d. -.
George Murdock, b. March 24,1799. d. July 15, 1841, aged 42 yrs. R. C. C.
Mira Murdock, b. May 11, 1801. d. Oct. 5,1818.
Nathaniel Murdock Jr., b. Jan. 21, 1806. d. May 7,1822.
Thomas Marean Murdock, b. June 17,1809. d. Sept. 27, 1836.
Thomas H. Murdock, b. -. d. Dec. 3, 1841, aged 7 yrs. 5 mos. R. C. C.
Albert Murdock, b. -. d. Jan. 4, 1846, aged 5 yrs. 4 mos.
Caleb Clark, b. Oct. 21, 1789. d. March 7,1849.

He mar. Mch. 30, 1817 Nancy, dau. of Nathaniel and Lydia Murdock.

Lucy Tolman Clark, b. Dec. 19,1817. d. Dec. 7,1856.
Samuel Clark, b. July 8, 1819. d. Sept. 15,1898.
Nancy Clark, b. -. d. Oct. 3, 1823, aged 2 yrs. 8 mos.
Eliza Ann Marean Clark, b. Nov. 14,1824. d. Aug. 18,1866.

Removed to Forest Hills Cemetery.

Caleb Clark Jr., b. Jan. 30, 1827. d. June 13, 1829.
Benjamin White Clark, b. Aug. 26, 1828. d. Nov. 7,1861. His wife:
Emily B. Clark, b. -. d. June 11, 1860, aged 26 yrs. Their dau.:
Emily B. Clark, b. -- d. Sept. 15, 1860, aged 4 mos. 19 days.
Eunice Clark, b. Jan. 30, 1831. d. May 14, 1855.
Stephen S. Clark, b. May 9, 1834. d. Sept. 6, 1835.
Mary Jones (Clark) Alexander, b. July 23, 1836, d. June 2, 1868, wife of Henry W. Alexander.
Lydia M. Clark, b. 1853. d. Nov. 29, 1862.

Removed to walnut Hills Cemetery, Nov, 22, 1899, when this tomb was permanently sealed.

Data from Miss Annie R. Clark, g.g. dau. of Nathaniel Murdock.

Lot 29. Proprietor: A. H. Newell.

No stones. Bought Oct. 17, 1846.

Clara Newell, d. Aug. 18, 1845, aged 1 day.
Francis Henry Newell, d. Feb.12, 1840. Chn. of Artemas & Martha S. McIntosh Newell:
Jane Nichols Newell, wife of Augustus Newell. d. at New York, Sept. 9, 1846, aged 26 yrs.
Lucy Newell, b. -. d. Nov. 1, 1812, aged 23 yrs
Martha Jane Newell, b. -. d. Aug. 19, 1848, aged 6 yrs. 8 mos. dau. of Andrew H. and Martha V. Newell.
B. R.

Lot 64.

Samuel J. Newell Born 1847 Died 1897

Elizabeth B. D. Nye. J. Sturgis Nye. Mary G. Nye. William M. Nye. See lot 22.

No stones

Soldier of the Revolution David Ockington. b. at Needham, 1746. d. May 21, 1822, aged 76 yrs. He mar. 1st Mary Seaver of Brookline, Aug. 1, 1771.
Mary (Seaver) Ockington, b. Brookline, 1848. d. Aug. 11, 1776, aged 28 yrs. Their son:
David Ockington Jr., bapt. Aug. 18, 1776, d. at Boston, July 16, 1814. He mar. Nancy Phillips of Boston, July 27,1803. He was buried in the Phillips and Barrett tomb in the Granary Burying Ground.

David Ockington Jr., was First Mate on board the Ship Commerce of Boston, which was cast away near Cape Morebet, on the coast of Arabia, July 10, 1792, and he was one of the eight survivers. His uncle Nathaniel Seaver of Brookline, part owner of the Ship, and his cousin Nathaniel Seaver, Jr. were both lost. Data from his g.g. dau. Marianna Ockington, Lowell, Mass., and "A journal of the Travels & Sufferings of Daniel Saunders Jr," Salem, 1794.

Lot 23. Proprietor: Hugh W. Ogden.

Lot 58. Proprietor: Charles L. Palmer.

No monument

Henry Lewis Palmer, b. -. d. Aug. 26, 1850, aged 2 yrs. 5 mos.


Charles Albert Palmer, b. -. d. March 13, 1858, aged 13 yrs. 9 days.


Hannah Z. wife of Charles L. Palmer. b. -. d. Aug. 11, 1865, aged 42 yrs.


Lucy Ann, wife of James G. Hooper, and eldest dau. of Charles L. & H. Z. Palmer. d. Feb. 22, 1866, aged 22 yrs. 6 mos. 8 days.


Alfred Herbert Palmer, b. -. d. Nov. 23, 1872, aged 12 yrs. 2 mos. 6 days.


Charles Lewis Palmer, b. -. d. Dec. 8, 1888, aged 70 yrs. 2 mos. 8 days.

The lot was bought by Mr. Palmer in 1859, and later half of it was sold. Data from Mrs. John H. Allen, dau. of Charles L. Palmer.

No stones

John Parker, son of Peter Parker, bapt. Sept. 11, 1757. d. May 29,1840.
Peter Parker, son of Peter, bapt. June 10, 1759. d. -.
Sarah Parker, dau. of Peter, bapt. May 24, 1761. d. -.
Mary Parker, dau. of Peter, bapt. Sept. 11, 1763.
F. P. C. R.

The easterly end of the Dana Tavern had a shop attached to it in which Mr. Peter Parker, the original owner of the building, worked at shoe. making. His son John Parker, born in that house, became a very wealthy man, and his name is still perpetuated by "Parker Hill" on which he lived, and "Parker Street," which passed his house. He held important and very successful contracts under the United States government during the second war with England. H. F. W., p. 50.

Lot 4. Proprietor: M. G. Payne, Jerathmeel Davenport.


Samuel Payne died May 26, 1846. Aged 45 yrs.


George Vose, son of Samuel & Mary G. Payne died July 23, 1860. Aged 20 yrs.


Mary Glover, wife of Samuel Payne died Jan. 23, 1868. Aged 57 yrs.


Here Lyes ye Body of Marcy Payson The Dau. of Mr. George & Mrs. Mary his wife She Died Jany 1747. Aged 47 years

Tomb l (1832). Proprietor: Elisha Penniman.

Elisha Penniman, b. at Braintree, d. at Brookline, Oct. 31, 1831, aged 54 yrs. His wife:
Sybil (Allen) Penniman, b. at Braintree, Nov. 20, 1785. d. at Brookline, Aug. 7, 1875. Their dau.:
Almira Cornelia Penniman, b. -. d. -., wife of Rev. David Hatch Barlow. Their three sons:
Francis Channing Barlow, Edward and Richard Barlow.
Sophia Allen, dau. of Elisha and Sybil Penniman, and wife of Hart Smith Barlow.
Charles Penniman.
William Penniman, b. -. d. Feb. 13, 1832, aged 22 yrs. Sons of Elisha and Sybil Penniman.
Data from Mrs. Albert L. Lincoln, Jr., 1911.

Bronze Tablet on the Tomb Francis Channing Barlow Born Oct. 19, 1834. Died Jan. 11, 1896. Enrolled as a private soldier, Apr. 19, 1861 Appointed Major General United States Volunteers May 26, 1865 Lafayette Post 140, Dept. of New York, G.A.R.

Tomb n (1838). Proprietor: Daniel Perry, John Warren.

Daniel Perry, b. at Sherborn, Jan. 5, 1772. d. at Brookline, Oct. 27, 1853. His wife:
Rebecca (Prentiss) Perry, b. at Sherborn, Aug. 22, 1774. d. at Brookline, Nov. 16, 1851. Their chn.:
William Perry, bapt. March 11, 1804. d. -.
Sarah Perry, b. May 16,1806, bapt. June 1, 1806, the last in the Old Meeting House. d. Feb. 19,1838.
Hannah Perry, bapt. May 5, 1811. d. at Providence, July 31, 1837.
Rebecca Prentiss Perry, b. Feb. 27, 1815. d. Sept. 17, 1820.
Henry Perry, b. Feb. 5, 1817. d. Feb. 6, 1817.
Mary R. Perry, b. Jan. 6, 1830. d. Feb. 12, 1854. wife of Jacob B. Flagg, and g.d. of Daniel and Rebecca Perry.
Data from Miss S. E. Perry, Pawtucket, R.I., g.d. of Daniel Perry; and F. P. C. R.

Lot 20. Proprietor: Samuel Philbrick.

Samuel Philbrick Born Feb. 4th, 1789 Died Sept. 19th, 1859
Eliza Southwick widow of Samuel Philbrick March 21, 1793 October 11, 1891

Mr. Samuel Philbrick, who was one of the pioneers in anti-slavery reform at a time when a man must have had in him the courage and the perseverance of a martyr to dare identify himself with so unpopular a cause, was a worshipper at the First Church for years. He was born and educated among the Friends or Quakers, but did not identify himself with them in later years, though his marriage was consummated according to the peculiar forms or usages of that sect. Mr. Philbrick never united with the Unitarian Church, as a member. He was a man of wealth and influence and occupied a central pew in the church. He was the friend of Garrison, May, Phillips, and others of the leading abolitionists of those days, and his house was one of the way-stations of "the underground railroad," which here and there gave brief shelter and rest for the fugitives, on the way from Mason and Dixon's line to Canada. Mr. Philbrick outlived much of the odium attached to the name of "abolitionist," and saw their ranks swelled by thousands after the rendition of Anthony Burns. He died, however, in September, 1859, before the triumph of the principles for which he had sacrificed convenience and popularity. In less than ten years from that time his son was supervising the industries and economies of the freedmen of South Carolina without molestation or hindrance. H. F. W., p. 270-274.

Louisa, wife of Geo. R. Phelps died Feb. 2, 1852. Aged 28 years. She died sleeping.

Footstone L. P.

Ann Pierce. See lot 66.

In Memory of Mrs. Lydia Pierce, wife of Mr. Daniel Pierce, who died Dec. 14, 1812. In the 31 Year of her Age. The sweet Remembrance of the Just, Shall flourish when they sleep in Dust.

Footstone Mrs. L. P.

Jonathan Mason Pierce, son of Daniel and Lydia bapt. May 27, 1810. d. -.
Abigail Clapp Pierce, dau. of Daniel and Lydia. bapt. Sept. 13, 1812. d. -.
Daniel Pierce, b. at Warwick, d. -. mar. 2d by Rev. John Pierce, Sept. 13, 1813, wid. Nancy Richards, na. of Roxbury. Their chn.:
Lydia Pierce, bap. July 17, 1814. d. -.
Sarah Ann Pierce, bapt. Dec. 24, 1815. d. Feb. 27, 1825.
F. P. C. R.

In Memory of Mrs. LYDIA, wife of Mr. James Pierce, Died Oct. 7, 1814, . 45. Our life is a dream, Our time as a stream, Glides swiftly away.

Footstone L. P.

Soldier of the Revolution In Memory of MR. JAMES PIERCE, who died May 21, 1826: t. 71.

Footstone J. P. 1826.

Chn. of James and Lydia Pierce:
James Pierce, b. at Roxbury, April 13, 1797. d. Feb. 9, 1839.
John Howard Pierce, bapt. at Roxbury, Sept. 14, 1800. d. April 19, 1849.
F. P. C. R.

Mr. Pierce was a native of Dorchester, and a cousin of Rev. Dr. Pierce, and long a member of the choir of the First Church. Whether living in a house which had once served the Revolutionary soldiers as a barrack inspired him with patriotic ferver or not, we do not know, but when he was seventy years of age he walked to Concord, Mass., and back, on the occasion of the laying of the corner-stone of the battle monument, to hear Webster's oration, a distance of eighteen miles each way. His widow, a much beloved lady of the olden style, survived him several years. Mr. James Pierce also played the bass-viol, as well as sang in the choir of the First Church, he took his little daughters into "the singers' seats," when they were so small that they were obliged to stand on crickets to bring their heads above the balustrade. One of them, who was afterwards the wife of Charles Stearns, Jr., was for years the leader of the female voices. H. F. W., p. 23-256, cor. by C. H. Stearns.

Tomb t. Proprietor: Rev. John Pierce, Deacon John Robinson.

Tablet on tomb Mrs. Abigail Pierce died July 2, 1800, aged 25. John, son of J. & A. Pierce died Apr. 18, 1802 Aged 3 Robert, son of J. & L. Pierce died Oct. 6, 1819, Aged 6 Not on Tablet, but buried in tomb t

Feraline Walley Pierce, b. Mar. 20. 1810, d. -. dau. of J. & L. Pierce.
William Blake Pierce, b. Sept. 26, 1815, d. -, son of J. & L. Pierce.
Matthew, a family servant.
Data from Mrs. H. V. Poor, 1910.

Lot 50A side of tomb t. Proprietor: Rev. John Pierce.


"Christ is my hope" John Pierce D.D. Born in Dorchester, Mass. July 14, 1773. Graduated at Harv. College, 1703 Ordained Pastor (of the First Church) in this town, March 15, 1797 Died Aug. 24, 1849 Aged 76 years, 1 month, 10 days. This monument erected by his friends of the Parish Lucy Tappan wife of Rev. John Pierce, D.D. Born July 14, 1777 Died February 12, 1858 Aged 80 yrs. & 7 mos.

Note. Dr. Pierce and widow Lucy were buried in Lot 50A, the only interments. Miss A. B. Poor.

Dr. Pierce was graduated, holding high rank in his class, at Harvard College in 1793. He was for the two succeeding years assistant Preceptor at Leicester Academy. In 1795, he commenced the study of theology with Rev. Thaddeus Harris, of Dorchester. In 1797 he was invited to fill the vacancy in the Brookline Church caused by the death of Mr. Jackson. He held at that time a tutorship at Harvard College. He was ordained pastor of the Brookline Church, March 15, 1797. In October of the following year he was married to Abigail Lovell, of Medway, who had been one of his pupils at the Academy. She died in July 1800, leaving an infant son, who lived but three years. In 1802 Dr. Pierce was married to Lucy Tappan of Northampton, a lady beloved for her quiet virtues, and who lived to a venerated old age. H. F. W., p. 251.

Lot 57. Proprietor: The Misses Pierce.

Elizabeth Pierce daughter of Rev. John Pierce D.D. Sept. 15, 1864 July 19, 1891 "He loved us and gave himself for us."
Abigail L. Pierce daughter of Rev. John Pierce D.D. Sept. 13, 1806 March 9, 1896 "Great is his mercy toward them that fear him."

Miss Lucy T. Poor has deed of sale which shows that Part of Lot 57 was bought on Sept. 2, 1891 of Charles P. & Emeline Trowbridge, then living at Stoughton, Mass.

Lot 84. Proprietor: Peter W. Pierce.


Peter W. Pierce 1823 1894


His wife Louisa L. Taylor 1831 1907


Freddie E. 1868--1871


Hattie T. 1871-1875


Children of Peter W. and Louisa L. Pierce

Lot 18. Proprietor: Henry V. Poor.


Robert Poor Aug. 1849 Aged 10 mos.


Charles Lowell Poor 1861 1869 Dear God who lovest the little child Take to thyself my undefiled.


Mary Evangeline Poor 1853 1871 Though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I Will fear no evil for thou art with me.


Children of Henry V. & Mary W. Poor

No stone

Eva, dau. of Mary M. and Alfred D. Chandler, d. June 3, 1885.
Henry Varnum Poor. 1812-1905. His wife,
Mary W. (Pierce) Poor. 1820-1912, buried at Andover, Maine.

Mrs. Poor as the daughter of Dr. Pierce and sister-in-law of Dr. Hedge, was a person of especial interest. Mr. Poor I always think of as possessing a quite unusual combination of qualities. To know Mr. Poor aright, one should have seen him on "his native heath." It was once my happy privilege to spend some days with him among the scenes of his boyhood in Andover, Maine. There all the sweet. Rego of his nature came forth in full strength. He loved those great hills passionately, and especially it was his delight to follow up and explore the dim recesses of a mountain stream. Could I visit that place again, I think I should know that he was with me, and that his delight in its natural beauty was still undimmed. H. N. B., p. 13.

Lot 44. Proprietor: William Pope.

William Pope sold the lot to Charles Chase in 1885. The gravestones were removed to Forest Hills Cemetery. Dr. Emily F. Pope, Boston, 1911.

Lot 41. Proprietor: Miss L. A. Potter.

Lucy Ann Potter Brookline, September 13, 1827 Brookline, March 24, 1888 Aged 60 years, 6 mos. 11 days
Mrs. Sarah I. Powell Died Aug. 13, 1882 Aged 23 years, 11 mos.
J. D. G.
Agnes Mary Power. See lot 68.
Samuel Jackson Preston Born in Groton March 15, 1773 Died in Brookline Feb. 7, 1857 Aged 84 years

Footstone S. J. P.

Lot 61. Proprietor: Thomas C. Quimby.

Mary Quimby Sept. 1, 1895 - 83 yrs.
Thomas C. Quimby, Jr. 3 yrs. 7 mos.

Removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery, Nov. 12, 1909 and the lot sold to Mme. Jeanne Coeffard. From the Misses Quimby, Boston, 1911.

Tomb s (1864). Proprietor: Receiving tomb.

Lot 60. Proprietor: Eben W. Reed.

Eben Warren Reed 1822-1904 His wife Elvira AImelia 1828-1864 Their children Ella Augusta 1853-1881 Cora Lyman 1856-1860 Harriet Maria 1858-1859

Jeannette W. Reed. See tomb r.

Tomb f (1817). Proprietor: Ebenezer Richards.

Ebenezer Richards, b. at Dover, Jan. 11, 1770. d. at Brookline, Aug. 21, 1834, aged 64 yrs.
Hannah, wife of Ebenezer Richards and dau. of Joseph, Jr., and Sarah (Davis) White, b. at Newton, Aug. 2, 1772, d. at Brookline, Jan. 6, 1814, aged 42 yrs. Their chn.:
Elizabeth Richards, b. at Brookline, April 26, 1794. d. June 22, 1797.
Elizabeth Richards, b. at Brookline, June 25, 1798. d. Sept. 22, 1812.
Louisa Richards, bapt. Dec. 19, 1802. d. -.
John Richards, bapt. May 3, 1807. Lost at sea. F. P. R.
Elizabeth Darrel, wid. of William Marshall, 2d wife of Ebenezer Richards, Mar. Feb. 29, 1816, d. May 13, 1833, aged 60 yrs.

Amy Richards. See lot 80.

Meletiah Richards. See lot 3.

Baby Richardson d. July 8, 1902 B. R.

Ann W. Ridgeway. Philip R. Ridgeway. See tomb r.

Grace A. Robertson. See lot 36.

George W. only child of Hiram & Sarah Robinson born Oct. 25, 1848 died Sept. 19, 1849 Aged 10 mo's. & 23 days Happy infant early blest Rest in Jesus bosom, rest.

Copied in 1911. The stone has since disappeared.

Tomb t. Proprietor: Deacon John Robinson, Rev. John Pierce.

Monument over tomb


Deacon John Robinson Died Jan. 13, 1855, aged 91 yrs. 6 mos. Mrs. Lucy Robinson Died Nov. 7th, 1845, aged 75 yrs. Lucy Robinson Died Feb. 7th, 1793, aged 4 mos. Jane Kelton Robinson Bapt. Oct. 18, 1795 Sarah Breck Robinson, bapt. April 1, 1798 by Mr. Porter Died June 24th, 1798, aged 3 mos. Lucy Robinson Bapt. Dec. 19, 1799, by Rev. John Pierce John Robinson Bapt. Nov. 14, 1802, by Mr. Foster James Robinson Bapt. Dec. 23, 1805 Samuel Albert Robinson Bapt. Dec. 3, 1809 Ellen Louisa Robinson Died Oct. 20th, 1832 John Robinson Bugbee Died Aug. 27, 1824, aged 2 yrs. Martha Louisa Bugbee Died Nov. 9, 1831, aged 1 yr. 9 m. Mr. Asa Bugbee Died Dec. 15, 1831, aged 41 yrs. 6 m. John Robinson Bugbee Died Nov. 7th, 1852, aged 6 yrs. I m.

(The last four removed to lot 71.)

Martha Louisa Fairbanks Died Sept. 13th, 1834, aged 1 yr. 2 mos. Removed to lot 86. James Henry Robinson Died Sept. 28th, 1834, aged 4 mos. Caroline Francis Robinson Died Dec. 31st, 1842, aged 7 yrs. 3 mos. Eliza Jane Robinson Died Dec. 20th, 1844, aged 3 years Mrs. Louisa C. Robinson Died July 20th, 1848, aged 35 years

Deacon John Robinson was born in Dorchester in 1763. He married Miss Lucy Withington, and both were active members in the First Church. Deacon Robinson was overseer of the poor and a selectman for thirty years. He was also representative in the State Legislature twelve years. When Mr. Robinson had held the office of Deacon fifty-seven years he was presented with a beautiful silver goblet, with the following inscription: TO DEACON JOHN ROBINSON FROM THE FIRST CHURCH IN BROOKLINE RECALLING HIS LONG AND FAITHFUL SERVICES AND GRATEFUL FOR HIS CONSISTENT EXAMPLE OF LOVE TOWARD GOD AND MAN. PRESENTED MAY 14th, 1854 THE 57th ANNIVERSARY OF HIS APPOINTMENT TO OFFICE H. F. W., p. 179.

George Rogers. See lot 37.

Adeline W. Rooney. See tomb z.

Beneath this Stone are deposited the Remains of Miss MARY RUSSELL the virtuous and amiable Dautr of Capt. JOHN and Mrs. MIRIAM RUSSELL of Marblehead who died with the Small Pox Octr. 27th 1792 AEt. 14. To the inexpressiable grief of her Friends. The angels call they call me from above And bid me hasten to the realms of love My soul with transport hears the happy doom I come ye gentle messengers I come.

Footstone Miss MARY RUSSELL

Lot 11. Proprietor: Daniel Sanderson.


Almira S. Sanderson died Sept. 26, 1859 AE 57 yrs. The faithful wife and pious mother


Dea. Daniel Sanderson died July 27, 1863 AE 65 yrs The memory of the just is blessed.


Isaac died Oct. 30, 1836 Ae. 1 yr & 6 mons


Our Emma. Our Emma died Sept. 15, 1848, AE. 11 yrs. & 6 mons

Emma W.

Daniel Sharp Sanderson died April 6, 1855. AE. 27 yrs. His end was peace Passed into Heaven


Rev. A. Fletcher Spaulding Born Jan. 12, 1821 - Died Nov. 30, 1877. "He giveth his beloved steep."


Caroline Elizabeth Sanderson His wife Born Sept. 20, 1823. Died Nov. 5, 1908 at Washington, D. C. A Saint of the Lord


B. R. Martha A. Sanderson Ashmore Missionary in Siam Died near the Cape of Good Hope May 19, 1858. AE. 36 yrs.

Emma Carrie.


Z. S. Sampson. See lot 8.

Sambo, negro servant of Ebenezer Davis. See tomb z.

Anna Greenleaf Sawyer. see lot 58.

Lot 68.

Our twins Albert Died Mar. 8, 1872 Aged 28 dys Hermann Died Feb. 26, 1872 Aged 17 dys Children of J. & S. Schultz

Annie Searle, d. Dec. 11, 1841, aged 36 yrs. R. C. C.

Dr. Barnas Sears. Elizabeth Griggs Sears. Elizabeth Corey Sears. Elizabeth Hunt Sears. Robert Davis Sears. See tomb q.

William B. Sears d. Nov. 13, 1917, aged 85 yrs.

(Prob. footstone of Elizabeth Crafts, 2d wife of Nathaniel Seaver.)

Footstone Mrs. ELIZAh. SEAVER


Here lies the body of Mr. NATHANIEL SEUER He departed this life Octr. 2D, 1768: in the 70th Year of his age.


Soldier of the Revolution Nathaniel Seaver, b. about 1754. Son of Nathaniel. mar. Sept. 4, 1775, by Rev. Joseph Jackson. d. in Arabia, Aug. 13, 1792. His wife:
Susannah (White) Seaver, b. at Brookline, Sept. 2, 1756. d. Aug. 23, 1832, aged 76 yrs. (Wid. of Samuel Gore.)
Nathaniel Seaver, Jr., bapt. at Brookline, Sept. 15, 1776. d. July 13, 1792.
Benjamin Franklin Seaver, bapt. April 9, 1780. d. -.

Nathaniel Seaver, Jr., was drowned on the coast of Arabia. Nathaniel Seaver, Sen., Merchant and part owner of the Ship Commerce, was shipwrecked, near Cape Morebet, Arabia, and died a few weeks after his son. See "A journal of the Travels and Sufferings of Daniel Saunders, Jr.," Sixth Edition. Published by Abel Brown, Exeter, 1830.

Here lies ye Body of Mr. JOHN SEAVER, who Died Decr. 12th. 1756: in the 86th. Year of His Age. Here lies ye Body of Mrs. SARAH SEAVER, the Wife of Mr. JOHN SEAVER; She died March 20th. 1747: in ye 80th. Year of Her Age.

Lot 13. Proprietor: Thomas Seaverns.


Sarah Gibbs wife of Thomas Seaverns died Nov. 11, 1847, aged 39 years Thomas Seaverns died Jan. 21, 1875, aged 68 years Lucy Seaverns died Dec. 19, 1885 - aged 80 years Charles T. Seaverns died Dec. 23, 1860 aged 24 years, 10 mos.

Lot 3. Proprietor: D. R. and Stephen Griggs, Edward R. Seccomb.

Edward R. Seccomb mar. Adaline Griggs. Their son, Alfred T. Seccomb, and two other children were removed to Newton Cemetery, June 14, 1886. Miss Adelaide L. Seccomb, Perkins Street, West Newton.

Tomb r (1770). Proprietor: Capt. Henry Sewall, Edward Kitchin Wolcott.

Captain Henry Sewall, bapt. March 20, 1720. (Son of Samuel and Rebecca.) mar. Aug. 18, 1743, Ann, dau. of Samuel and Ann White. d. May 29, 1771, aged 52 yrs.
Rebecca Sewall, b. Oct. 19, 1747, dau. of Henry and Ann. d. Nov. 29, 1747, aged I mo. 10 days. F. P. C. R.
Henry Sewall, bapt. Jan. 22, 1749. d. Oct. ye 17, 1772, aged 24 yrs.
Hull Sewall, b. April 9, 1744. d. Nov. ye 27, 1767, aged 24 yrs. F. P.C. R.
Samuel Sewall, b. Dec. 31, 1745, son of Henry, d. May -, 1811, in England.
Venus, servant of Capt. Henry Sewall. d. July 9, 1763, aged 28 yrs.
Kate, a negro servant of Capt. Henry Sewall. d. Aug. 13, 1764, aged 8 yrs.
Felix, servant of Capt. Henry Sewall. d. Nov. 23, 1765.
Hagar, d. March 8, 1767, aged 50 yrs.
Charles, servant of Capt. Henry Sewall, d. April 22, 1771, aged 28 yrs. F. P.C. R.
Samuel Sewall, Jr., d. Feb. 27, 1751, aged 72 yrs.
Rebecca Sewall, wife of Samuel, d. - 1755, aged 78 yrs.
Samuel Sewall, b. Nov. 18, 1707, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Dudley) Sewall, d. Dec. 18, 1708.
Rebecca Sewall, dau. of Samuel and Rebecca, d. Aug. 3, 1710, aged 6 yrs.
Mary Sewall, dau. of Samuel and Rebecca, d. Aug. 24, 1712, aged 13 mos.
Hannah Sewall, dau. to Samuel and Rebecca, d. Oct. 20, 1719.
John Sewall, b. April 9, 1723, son of Samuel and Rebecca, d. Aug. 15, 1724.
Edward Bradstreet Sewall, b. -. d. Sept. 12, 1827, aged 26 yrs. Columbia Centinel, Sept. 15, 1827.
Frances Robie Sewall, dau. of Joseph Sewall, d. at Brookline, July 10, 1830. Columbia Centinel of same date.
Dr. Daniel Gilbert, Supt. of Mass. Gen. Hospital, d. - at Boston. His wife:
Ann Sewall Ridgeway Gilbert, dau. of Philip R. and Ann Ridgeway, d. at Dorchester about 1889. Both buried in Sewall-Wolcott tomb. Miss Ada A. Gilbert, Allston.

Samuel Sewall, Jr., lived in a house on the site of the present residence of Charles Stearns, Esq., which was built in 1703. His son Henry succeeded him in the same house. He was a farmer, and held the office of Justice of the Peace in this town. He was educated at Harvard College as were also his three sons, Henry, Hull, and Samuel. H. F. W., p. 112. The father of Samuel, Chief justice Samuel Sewall, was famous in his day, one of the judges who condemned the Salem witches to death, an error in judgment of which he lived to repent bitterly, and for which he made voluntary and humble confession in public, in the Old South Church in Boston. He died in 1730. H. F. W., p. 110.



Footstone S S

Mary Sharp Daughter To Robert & Susanna Sharp, bapt. August 26, 1726 Died Oct. 31, 1772


Sarah Sharp, bapt. Aug. 30, 1710, dau. of Robert, d. June 14, 1796.
Soldier of the Revolution Robert Sharp, b. Aug. 1, 1743, d. June 29, 1798, aged 55 yr. son of Robert and Sarah (Payson) Sharp.
Lucy Sharp, b. June 10, 1757, dau. of Robert, d. Jan. 7, 1788, aged 31 yrs.
Hannah Sharp, b. -, dau. of Robert, d. July 13, 1777, aged 22 yrs.
Robert Sharp, b. -. d. July 18, 1765, aged 78 yrs.
Sarah Sharp, b. -, wid. of Robert, d. Feb. 14, 1791, aged 70 yrs.
Soldier of the Revolution Jacob Sharp, b. Oct. 30, 1746, son of Robert, Jr., and Sarah Sharp. mar. at Brookline, Dec. 13, 1770, Mary Winchester, d. Sept. 4, 1775, aged 29 yrs. His wife:
Mary Sharp, b. at Brookline -. d. Aug. 25, 1772, aged 25 yrs
Soldier of the Revolution Stephen Sharp, b. Sept. 16, 1748. d. July 22, 1820, aged 72 yrs., son of Robert, Jr., and Sarah (Payson) Sharp.

Esquire Sharp, as he was called, was never married. He was a teacher in the little old school house in School Street for many winters. He was justice of the Peace and Town Clerk for many years. H. F. W., p. 108

See The Sharp Papers in the Brookline Public Library.

Sarah Ackers Sharp. See tomb f.

Lot 34. Proprietor: Dr. Samuel A. Shurtleff.


Augustine Shurtleff, M.D. died Jan. 27, 1901, aged 74 yrs. 5 mos. Samuel Atwood Shurtleff, M.D. died Feb. 11, 1873, aged 80 yrs. 7 mos. 4 days Eliza Shurtleff died May 31, 1878, aged 77 yrs, 7 mos. An infant died August 25, 1821 Charles Bowdoin Shurtleff died April 30, 1825, aged 2 years 4 mos. Emeline Carleton Shurtleff died Sept. 3, 1825, aged 9 months John Shurtleff died July 4, 1833, aged 2 years 4 mos. Carlton Edward Shurtleff died June 26, 1864, aged 24 years 8 days

Post 143, G.A.R.

Tappan Eustis Francis died Mar. 20, 1909, aged 85 yrs. 6 mos. 20 ds. Helen Shurtleff wife of Tappan Eustis Francis died Oct. 2, 1898, aged 69 years, 11 mo's 14 days
Tappan Eustis Francis Aug. 28, 1823 Mar. 20, 1909
Helen Shurtleff wife of Dr. T. E. Francis Oct. 18, 1828 Oct.2, 1898
Augustine Shurtleff, M.D. Aug. 24, 1828 Jan. 27, 1901
Nello Francis born 28 April 1856 died 12 Oct. 1861

Dr. T. E. Francis, the doctor of Brookline, famous quite as much for his wit as for his medical skill, in every time of trouble was a perfectly devoted and affectionate man. H. N. B., p. 24.

Lot 12. Proprietor: Oliver Cousens, George E. Sickels.

The Bible My hope and trust Mary H. F. Sickels Wife Of AE. 25 yrs. & 2 ms. G. E. Sickels. Nov. 9, 1847 A daughter, wife, and mother Gone Home "Beloved," My God shall supply all your need. Her mother Widow of Hopkins Foster of Brewster died Mar. 27, 1865. AE. 68 yrs.

Footstone M. S.

Frances E. Sinclair. See lot 69.

Lot 58. Proprietor: John Shephard.


John Shepard Born in Yorkshire, Eng. July 30, 1815 Died in Brookline, Mass. April 14, 1864.


Ann Shepard Born in Boston, Mass. Sept. 1, 1815 Died in Brooklyn, N.Y. May 19, 1878


Lizzie Shepard wife of Cyrus E. Staples Died in Brooklyn, N.Y. Dec. 27, 1871 AEt. 30 yr's. 10 mo's.


Thomas Charlton Shepard Died in Brookline Feb. 8, 1851. AEt. 3 yrs. 2 m's.


Charlotte wife of Ben'jn. Buckley Died Mar. 22,1852. Aged 38 y'rs. & 10 m's.

Ralph Sherborn. See lot 22.

Lot a. Proprietor: Samuel Slack, Charles W. Slack.

To the memory of Mrs. Deliverance Slack Widow of Samuel Slack Died August 22d 1846 Aged 81 years A kind and affectionate parent.
Erected in Memory of Mr. Samuel Slack who died September 30th 1829 Aged 64 years In his dealings, he was an upright honest man; as a husband, he was affectionate and kind; as a father fondly indulgent; and to the poor, a faithful friend.

Footstone S. S. 1829

Mrs. Mary Slack wife of Samuel Slack died March 6, 1802 Aged 39 years As a faithful Mother her remem- brance is gratefully enshrined in the hearts of her children who have marked her last resting place with this memorial of her worth.

Footstone M. S.

Ruggles Slack born April 29, 1793 died April 19, 1858 "The glory of children is their father's."

Footstone R. S.

Sally Slack wife of Ruggles Slack born March 17, 1788 died Oct. 23, 1858 Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Footstone S.S.

No stones

Mary Ann Slack, dau. of Samuel, bapt. March 1, 1795. d. -.
Lewis Slack, son of Samuel, bapt. March 18, 1804. d. -.
George Slack, son of Samuel, bapt. Sept. 1, 1805. d. -.
Samuel Slack, son of Samuel, bapt. Sept. 20, 1807. d. January 10, 1808, aged 4 mos. F. P. C. R.
George A. Slack. Soldier of the Civil War
Mrs. Ellen A. Slack, d. at Lexington, Jan. 16, 1882, aged 38 yrs., 10 mos. J. D. G.

Lot 71. Proprietor: Albert W. Smith.


Asa Bugbee* Died Dec. 15th 1831 AEt. 41 yrs. John R. Bugbee* Died Aug. 27, 1824 AEt. 2 yrs. Martha L. Bugbee* Died Nov. 9, 1831 AEt. 21 mos. John R. Bugbee* Died Nov. 7, 1852 AEt. 6 yrs.

* Removed from tomb t.

Jane Kelton Wife of George Holbrook Former wife of Asa Bugbee Died Jan. 6, 1866 AEt. 70 y'rs.
Albert W. Smith, d. at Truro, April 3, aged 19 yrs, 7 mos. 6 days.

Charles Smith. Eleanor Shay Smith. See tomb j.

Henry Smith. Jacob Smith. Martha B. Smith. Stephen B. Smith. Zebiah G. Smith. Zebiah B. Smith. See lot 49A.

Ellen Smith, dau. of William and Jane Edgar Smith. d. March 2, 1885, aged 16 days.

Mrs. F. G. Smith, d. at Jamaica Plain, aged 79 yrs. 8 mos. Buried in brick grave in Walnut St. Cemetery. B. R.

Lot 74. Proprietor: A. B. Smyth, John Dustin.


Martha A. wife of A. B. Smyth Feb. 22, 1829 June 8, 1882 Eddie June 15, 1859 March 23, 1869 Mattie August 28, 1866, May 17, 1869 Children of Abiel B. & Martha A. Smyth.

Infant daughter of Florence A. & George F. Spaulding, d. August 19, 1886. J. D. G.

Rev. A. Fletcher Spaulding Caroline Elizabeth Spaulding See lot 11.

Lot 19. Proprietor: Mrs. Lydia Sprague.

Father and Mother William W. Sprague July 29, 1852. AEt. 51 yrs. Lydia Sprague June 24, 1862. AEt. 52 yrs.

Lot 19 was transferred to Mrs. Lydia Sprague in 1852 by P. Dillon.

Infant of Robert and Eliza Stuart Stanfield, d. April 27, 1885. J. D. G.

Lizzie Shepard Staples. See lot 58.

Lot 50. Proprietor: Charles Stearns.


Charles Stearns Died Oct. 24, 1879. Aged 85 yrs.

C. S.

Hannah C. dear wife of Charles Stearns Jr., died Nov. 4, 1857. Aged 55 yrs. "She was meek and faithful through life, Calm, happy, and triumphant in death."

H. C. S.

Charles Henry son of Charles and Hannah C. Stearns Died Sept. 21, 1835. Aged 18 mon's
Annie Stearns wife of Alexander S. Jenney 1864-1901

Lot 51. Proprietor: Stearns and Dearborn.

"My father, Charles Stearns, and William Dearborn bought three lots in the old Cemetery. I presume lots 50, 51, 52 and each took a lot and a half, though no division was made. No burials have been made in the middle lot, that I know of." C. H. Stearns.

Mr. Stearns was a member of the choir of the First Church for many years. H. F. W., p. 256.

Tomb k (1825). Proprietor: Charles Stearns.

Charles Stearns, son of Elisha and Hannah Stearns, d. Feb. 16, 1864, aged 93 yrs. 5 mos. His wife:
Nancy Flagg Stearns, d. Aug. 4, 1855, aged 82 yrs. Their chn:
Solomon Flagg Stearns, d. March 25, 1850, aged 54 yrs. 15 days. His wife:
Nancy Winchester Stearns was buried in the Griggs lot at Forest Hills.
Catherine Stearns, d. Sept. 23, 1858, aged 52 yrs. 11 mos.
Nancy Stearns, d. Sept. 30, 1883, aged 85 yrs. 5 mos.
William Stearns, d. May 13, 1822, aged 9 yrs.



Two stones at the top of the hill.

Catherine J. wife of William J. Stewart Died Dec. 9, 1875. AEt. 22 y'rs. 3 mo's. Mary J. Their daughter Died Sept. 3, 1874. AEt. 4 mo's. 6 d's.
Erected by John Stewart of Brookline in memory of his brother Henry Stewart formalIy of Derryneal County of Down, Ireland who died Jan. 1, 1848, aged 26 years. Reader, prepare to meet your God.

Footstone H. S.

Lot 14. Proprietor: B. Stoddard, A. L. Lincoln.


Bela Stoddard died Dec. 25, 1855. Aged 68 yrs. Betsey wife of Bela Stoddard died Sept. 18, 1855. Aged 55 yrs. Bela Stoddard Jr., died Nov. 18, 1835 Aged 17 yrs. George Stoddard d. May 16, 1867. Aged 50 yrs. 8 mos. Lucy Ann Wife of George Stoddard died Aug. 31, 1858. Aged 40 yrs.

Lot 69. Proprietor: Elisha Stone.

Mary H. Stone wife of James Morse 1822-1862
James Morse 1815-1897
George H. Morse died 1847 aged 2
A. M. Morse died 1850 aged 9 mos.
R. L. Stone died 1858 aged 7 ms.
M. Stone died 1862 Aged 72

Mehitable (Ackers) Stone, d. Jan. 5. 1862.

Mrs. Frances E. Sinclair died 1864 Aged 37 years
Father d. Dec. 22, 1867. Aged 79 yrs.

Elisha Stone. Post 143, G.A.R.

Frederick A. Stone died 1857 Aged 33
S. Stone died 1836 Aged 60
A. S. Little died 1846 Aged 26
George Aged 35 yrs. 7 ms.

George Henry Stone. Post 143, G.A.R.

M. Stone died 1832 Aged 14
Moses died 1869 Aged 40 yrs.

There was no regularly organized hook and ladder company until Feb. 1871. The name "George H. Stone" was appropriated by this company in honor of a deceased comrade who had been a very efficient fireman. He was also a gallant soldier and a son of Elisha Stone. H. F. W., p. 139.

In 1829 or 1830 Mr. Elisha Stone succeeded Captain Bradley as sexton of the First Church, which office he filled for thirty years. Miss N. F. Morse, grand-dau. of Elisha, 76 Putnam Street, Winthrop.

Cornelia Stone. See lot 83.


Lot B. Proprietor: John W. Sullivan.

Marion Dix Sullivan wife of John Whiting Sullivan Died July 16, 1860 Born April 17, 1802 "Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord." John Henry Sullivan only son of John Whiting and Marion Dix Sullivan Drowned in Lake Michigan Aug. 27, 1858

Tomb g (1819). Proprietor: Aspinwall and Tappan.

Lewis Tappan, b. at Northampton. Lived in Brookline 1816-30. d. June 21, 1873. Is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. His 1st wife:
Susannah (Aspinwall) Tappan, b. at Brookline, July 17, 1790. d. March 24, 1853. Their chn.:
Susanna Aspinwall Tappan, b. May 28, 1815. d. Dec. 31, 1817.
William Aspinwall Tappan, b. Sept. 17, 1819. d. May 25, 1905.
Elizabeth Tappan, b. March 4, 1823. d. May 8,1841.
Lewis Henry Tappan, b. April 18, 1824. d. Aug. 10, 1838
George Tappan, b. Jan. 29, 1829. d. Jan, 29, 1829.

An urn containing the ashes of W. A. Tappan was the last interment in this tomb. Data from Thomas Aspinwall.

The hill comprising the Blake estate was purchased off the Croft Farm about fifty years ago, by Mr. Lewis Tappan, who built the stone house which is still standing, and occupied it a few years before his removal to New York. H. F. W., p. 172. April, 1871.

Louise L. Taylor. See lot 84.

William H. Thayer Co. A 1st R. 1. L. A.

G.A.R. Post 143.

Lot 22. Proprietor: Seth T. Thayer.


Seth T. Thayer Markers died Apr. 11, 1852 Aged 53 y'rs.


Elizabeth W. Thayer died Sept. 22, 1852 Aged 47 yrs.


William M. Nye died in Manchester, Eng. Feb. 2, 1852. Aged 6 mos.


Mary G. Nye born Jan. 20, 1861 died Mar. 21, 1868


S. Augustus Thayer died April 16, 1865 Aged 38 yrs. J. Gorham Thayer died Dec. 28, 1864 Aged 35 yrs.

Gorham Post 143, G. A. R. Cavalry Officer.


J. Sturgis Nye died Nov. 26,1882 Aged 71 yrs.
Elizabeth B. D. Nye died July 20, 1902 Aged 77 yrs. 10 mos. 25 days
George H. Thayer died at Milton, Mass. Nov. 10, 1910, aged 76 yrs. 11 mos. 11 days.

No stones

Luther Thayer died May 6, 1841 Aged 71 yrs.
Ralph Sherborn died at Charlestown Sept. 18, 1882 Aged 1 mo. 18 days


J. D. G.

Seth and Isaac Thayer came to Brookline in 1833 and bought a tract of land between Washington Street and Davis Avenue, formerly Washington Place. Isaac built and occupied the house formerly owned by Mr. Beek. H. F. W., p. 127.

Theodore A. Thayer, sixth son of Seth T. Thayer, was Captain of Company G, Maas. Forty-first Regiment. Clarence H. Thayer, the seventh son, was Captain in a colored regiment. He died in South Africa in 1873. H. F. W., p. 128.

Lot 68.

Single stone

Mary Thomas died Aug. 4, 1872 Aged 30 yrs. "I am the resurrection and the life."

Tomb a. Proprietor: Tolman, Holden.

Jonas Tolman, b. at Dorchester, Sept. 27, 1767. d. at Brookline, June 17, 1826, aged 59 yrs. His wife:
Lucy (Preston) Tolman, b. -. d. Nov. 10, 1799, aged 31 yrs. Their dau.
Lucy Tolman, bapt. Jan. 11, 1795. d. Oct. 27, 1815, aged 21 yrs.
Elizabeth Wells Tolman, dau. of Jonas, bapt. Jan. 15, 1803. d. July 22, 1809.
Emeline Tolman, dau. of Jonas, bapt. Aug. 25, 1805. d. July 13, 1809.
Charles Warren Tolman, son of Jonas bapt. July 31, 1808. d. April 26, 1810.
Elizabeth Emeline Tolman, dau. of Jonas, bapt. Nov. 4, 1810. d. Feb. 4, 1817.
Mary Tucker Tolman, dau. of Jonas, bapt. March 13, 1813. d. March 6,1817.
Charles Warren Tolman, son of Jonas, bapt. June 16, 1816. d. -. mar. Mary Carr, April 25, 1842. F. P. C. R.
Mary Carr Tolman, b. -. d. at Dorchester, Jan. 11, 1890, aged 80 yrs.
Charles Warren Tolman, Jr., b. -. d. Feb. 4, 1848, aged 3 yrs.
Emeline Carr Tolman, b. May 25,1843. d. -. J. D. G.
Abigail Tolman, widow, d. on Washington Street, Dec. 7, 1858, aged 82 yrs. Elisha Stone, Undertaker.

Mr. Jonas Tolman lived at the corner of Cypress and Washington streets, and was the principal shoemaker of Brookline. After his death his son Charles carried on the business. Mrs. Tolman, the widow of Jonas Tolman, lived to a great age and her long life was nearly all one of active usefulness. She was one of these "mothers in Israel" who could find room in her heart and home for almost everybody, though her life had many and great sorrows. H. F. W., P. 150.


Lot 64, 67, 68. Proprietor: Town of Brookline.

Lot 67 is still owned by the Town. Lots 64 and 68 were sold for single graves.

Soldier of the Revolution. Phineas Lyman Tracy, Adjutant.

Several of our main guard were killed by cannon shot. Our adjutant, Phineas Lyman Tracy, from the town of Norwich, died soon after we calm into camp. - The day following his departure we all turned out to attend his funeral; we carried him three miles to the burying ground in Brooklyn. The order of march was, arms reversed, drums muffled, and pipes playing the tune called "Funeral Thoughts." Just fifty years afterwards, out of respect to the memory of this young man, I went to view the spot and find the grave in which he was deposited, but found nothing by which it was to be distinguished from many others. From Rev. Mr. Barber's account of his service in the army of 1775-76, Brookline Historical Publication Society, p. 32.

Eliza W. Tescott. See lot 9.

Lot 57. Proprietor: Charles P. Trowbridge.

No stones in lot.

Charles P. Trowbridge, b. -. d. at Stoughton, Feb. 26, 1905. aged 84 yrs. 5 mos. 26 days. His wife:
Elizabeth Trowbridge, b. -. d. June 16, 1859, aged 38 yrs. 8 days. Their son:
A. C. Trowbridge, b. -. d. Oct. 26, 1859, aged 4 mos. 17 days.

Charles P. Trowbridge sold to Henry V. Poor half of lot 57. Data from Mrs. Emeline Trowbridge, North Easton.

Emeline Trowbridge, widow of Charles P. Trowbridge, b. at Newton, - 1840. d. at Stoughton, Mass. March 29, 1919.

Elizabeth Tuckerman. See tomb, j.

Lot 49. Proprietor: Fergus B. Turner, George W. Funk.

Fergus B. Turner Co. A. 1st. Mass. Inf. 1861-1864 Born Aug. 7, 1841. Died Aug. 26, 1913

G.A.R. Post 143, 1st. Mass. Vol.

Joseph S. Turner, died Aug. 12, 1872 aged 63 years


Sarah Rose Turner, died May 11, 1872 aged 69 years daughter of John and Sarah Rose


Joseph Turner Co. A 1st. Mass. Inf'y Enlisted at Brookline Died at Fair Oaks, Va. June 21, 1862 Aged 26 yrs. 9 mo's.

G.A.R. Post 143.

Lot 6. Proprietor: George Tyler.


Lydia Clarke wife of George Tyler died Sept. 29, 1875. Aged 70 yrs. George Tyler died Dec. 23, 1891. Aged 70 yrs. Clara Gertrude daughter of George & Lydia Tyler died Aug. 29, 1869. Aged 25 yrs. Robert Connelly son of George & Lydia Tyler died Mar. 8, 1878. Aged 22 yrs. Isabelle Tyler d. Feb. 20, 1920

A Wooden Cross marked UNKNOWN

S. A. R.

A memorial to unknown soldiers buried in the Cemetery Data from Mr. Willard Y. Grow.

Almira (Barnard) Verney, wife of Osavius Verney. See Lot 55.

Soldier of the Revolution Here lie Inter'd the Remains of Lieut. AMOS WADSWORTH, Son to James Wadsworth Esqr. of Farmington in Connecticut. he died Octr. ye 29th. 1775: in ye 26 Year of his Age. Death is a debt to Nature Due As I have paid it so must you.

Footstone Lieut. Amos Wadsworth.

S. A. R. 1775.

Infant dau. of Albert & Sarah D. Wallace, d. Nov. 20,1885. J.D.G.

J. Walter. See lot 80.

Tomb b (1860). Proprietor: J. H. Ward.

James Harrison Ward, b. at Redmile, England. June, 1820. d. at Framingham (Saxonville) Dec. 19, 1897. His wife:
Martha (Currier) Ward, b. at Shaker Village (Canterbury) N. H., Nov. 11, 1820. d. at Framingham, Nov. 13, 1895. Their chn.:
William Croswell Ward, b. at Roxbury, Sept. 30, 1848. d. at Brookline, July 30, 1859.
Mary Ward, b. at Brookline, May 9, 1852. d. at Brookline, Sept. 9, 1852.
Data from James H. Ward, Jr., Framingham, Mass.

Mrs. Betsey C. Warren. See lot 59.

Tomb n (1838). Proprietor: Daniel Perry, John Warren.

John Warren, b. at Jaffrey, New Hampshire, Sept. 1778. d. at Brookline, Feb. 21, 1847-8. His widow:
Lois (White) Warren, b. at Newton, Dec. 22, 1789. d. at Brookline, Feb. 4,1878, aged 90 yrs. I mo. 3 days. Their chn:
John White Warren, b. Feb. 5, 1812. d. March 16,1868, aged 56 yrs. 1 mo. 11 days. His wife:
Almira Louisa (Celfe) Warren, b. at Brookline, Nov. 1, 1825. d. at Newton, Feb. 1, 1906, aged 80 yrs. 3 mos.
Simon Warren, b. Sept. 7, 1813. d. at Brookline, May 7, 1866. His wife:
Sarah Stowers (Celfe) Warren, b. at Chelsea, Jan. 30, 1828. d. at Brookline, Dec. 30, 1879.
Louisa Wright Warren, b. Feb. 16, 1816. d. June 25, 1863. Unmar.
Charles Warren, b. July 14, 1819. d. Oct. 28, 1859.
Frank Celfe Warren, d. at Belmont, June 5, 1918. aged 63 yrs. 4 mos. 21 ds.
Data from John White Warren, Jr., Winchester Street, Newton Highlands.

Lot 39. Proprietor: Ansel H. Waterman.

A. H. Waterman bought lot of Mr. Pettengill.

No stones

Clara A., wife of A. H. Waterman, dau. of Benjamin & Sophia Burrell, b. at Sommerworth, Maine, - 1826. d. at Brookline, May 13, 1855, aged 29 yrs.
Clara, dau. of A. H. and Clara A. Waterman, b. - 1855. d. at Belfast, Maine, Aug. 20, 1855, aged 5 mos. 26 days. Data from Alfred P. Waterman, 11 Thayer Place, Brookline.
Ansel H. Waterman, d. March 15, 1883, aged 60 yrs. 8 mos. 11 days.
J. D. G.

Mrs. Caroline W. C. Weld, dau. of Wyatt Christian, d. Aug. 28, 1882, aged 48 yrs. 1 mo. J. D. G.

Ann (White) Wesson, b. at Brookline, 1742. d. at Brookline, April 6, 1777, aged 35 yrs. She mar. at Brookline, March 25, 1768.
Soldier of the Revolution Col. James Wesson, b. at Sudbury, Mass., April 2, 1734. d. at Marlboro, Mass. Oct. 15, 1809.

And is buried there in Spring Hill Cemetery. His grave on the top of the hill is still to be seen, marked by a large slate tablet, which bears this inscription: Glory with all her lamps shall burn, And watch the warriors sleeping clay; Till the last trumpet rouse his urn, To aid the triumphs of the day. Mrs. Wesson contracted the smallpox while feeding a tramp at her door in Brookline. Col. James Wesson, son of Capt. Jeremiah Wesson, was the highest officer Brookline had in the revolution. After the war he probably remained a citizen of Brookline until 1784, when he moved to Marlboro, but he was a land owner here for many years later. Four children were born to the Wessons in Brookline:

Stephen, bapt. July 17, 1768. d. April 18, 1773, aged 5 yrs.
William, bapt. Dec. 16,1770, by Mr. Bowen. d. -.
Stephen, bapt. May 30, 1773. d. -.
Sarah, b. Jan. 28, 1776. d. at Marlboro -.

She married Eliphalet Spurr, who kept the Punch Bowl Tavern in Brookline, and who established the first line of coaches between Brookline and Boston, a sort of small stage which went to Boston and returned twice a day, and the rate of fare was fixed at twenty-five cents. F. P. C. R. & H. F. W., p. 21, also Brookline Historical Publication Society, p. 34.

Hannah White. See tomb e.

Hannah White. See tomb f.

Jerusha White (third wife of Caleb Craft). See tomb i. Her name is on the Revolutionary Honor Roll.

Sarah White. See tomb z.

Lot 49A. Proprietor: Warren White.

Warren White, bapt. Dec. 26, 1790. d. April 3, 1866. Buried at Mt. Auburn.

The earlier burials were probably in tomb m.


Benjamin White died Mar. 20, 1814 aged 72 yrs. Thankful, wife of B. White died Nov. 17, 1836 aged 92 yrs. Benjamin White, Jr. died July 7, 1839 aged 55 yrs. Ann, wife of B. White, Jr. died Feb. 8, 1835, aged 43 yrs. Isaac White died May 29, 1781, aged 8 mos. Abigail, wife of Samuel Gore died Dec. 2, 1811, aged 23 yrs. Jacob Smith died Jan. 10, 1865, aged 66 yrs. Zebiah G. wife of Jacob Smith born May 22, 1803 died Feb. 11, 1883

Z. G. S. Mother.

Martha B. Smith died July 24, 1860 Aged 22 yrs. Stephen B. Smith died Aug. 11, 1861 Aged 28 yrs. Zebiah B. Smith died Jan. 6, 1889 Aged 63 yrs. Henry Smith died Feb. 18, 1889 Aged 62 yrs. Benjamin Bass died Aug. 25, 1819 Aged 44 yrs. Maria White, wife of B. Bass died June 9, 1815 Aged 33 yrs. Ann Maria Bass died Dec. 29, 1813 Aged IS mos. Benjamin W. Bass died Dec. 15, 1825 Aged 21 yrs.

Tomb z. Proprietor: Deacon Joseph White.

This tomb belongeth to Dean Joseph White & Dean Ebenezer Davis. Joseph Leverett White 1816-1883 His wife Abigail Robbins White 1826-1908 Stephen White 1849-1861

Following data of interments in this tomb, not on stone, from. Mr. Joseph White, Islington, Mass.:

Joseph White, Deacon of the First Parish Church, b. Aug. 5, 1702. d. Aug. 19,1777. His wife:
Sarah (Crafts) White, b. March 30, 1710. d. July 22, 1777. Their son:
Ebenezer White, b. May 24, 1740. d. Jan. 24, 1788. His widow:
Hannah (Davis) White, b. Feb. 3, 1743. d. March 13, 1813, aged 69 yrs.
Mary, dau. of Ebenezer & Hannah White, b. at Worcester, April 14, 1770. d. at Brookline, Oct. 13, 1840.
Samuel, son of E. & H. White, b. at Worcester, Nov. 12, 1772. d. at Brookline, Aug. 30, 1812.
Samuel, son of Samuel & Olive White, b. June 3,1810. d. July 19, 1812.
Hannah, dau. of E. & H. White, bapt. April 11, 1779. d. Jan. 21, 1802.
Jemima, dau. of E. & H. White, bapt. Nov. 5, 1780. d. Nov. 2, 1814.
Luther, son of E. & H. White, bapt. Dec. 22, 1782. d. March 3, 1783.
Joseph, son of E. & H. White, b. at Worcester, March 21, 1774. d. at Brookline, March 2,1850. His wife:
Lucy (Leverett) White, b. at Needham, May 9, 1775. d. at Brookline, March 6, 1856.
Joseph Leverett, son of Joseph & Lucy White, b. at Brookline, April 16, 1816. d. at Brookline, Oct. 4, 1883. His wife:
Abigail (Robbins) White, b. at Boston, July 15, 1826. d. at Woodbury, Vermont, Feb. 17, 1908.
Stephen, son of Joseph L. & Abigail White, b. May 21, 1849. d. April 28, 1861.
Adeline, dau. of Joseph & Lucy White, b. Jan. 30, 1818. d. Jan. 25, 1859. (Wife of William Rooney)




Gr. dau. of Benjamin



Here lie Interred the Remains of Mr. MOSES WHITE who died August 25th 1780 Aged 70 Years Behold and see as you pass by, As you are now so once was I As I am now so you must be Prepare for death and follow me.

Here lie Interred the Remains of Mrs. RACHEL WHITE Wife of Mr. Moses White Who died March 22d. 1781 Aged 70 Years. The Sweet remembrance of the Just Shall flourish when they sleep in Dust.

Footstone Mrs RACHEL WHITE

Lot 38. Proprietor: David Whitney.

John Dustin and David Whitney bought Lot 38 in 1845. John Dustin reconveyed to the Town his half of the lot, and bought lot 74.

Lot 9. Proprietor: Oliver Whyte.


Oliver Whyte Died Aug. 6, 1844 Aged 70

b. at Brookline April 17, 1771.

Elizabeth Whyte Died March 17, 1871 Aged 91

b. at Newcastle, England, Dec. 31, 1779. Widow of Joshua Grafton.

Our Loved Ones

Tomb in lot 9

The following data for other burials in this tomb, without stones from Mr Charles F. White:

Oliver Whyte, Jr., b. at Brookline, July 22, 1822. d. at Boston, May 3, 1885. Aged 63 yrs., 2 mos. 19 days. His wife:
Elizabeth Hackett (Bullard) Whyte, b. at Sherborn, June 13, 1827. d. at Brookline, Sept. 25, 1880.
Edward Henry Whyte, b. at Brookline, April 6, 1813. d. Oct. 30, 1847. His wife:
Eliza W. (Trescott) Whyte, b. at Dorchester, - 1811. d. at Boston, Dec. 11, 1884.
Benjamin Franklin Whyte b. at Brookline, Nov. 3, 1815. d. at Medford, Sept. 11, 1887. His wife:
Ellen Jane (Hall) Whyte, b. at Barrington, N. H. - 1815. d. at Medford, May -, 1883.
Thomas, son of Benjamin F. Whyte. b. Feb. 23, 1839. d. Aug. 18, 1857.
Joshua Grafton, Jr., b. at Boston, March 9, 1806. d. at Malden, Nov. 13, 1888. His wife:
Eliza Ann (Morgan) Grafton, b. at Eliot, Maine, Dec. 20,1812. d. at Chelsea, Aug. 18, 1886.
Frank Craig Grafton, b. Sept. 7,1861. d. April 16, 1862.
Lillie G. Hale, b. Oct. 26, 1857. d. - 1860.
George F. Hale, b. - 1866. d. - 1868.
Susan Grant Whyte, b. at Brookline, April 10, 1819. d. at Brookline, Jan. 25, 1910.

Soldier of the Revolution Here lies Inter"d ye Body of Serjt.. Daniel Willcox Junr of Middletown in Connecticut who died April 10th.. 1776 in ye 35th Year of his Age

S. A. R. 1775.





Here lyes buried ye body of Mrs. Mary Winchester Widow to Mr. Josiah Winchester She died July ye 27th 1730 In the 80th year of her age


Jenny Wishard. See lot 80.

Otis Withington. Lot 5.

Moses Withington. Lot 5.


Sarah Ann Withington wife of Otis Withington died Nov. 25, 1839. Aged 39 years A believer in Christ "Even so them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him." "Wherefore, comfort one another with these words."

Footstone S. A. W.

Lucy, wife of Otis Withington died Jan. 25, 1846. Aged 41 years Lucy Ann, daughter of Otis & Lucy Withington died July 22, 1842. Aged 1 year

Footstone L. W. L. A. W.

Otis Withington Born Aug. 30, 1801 Died March 5, 1873.
Lucy Jenks widow of Otis Withington Born June 29, 1811 Died Jan. 1, 1879
George B. son of Otis & Sarah Ann Withington Died May 23, 1876 Aged 37 years 9 mos. Their son Edward 0. died at Savannah, Ga. June 21, 1873. Aged 43 years 4 months "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."
John Clapp Withington son of Otis and Sarah Ann Withington Born in Brookline Aug. 12, 1835 Died in Everett Jan. 20, 1896 He served during the war of the Rebellion in Co. A. 1st Regiment Mass. Vol's.

G.A.R. Dahlgren Post 2 South Boston, Mass.

Enos Withington Died June 28, 1843. Aged 74 years Patience, his widow Died April 13, 1853. Aged 81 yrs.

Footstone E. W. P. W.

Edith Dear little Edith Withington taken away when the only child of James C. & Alice M. Mar. 12, 1889 Aged 6 yrs. 8 mos. 12 days The saddest age to die

Tomb r (1770). Proprietor: Capt. Henry Sewall, Edward Kitchin Wolcott.

Edward Kitchin Wolcott, b. at Oxford, Mass. April 30, 1764. d. at Brookline, Sept. 11, 1815. His wife:
Hannah Wolcott, b. Sept. 2, 1751, dau. of Capt. Henry Sewall. d. at Brookline, Aug. -, 1832. Their chn.:
Infant, d. Sept. 15, 1776, aged 3 weeks.
Ann Wolcott, b. Dec. 4, 1778. d. at Boston, Oct. 15, 1847. She mar. Dec. 6, 1801,
Philip Reynolds Ridgeway, b. at Boston, Sept. 30, 1776. d. May 20,1820.

He was buried beside his parents, under the Old North Church, Boston. A monument to his memory is in the Granary Burying Ground, Boston. Three of their children died in infancy and were buried in this tomb, also their chn.:

Samuel Sewall Ridgeway, the eldest son of P. R. Ridgeway, b. -. d. - His wife:
Hannah (Brewer) Ridgeway, b. -. d. - Their chn.:
Henrietta B. Ridgeway, b. -. d. -.
Annie Ridgeway, b. -. d. -.

Samuel Sewall Ridgeway, his wife, and two daughters were removed to Walnut Hills Cemetery.

Edward Wolcott Ridgeway, son of P. R. Ridgeway, b. --. d. abt. 1890. His wife:
Eliza (Shepard) Ridgeway, b. -. d. -. Their dau.:
Lizzie Ridgeway, b. -, 1837. d. at Boston, Feb. 20, 1907 aged 64 yrs. 4 mos. 33 days.Mar.
Surgeon in the Civil War. James E. Walker, b. -. d. abt. 1890. Their chn.:
Carrie Walker, b. - at Brookline. d. -. Unmar.
Jeannette Walker, b. -. d. at Brookline, May 17, 19M aged 31 yrs. 7 mos. 13 days. She married Arthur Reed.
Data from Mrs. Zenas Sears, Jr.
Ann Sewall Ridgeway, dau. of P. R. Ridgeway, b. at Boston, Feb. 14, 1808. d. Oct. 22, 1891. She mar. at Dorchester, Oct. 29, 1838.
Dr. Daniel Gilbert, b. at North Brookfield, Mass. abt. 1795. d. at Boston, Aug. 5, 1849.
Data from Miss Ada A. Gilbert, dau. of Dr. D. Gilbert, 439 Cambridge Street, Allston.
Anthony Brooks Ridgeway, son of P. R. Ridgeway, b. -. d. at Boston, abt. 1867. His widow:
Nancy Julia (Powell) Ridgeway, b. -. d. March, 1913. Their chn.:
George Philip Ridgeway, b. April 1, 1851. d. at West Newton, May 23, 1904 aged 48 yrs. 11 mos. 22 days.
Zela Julia Ridgeway, b. -. d. at Philadelphia, with her inf. dau. She mar. - Carlton.
John W. Ridgeway, son of P. R. Ridgeway, b. -. d. at Chelsea, abt. 1863. His wife:
Sarah A. Ridgeway, b. -. d. -. Their chn.:
Annie Ridgeway, b. -. d. -.
Belle Ridgeway, b. -. d. -.
Emma Ridgeway, b. -. d. -.
Henry Wolcott Ridgeway, son of P. R. Ridgeway, b. -. d. abt. 1860.
Edward Kitchin Wolcott, son of E. K. Wolcott, b. -. d. -.
Elizabeth Wolcott, dau. of E. K. Wolcott, bapt. March 26, 1780. d. -. She mar. February 7, 1809.
John Farnham Barber, b. -. d. -.
Hannah Sewall Wolcott, dau. of E. K. Wolcott, bapt. April 17, 1785. d. at Boston, between 1900 and 1913. She mar. April 20, 1814.
John Folsom, b. -. d. -. Their son:
Samuel Sewall Wolcott Folsom, b. -. d. July -, 1879. Aged 64 yrs. His dau.:
Georgianna M. Folsom, b. -. d. July -, 1880. She mar. - Bosson.

S. S. W. Folsom and his daughter Mrs. Bosson were removed to Salem, Ohio, in July, 1880. Data from Mrs. Annie Louise Mansfield, dau. of Samuel S. W. Folsom.

Rebecca Wolcott, dau. of E. K. Wolcott, bapt. Dec. 20, 1789. d. April 28, 1828.
Samuel Wolcott, son of E. K. Wolcott, bapt. Oct. 6, 1793. d. -.
Seco, Mr. Wolcott's negro, b. -. d. July 21 1780, aged 55 yrs.
B. R. and F. P. C. R.

Lot 40. Proprietor: William P. Woodbury.

Lot 40 bought in 1869 of Joseph D. Gutterson.

No stones

William P. Woodbury, d. Sept. 20, 1869, aged 57 yrs. 9 mos.


Frederick Woodbury, d. Jan. 18, 1869, aged 13 mos.


William Woodbury, d. Aug. 15, 1871, aged 3 weeks. Chn. of William P. & Mary J. Woodbury.


Mary J., widow of William P. Woodbury, d. Jan. 28, 1903, aged 90 yrs, 11 mos.
Data from Mr. Charles W. Morse.

Lot west of Lot 35. Proprietor: John Woods.


John Smith Woods d. April 25, 1883 Aged 49 yrs. 4 mos. 7 days.

G. A. R. Sgt. J. S. Woods, Co. D. 43 Mass. Inf. Post 143.

John Woods 1799-1892 Eunice M. Woods 1799-1890
Harriet Francis Woods Born January 23, 1828 Died October 15, 1879 Our only daughter beloved in life and lamented in death.

Author of Historical Sketches of Brookline.

No stones

Bertie W. Ellis August 17, 1887
Frederic Irving Chase d. at Brookline, Dec. 4, 1916
B. R.

Catherine Woodward. See tomb c.

Lot 16. Proprietor: Thomas N. Woodward, Chauncey Woodward.

No stones

Emma J., wife of Chauncey Woodward, d. Sept. 27, 1846, aged 27 yrs.
William H., son of Chauncey & Emma J. Woodward, d. Jan. -, 1847, aged 5 mos.
Abigail N. G., dau. of Thomas N. & Nancy G. Woodward, d. June 15, 1861, aged 14 yrs.
John C. Woodward, b. -. d. May 2,1837, aged 51 yrs. 4 mos. 5 days.
Experience Woodward, b. -. d. April 29, 1864, aged 75 yrs. 2 mos. 3 days.
B. R.

The latter two were removed to Walnut Hills, Nov. 26, 1881.

Large stone

Miss Betsey Blodgett died Nov. 20, 1846 aged 38 yrs.

Footstone B. B.

Betsey Blodgett was a dau. of Jonathan Blodgett of Maine and a domestic in the Woodward family. B. R.

Soldier of the Revolution Here lies Buried ye Body of Mr. JOSHUA WOODWARD who died of ye Small=Pox Novr. ye 21st 1776. in ye 46th Year of his Age.

Footstone Mr. Joshua Woodward 1776

Lot 75. Proprietor: Royal Woodward.


Royal Woodward 1813-1892 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."


Clarissa P. Whittemore His wife 1815-1904


d. Feb. 16, 1904.B. R.

Sarah E. daughter of Royal and Clarissa P. Woodward Died and Buried in Rome, Italy Aged 37 years She loved her Saviour Royal Albert Beal 1860-1891 Myra L. Beal 1832-1914

Myra Lothrop Beal d. at Cohasset, Feb. 22, 1914, aged 87 yrs. 11 mos.

Samuel Beal 1834-1891


Clara A. Bradbury 1839-1918